Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ron Book (100+), SOSEN (0)

This is the mess the sex offenders made while living under the Julia Tuttle Bridge, in Miami Florida. Ron Book of the Miami Homeless Trust stepped up and provided funds for these offenders to relocate elsewhere, paying their rent for six months.

SOSEN, the Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network. These "activists" did nothing but encouraged these offenders to squat and stay under the bridge to live like rats among the filthy debris. See, SOSEN was trying to garner public sympathy, begging the ACLU to file a lawsuit, to try and abolish the Miami area sex offender restrictions. SOSEN got the attention of the ACLU who did file suit but they lost in court!

SOSEN vilified Ron Book at every turn. They called his daughter insulting names even though she was once a victim of child sexual abuse. SOSEN never condemned the evil vicious crimes these sexual predators committed!

Certain of us had been begging Ron Book for years, asking him to relocate these offenders. Slowly, Book changed his mind and started finding homes for these offenders, all the while, SOSEN was attacking him relentlessly! Ron Book held his head up high though & offered assistance. None of the SOSEN scum activists ever offered these offenders any real help, like relocating to a stable enviroment or encouraging them to relocate, get useful employment, be "law abiding" productive citizens. SOSEN rather used these men as pawns, trying to get a fair law stricken! Guess who won here, why Ron Book of course. SOSEN lost big time. Losers always lose you know!

Ron Book (100+)

SOSEN ( 0 )