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Criticism of Wikipedia

The major points of criticism of Wikipedia are the claims that the principle of being open for editing by everyone makes Wikipedia unauthoritative and unreliable (see Reliability of Wikipedia), that it exhibits systemic bias, and that its group dynamics hinder its goals. Specific criticisms include:

  • exposure to obvious or subtle vandalism of its content
  • attempts by strongly opinionated editors to dominate articles
  • inaccurate or sometimes non-existent sourcing for controversial assertions in articles
  • edit wars and other types of nonconstructive conflict among editors
  • criticism of Wikipedia taken as personal attacks upon it

"Wikipedia has also been the subject of parody and other humorous criticism."

"Several educational institutions have banned the use of Wikipedia as a primary source in the past while others have limited its use to only a pointer to external sources."

"Wikipedia acknowledges that it should not be used as a primary source for serious research."

"The main problem is the lack of authority. With printed publications, the publishers have to ensure that their data is reliable, as their livelihood depends on it. But with something like this, all that goes out the window."

"Due to lack of intrinsic authority, Wikipedia has been also criticized for relying too much on citing sources, particularly in disputed articles, instead of relying on expert authority for the credibility of its contents."

"Wikipedia considers Vandalism the insertion of false and misleading information in bad faith"

"While Wikipedia policy requires articles to have a neutral point of view, it is not immune from attempts by outsiders (or insiders) with an agenda to place a spin on articles"

How then can Wikipedia be trusted? It cannot be!

Wikipedia:Risk disclaimer




Sunday, February 22, 2009

This could only happen in Florida!

Fish pedicure is banned in Fla.
February 22, 2009 08:00 EST

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- A trendy pedicure with fish that nibble dead skin from the feet has been nipped in the bud.

The Florida Board of Cosmetology has banned the procedure, even before it was known to be offered anywhere in the state. The board said salons had been inquiring about its legality and decided to preemptively strike.

The treatment is popular in Asia and has spread to some U.S. cities. A client sticks feet, hands or other body parts in a bowl or pool, and the small fish chow down on soft decaying skin.

Texas, Washington, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have also outlawed the practice. A spokeswoman for the Florida board says there's concern because there's no way to disinfect a pool of fish in between uses.

Wikipedia encourages "criminal viligantism"

Yesterday, I get this email from a guy who was distraught because Perverted Injustice had targeted his MySpace page. They accused him of being a pedophile but he has no past sex crime convictions. PJ snuck in and joined his Myspace group and then contacted his friends. Then they contacted MySpace and they deleted his acct. Is this guy really a pedo? I have no idea. Here is what he said to me. I am keeping his identity confidential:

Hello all. A couple of you know me but most of you don't. The thing we all have in common is that we've all been profiled on Perverted Justice's Wikisposure site. If you're unaware of the fact that you've been profiled, check the link below and click on the "new pages" tab. You're there.

If you want to know who I am go to that page and click on "******". That's me. The folks at PJ profiled me and outed me to all of my myspace friends about a month ago. The people on my myspace friends list included family members, coworkers, longtime friends and YFs who've known me for years and whom I've never been sexual with, ever. I have no criminal record and have never committed a sex offense. I've never once advocated adult-child sex in any way or the legalization of it. Not once. Not ever. Still, the folks at PJ saw it necessary to try and ruin me with their sleazy, underhanded tactics, much as they have the rest of their hapless, defenseless victims whom they have little to no proof of any actual wrongdoing against.

"The holder of this account,, is in routine violation of myspace's photo policy. Without permission, they have Stolen photos of myself and others from their myspace sites and have posted them on their website, which they have a link to on their myspace site. Their site is used to bully and slander people, claiming that they are pedophiles, with little to no proof of their claims. I ask that myspace administrators demand the immediate removal of any pictures taken from myspace without permission from their website, or face closure of their myspace account. Also, I ask that they be forbidden from ever posting a link to their site from myspace again, unless they agree to remove the unauthorized and stolen photos. Thank you for your action in this very serious matter."

And they took these "stolen" photos over and POSTED them at their "Wiki" site. Hey Jimmy Wales, That is a COPYRIGHT violation in case you didn't know!

Let's look at what else PERVERTED INJUSTICE did. This is copied directly from their vigilante forum: **** means I deleted Identity info****

Screen Name: *****
Real Name: **** ******
Info: 38 y/o pedophile from ********, ***, spent most of his life in ****,*** area but moved to **** after **** ****** moved there.

All 120 MySpace friends HAVE BEEN notified. Will update with any responses received.

We could use an address list and fliers sent to his community. If you are interested in compiling a list but are not sure how to get started, please feel free to contact me and I'll help you get started.

Also, if you would like to create and mail out fliers but need help, give me a yell for that too. I can create a flier for you or help guide you in making your own. Remember, fliers are what lead the police to **** and several others who have been arrested as well, so these are a very important part of our activism efforts. These fliers really do work to help save kids.

Also, he is a ************ who works at a ****** on *********************** . There are ****places on *** **** alone, so if anyone wants to contact those restaurants, let me know and I'll get you the list with addresses and phone numbers. Note that this is JUST for ***** Road and does not include the rest of ******* ***** places.


I've sent fliers to the following:

(I deleted the mailing addresses here)

I have 20 more I'm going to send out but I have a strategy in place for them so I'm not going to send to the addresses that EB posted above - those are still available to anyone who wishes to mail fliers to those addresses. I'll post mine once I complete them.

So let's recap what we have here: A guy "accused" of being a pedophile. A guy whom hasn't been convicted of any kind of sex crime. Perverted Injustice contacted his MySpace friends and has mailed out nearly 30 "fliers" to local businesses in the guy's town where they "think" he might work at. PJ copied his MySpace photos and posted them over at their Wikipedia site in violation of copyright laws. PJ has started an harassment compaign based on undocumented facts as to whether he is a pedo or not. These are the GOALS of Perverted-Justice...Harassment/vigilantism!

Hey Jimmy (Founder of Wiki) what are you going to do about it ???????????

Criticisms of Wikipedia - A Compendium

Wikipedia Content

1. Wikipedia contains incorrect, misleading, and biased information. Whether through vandalism, subtle disinformation, or the prolonged battling over biased accounts, many of Wikipedia’s articles are unsuitable for scholarly use. Because of poor standards of sourcing and citation, it is often difficult to determine the origin of statements made in Wikipedia in order to determine their correctness. Pursuit of biased points of view by powerful administrators is considered a particular problem, as opposing voices are often permanantly banned from Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s culture of disrespect for expertise and scholarship (see below) make it difficult to trust anything there.

2. Wikipedia’s articles are used to spread gossip, abet character assassination, and invade the privacy of the general public. So-called “Biographies of Living Persons” are often the result of attempts by powerful but anonymous editors and administrators at humiliating or belittling those real-world people with whom they disagree. Wikipedia’s “anyone can edit” culture has allowed baseless defamation of various individuals to spread widely through the Internet. When the family, friends, associates, or subjects of these biographies attempt to correct errors or insert balance, they are often banned from Wikipedia for “Conflicts of Interest”. Subjects of these hatchet jobs usually must resort to legal action to get the articles removed or corrected, a course not available to all.

3. Wikipedia over-emphasizes popular culture and under-emphasizes scholarly disciplines. Wikipedia contains more articles, of greater depth, on television shows, toy and cartoon characters, and other emphemera of popular culture than on many prominent historical figures, events, and places. Massive effort is spent on documenting fictional places and characters rather than science, history, and literature.

4. Wikipedia violates copyrights, plagiarizes the work of others, and denies attribution to contributions. Wikipedia contains no provision to ensure that the content it hosts is not the work of another, or that content it hosts is properly attributed to its author. It contains thousands of photographs, drawings, pages of text and other content that is blatantly plagiarized from other authors without permission.

5. Wikipedia, frequently searched and prominently positioned among results, spreads misinformation, defamation, and bias far beyond its own site. Wikipedia is searched by Google and is usually one of the top results. Its database is scraped by spammers and other sites, so misinformation, even when corrected on Wikipedia, has a long life elsewhere on the network, as a result of Wikipedia’s lack of controls.

What say you Jimmy Wales?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Against" my wishes

"Over the last few days, a few gossip websites have decided that my personal life is somehow of interest to people and, against my wishes, are publicizing details about a brief relationship I had with Rachel Marsden. While, typically, this would not warrant a response, because my role with Wikipedia is being dragged into it, I felt the need to set the record straight on a couple of issues.

Against your wishes. To bad and welcome to the "against my wishes" club! I wonder why your PHONE NUMBER isn't published in your bio page? Oh yeah, you do not wish it. Plenty of numbers listed at Wikisposure against their wishes and why the double standard Jimmy?

Wikipedia:No personal attacks

Do not make personal attacks anywhere in Wikipedia. Comment on content, not on the contributor. Personal attacks will not help you make a point; they hurt the Wikipedia community and deter users from helping to create a good encyclopedia. Derogatory comments about another contributor may be removed by any editor. Repeated or egregious personal attacks may lead to blocks.

Off-wiki attacks

Wikipedia cannot regulate behavior in media not under the control of the Wikimedia Foundation, but personal attacks made elsewhere create doubt as to whether an editor's on-wiki actions are conducted in good faith. Posting personal attacks or defamation off-Wikipedia is harmful to the community and to an editor's relationship with it, especially when such attacks take the form of violating an editor's privacy. Such attacks can be regarded as aggravating factors by administrators and are admissible evidence in the dispute-resolution process, including Arbitration cases.

Does Wiki encourage or condone "vigilantism"? I believe Wiki does and I will show you why. The no personal attacks has to do with the "Editors" who post content based on whatever subject applies. Lets look at the Editors over at:

And here:

And finally here: (Florida activists as the example)

Most are registered sex offenders. Clink on the link and you read information Perverted-Justice pulled off the Florida SO registry. So what you say, its "public" information. Yes and no. Everything is public except for the PHONE NUMBERS listed. Phone number are NOT listed on the Florida SO registry. You call one of those numbers and "threaten, harass or extort" and you have violated Florida law.

Enter "Brett Franklin". He lives in Missouri. He is associated with Pervert Justice and Absolute Zero United. Plain and simple, he is a VIGILANTE. He might even be a wiki Editor who knows since these Editors hid in anonymity.

Last year, Brett took it upon himself to call up several registered sex offenders and THREATEN physical harm. Here is one such comment he made:

"Hey you fucking baby raper, I'm gonna kill you"!!!

Brett has the IQ of a turnip but thats besides the point! And the person he called, was and is not, a "baby raper". Let's look at what Perverted Justice has to say in their "disclaimer":

Warning: The information contained within this Wiki project is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as the people profiled in this Wiki. Anyone who attempts to use any information contained within this Wiki to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individuals profiled in this Wiki. Such actions are not in the spirit of what our goals are all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

IF they "condemn" as they say, why list phone numbers? Now these Wiki Editors are quite AWARE of Brett Franklin's threats but they refuse to DELETE the phone numbers! Duh. Talk about endorsing such bullshitting order to harass "sex offenders".

Now, does Wikipedia "support vigilantism"? I say yes because it serves no purpose to list phone numbers!

I am going to post all this over at the Wiki Founder's blog (Jimmy wales) and see if he supports this kind of crap. Well Jimmy? The ball in your court!

Parents BEWARE: "Wiki SEX toys"

Yes Dear parent, you innocent child could be EXPOSED to sex toys over at Wikipedia! I downloaded these photos right off the site. The tied up woman came out their bondage category. The others came from here:

If your child wants to "order" a sex toy, guess what? Wiki even PROVIDES an off site link:

Dear parent, You don't want your child exposed to this type of stuff and I surely understand your concern but guess what...Wikipedia could care less! You'd think a window would pop up WARNING: CAUTION-ADULT CONTENT but nope, NO such luck cause WIKI does not care if YOUR child is exposed to such crap. Senseless!

Your little girl or son hears the word "cumshot"...yup, they can find out what this means thanks to WIKIPEDIA:

AND they get to SEE a nice colored cartoon of a cumshot too. Isnt that just awesome?

Proud "sponsors" of Wikipedia:

Absolute Zero United & Perverted-Justice

Jimmy Wales: Alabama piece of shit

Is the founder of "Wikipedia". A fucking Alabama redneck that condones harassment, slander and libel. Wikipedia is full of mistruths but Jimmy doesn't give a shit. He doesn't care if you or your family are harassed or threatened from any Wiki content! Sooner or later, Somebody is going to sue his ass. There is NO email address for this piece of shit but here is his blog, leave him a comment and tell him how you feel:

You think Jimmy cares about protecting "children"? think again:

Warning signs

Children are not hard to find on Wikipedia. They upload pictures of themselves, self-identify as teenagers, and for a while (about a year) put together a little club, the Wikipedia Youth Foundation, which was meant to be some sort of Children's Union of Wikipedians, but which might as well have a little target painted on their little, smooth backs.

They even provide a user box to let you know, in case they haven't gotten around to putting their ages directly on their webpage.

Children, as stated, can go anywhere and do anything on Wikipedia that any other user can do; they can tramp through the sex pages with impunity, they can jump into conversations on any user page, and they can emesh themselves in interaction with anyone they choose... even people who, it might be said, would develop "feelings" for the fellow Wikipedians and wish to "express" them.

This is a ticking time bomb. All social websites have this problem and are taking steps. What is Wikipedia doing?

The Safety Equipment Will Be Installed at a Later Date

Well, not a whole lot. Registering on Wikipedia warns you about being civil and how to be a good citizen; it does not do a whole lot to determine your age and let you know if you might want to take it a little easy on the giving out of your Skype account. It certainly does nothing to ensure parental oversight, or for that matter create official Wikimedia Foundation policy that could be read by parents.

Like everything else, Wikipedia/Wikia/Wikimedia like to throw people at a problem. Foolish, disorganized, self-absorbed, politically overwrought people. Surely this mass of folks who can't even agree on what Notability is could certainly form a solid set of protections for underage users so that the environment is toxic to determined predators...


Houston, we have a problem

Jimbo Wales, of course, knows all about this problem; he's been working like a dog to hide any information about his daughter from the Interweb for the past couple of years. He used to have a domain dedicated to her with photos and other information; that's gone. And when we threw up a page about her that had been deleted (along with a dozen others we'd rescued from oblivion), he ignored any other issues and focused entirely on the information about his daughter. A father's prerogative, you might say, and that's true... it's just a shame he can't extend it a little to a few others as well.

Yeah, you read right, he protected "one" kid, his daughter!

Jimmy made A LOT of $$$ off of a...."pornographic search engine called Bomis."

You can read all about it here:


Here Jimmy has REPEATEDLY changed his Wiki bio info "18 times":

The more I read about "Jimmy wales", the worse his reputation gets! What a sorry piece of scumbag. It seems JimJerk cares about one thing and ONLY one thing...MONEY! Cares less about harassment or libelous slander. Surely doesnt care about protecting "children" either. And "PERVERT-INJUSTICE" are huge supporters of Wikisposure.

What a fucking screw up.

The RAT speaks: "Be Anonymous"

This is Xavier Von Erck 's avatar at the PERVERT-INJUSTICE forum. Yeah, the guy is into having vermin as pets! Here he is giving advice about being "anonymous" and protecting your identity:

Warning: Do not use personal information on the forums!

When signing up and making a profile, be sure not to include personally identifying information about yourself. Do not use your real name. Do not use an online nickname that you have used other places on the internet. Do not link to your Livejournal. Do not link to your personal website. Do not include your actual location.

Regardless, keep your personal information close to your vest. It's a "just good advice" measure that should serve you well if followed.

Yup, Sounds like great advice to people who harass, slander, and threaten others! What a pussy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

PJ members getting "burned out", Go bye bye!

Its really humorous I think. Perverted-Justice is LOSING alot of its once dedicated members, to burn out. They just can't take it anymore and they leave w/o saying a word. So much for being "dedicated" to the innane goals of PJ!

Feeling burned out? Busy with life? Don't just fade away...
Over the several years of this organization, there has been one main thing that has stayed consistent when it comes to volunteers: People just disappear. One day they're active, posting up a storm, volunteering in various areas, and the literal next day? They're gone and no one hears from them again. No word.

And when I say this, I'm not just talking about people who haven't found their niche and are just regular posters around the forums, but this happens with verifiers, it happens with CC'rs, it happens with JC's, it happens with contributors. Some people just decide to leave without saying a word.

Since it's hard to get in touch with some of these people again, it's hard to guess why this happens. The biggest reason we suspect is that a lot of people get burned out, as many of you have experienced. This can be a stressful place due to the nature of what PeeJ, the Wiki, etc... does. People are eager to help, try to do too much too quickly, and they burn out.

OTHER comments from PJer's:

I guess I am guilty as I know this thread was not specifically about me but I did disappear for a while. I just had a lot going on in my personal life that I needed to get sorted out. I think it is sorted out now even though I dont like the outcome. Anyway, sorry I didnt say anything and I will remember this in the future!! Take care and again, I apologize for not saying anything sooner!


I'm guilty as well - as I updated in the Stories and Advice column. I log in a few times a day to see what's going on but as does happen with many of us, real life steps in and we have to step away from the computer and take care of things.


Me too, i was a member of the forum a while back, i wasnt as active on posts, but i would come in and read the threads and the news... then i got pregnant and those prenatal vitamins kinda made me reallly tired all the time then i had a baby.... so "poof" there whent my pj days!!!


I have this conversation with someone at least weekly about burnout and taking time off for yourself. No one is going to look at you bad or think you "can't handle things". Everyone needs time away and to just chill out.


Also guilty. When I first joined in Feb of xx I jumped right into Human Shields and did nothing but. Pretty quickly, I of course burned out then was mostly gone from the forums for a long time.

AND the list goes on and on-Burned out! Some came back but most are long gone bye bye:)

SO much for being committed to the "cause"...protecting the children!

Maybe Xavier needs to give ANOTHER pep talk ?

Perverted-Justice (PEEJ)

Wendy O'Connell

She is one of PJ's dedicated volunteers. It is amazing how easy it is to spruce up a photo into something semi beautiful!

" Recently tapped to aid co-administrator Del Harvey to coordinate and register law enforcement areas for Information First, Wendy has been a long-time member of the website but not a long-time contributor. Despite having many arrests, she only has one log posted so far publicly, that of the first of her arrests to become a conviction. "

Wendy has been arrested "many" times but only one conviction? I wonder what she was convicted of? Lady of the night?

Wendy works up to 70 hours per week, So is she a volunteer or paid employee? Who knows but she sure seems to be proud of this:

Conviction Counter
Number of predators convicted due to since June 2004:


Only "318" alleged convictions...has me wondering how wendy could be so proud despite all the illegal tactics PJ has engaged in repeatedly. I think the only thing she should be proud of, is the "cute" photo!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Florida VIGILANTE sentenced to prison yippee!

Another vigilante going to serve hard prison time-25 years! Another punk ass coward off the streets. Don't cry when the prison doctor sticks his finger up your rectum! Be a vigilante in a Florida prison and the guards will beat you senseless. You will bunk in a dorm room with numerous other imprisoned sex offenders and you will remain "silent" because your scared shitless you will get gang raped! Maybe Absolute Zero United will send you encouraging letters and some $ but I doubt it.

Man pleads guilty to killing child molester

DADE CITY -- Luis Angel Rivera, accused of killing a convicted sex offender in Lacoochee in 2006, pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Luis_rivera Authorities said Rivera (pictured), 26, killed 72-year-old William Medley in a robbery sometime between Aug. 27 and 31, 2006, at Medley's Lacoochee home, then stole his pickup. Medley was on probation at the time for his conviction in 1989 on four counts of a lewd and lascivious act with a child under age 16 in 1980s. He was incarcerated until 1995.

He worked on cars in his yard, keeping cash and valuable parts around. Authorities said he was often the victim of thefts. He died of knife wounds and blunt trauma.

Rivera faced a first-degree murder charge. He pleaded to second-degree murder in a deal negotiated with prosecutors.

-- Molly Moorhead, Times staff writer

A borderline "Psychopath"

That would be our very own "Cunty Stitches"...The queen bee bitch over at Absolute Zero United! Here are some interesting facts about cunty honey and her psycho daughter:

Early on in its existence, AZ editorials focused on what the group saw as "Pro-pedophile" Cyber-activism, attempting to manipulate quotes, intimidate chosen enemies and shut down the sites of those who they found offensive via a flagging mechanism. AZ was instrumental in censorship. With the emergence of online Sex Offender activism, purging of offensive pedophile blogs and establishment of less vulnerable replacements elsewhere, AZ turned its attention to Sex Offender activists such as Tom Madison, attempting to link them and their groups with their previous pedophile targets. 2008 postings seem to suggest that AZ is now little more than an advert for Wikisposure, and old posts are frequently shunted to the front of the site to make up for a drop in participation.

Absolute Zero is seen as an extremist group by individuals of many different persuasions. The campaign has been ridiculed for a number of reasons, including:

  • The socially conservative (generally American Imperialist/Dominionist) viewpoints of its contributors and supporters on a number of topics.
  • The repetitive, back-slapping nature of comments posted after editorials.
  • The inevitable pro-rape and "Bubba" type comments on the blog.
  • The contrivance of a language of hate not found on any other site.
  • The group's name, often compared to various measures of its participants' intelligence.
  • The almost willful inability of its contributors to make a distinction between Child molesters and Pedophiles.
  • The contributor Marina H. (Stitches77) - thought by many to be a borderline Psychopath.

I Wonder what kind of psych "drugs" she is taking and does her therapist know about her online tantrums?

Does she have multiple personalities or are "others" posting in her name? if you said others, you are right! Cunty luvs to play games but she aint foolin everybody.

Very sad indeed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memories Of Jessie Close To Heart

From wall to wall and in every room of the modest double-wide mobile home, Jessie's giggling mug smiles from underneath the floppy brim of a pink fuzzy hat.

The now-iconic photo is joined by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar pictures of the 9-year-old girl. One picture, however, is missing.

None of the shots of Jessica Marie “Jessie” Lunsford includes her dad.

Mark Lunsford said he has only one photo of himself and Jessie together. He keeps it for his own personal memories. He won't share.

Like the now-famous picture, the one Lunsford won't share was taken at the end of a wonderful day, at the end of a wonderful weekend, at the end of a wonderful life.

ONE photo of him and Jessie? Isn't that sad but what else can one expect from a deadbeat father who wasn't actively involved in his daughters daily life.

Very very sad.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My new blog

Welcome to my new blog! Exciting things are acoming cause the "REAL TRUTH" can never be censored by the Absolute Zero IQ folks who hid like roaches the light comes on:)