Saturday, February 21, 2009

Parents BEWARE: "Wiki SEX toys"

Yes Dear parent, you innocent child could be EXPOSED to sex toys over at Wikipedia! I downloaded these photos right off the site. The tied up woman came out their bondage category. The others came from here:

If your child wants to "order" a sex toy, guess what? Wiki even PROVIDES an off site link:

Dear parent, You don't want your child exposed to this type of stuff and I surely understand your concern but guess what...Wikipedia could care less! You'd think a window would pop up WARNING: CAUTION-ADULT CONTENT but nope, NO such luck cause WIKI does not care if YOUR child is exposed to such crap. Senseless!

Your little girl or son hears the word "cumshot"...yup, they can find out what this means thanks to WIKIPEDIA:

AND they get to SEE a nice colored cartoon of a cumshot too. Isnt that just awesome?

Proud "sponsors" of Wikipedia:

Absolute Zero United & Perverted-Justice

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