Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Last Undercover

It is a special treat when I get to sit and read an entire book these days. You know, a REAL book, with paper pages and a spine. Especially one that is not about politics. Recently I sat down with Bob Hamer's book, The Last Undercover, and had trouble putting it down. Hamer tells the story of his life as an undercover FBI agent for 26 years, but focuses on the last big undercover assignment he did -- infiltrating NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

Hamer describes the NAMBLA operation as the hardest of his career because of the emotional toll it took on him. He was sickened by much of what he heard and saw, but had to maintain his act. One scene from the book that I will probably never get out of my head is of a group of NAMBLA convention attendees going to the Toys R Us in New York City and pointing out little boys they would like to abuse. None of them approached any of the children, but the thought that right there, under the noses of the parents, a group of men was using their children to feed their sick fantasies is something I will probably think of anytime I am in a public place with my children.

Read more about Nambla here:

NAMBLA and Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign

and the sex offender advocates whom support Nambla:
Sex Offender Support and Education Network

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wife of RSOL founder dies-Hell gains one more degenerate!

ONDERDONK, Lissa (Deigert) 57 of Somerville, MA, died of gastroparesis at home on Wednesday August 11 in Somerville, MA surrounded by family and friends. For 30 years the "better half" of Paul Shannon.

Married to Paul for 30 year, So we can assume she approved of pedophiles, Since her husband is the founder of the Reformed Sex Offender Laws Campaign:

Surely Lissa had to of known of Paul's connection to NAMBLA:

Read here the "official" complete document posted on the pro-pedophilia website IPCE.

See that second signature at the bottom..."Paul Shannon"!

IPCE, formally known as the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation, is a pro-pedophile organization formed in the early 1990s. It is an umbrella organization which acts as a repository for articles and discussions about and by pedophiles, concerning the abolishment of age of consent, the rights of pedophiles to have sex with children, and the rights of children to have sex with adults.

Lissa had to of known and approved of her husband's work supporting pedophile "rights"? Of course she did. She died young at 57. At least one pedophile supporter has now left us & hell has gained another degenerate bitch!

Registered Sex Offender rapes/murders a woman on Halloween Night 2008

Sex offender charged in 2008 Redmond Halloween slaying

After moving from her native India, Arpana Jinaga was quick to jump into American culture, say those who knew her. On her first Halloween in Redmond, she played the role of party hostess by opening up her apartment to friends, neighbors and strangers.

On Oct. 31, 2008, the 24-year-old software programmer hosted more than two dozen people who rotated between her apartment and three others, said Redmond police Detective Brian Coats.

Among the people she met that night was a man who, unbeknown to her, was a violent sex offender, Coats said.

Hours later, the same man broke down Jinaga's door, gagged and raped her, and then strangled her, Coats said. The man then poured motor oil he found inside her home and caustic chemicals on her body in an apparent effort to conceal evidence, police said.

On Friday, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg announced that Emanuel Fair, who also goes by the name Anthony P. Parker, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with Jinaga's 2-year-old slaying.

Fair, 27, has been at McNeil Island Correction Center for more than a year, serving time after a third conviction for failing to register as a sex offender. Officials say his earliest release date is February 2012.

Fair served just under three years in prison for having sex with an underage girl in 2003 and 2004. He pleaded guilty to charges of third-degree child rape, a reduced charge, in 2005 after the 15-year-old victim refused to testify, King County prosecutors said.

Fair also has prior convictions for second-degree robbery, unlawful firearms possession and drug possession, according to King County Superior Court records.


There goes the end of the myth that the Sex offenders advocates say every October, there is no documented proof a registered sex offender has ever committed a sex crime, well, now one has!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lenore Skenazy of "Free Range" Kids

Lenore Skenazy and her son. The more I read about this lady & her free range ideas involving children, The more I want to throw up! Read more here:

Why FreeRange?

Lenore likes to "minimize" her viewpoint, in that only a few kids are harmed out of millions:

" Any kid killed is a horrible tragedy. It makes my stomach plunge to even think about it. But when the numbers are about 50 kids in a country of 300 million, it’s also a very random, rare event."

I have to wonder where she gets her "stats" on only 50 kids being harmed? Lenore believes that society has placed severe limitations on today's children & they need or deserve "more freedom" to be independent. Is this really a valid theory or rather the rantings of a extreme radical?

Today's world is much different than say 100 years ago. The dangers today are far far greater for children to be hurt, maimed, killed or abducted.

Is it wise to let a 9 yr old boy take the subway by himself? Of course not and luckily, the kid was not harmed-this time. Lenore has no problem exposing her son before the media & yet some unknown pedophile somewhere is salivating wishing he had taken the subway that day!

I see disturbing stuff while reading through Lenore's blog. It makes my skin crawl. I wish I could slap some sense into her delusional thinking! Here are a few examples:

Ghosts, Goblins & Predators

Hi Readers! I read this piece and it blew me away. It’s by David Hess, a minister outside of Rochester, New York. Kudos to him — and a thanks, too, for letting me reprint the whole thing!

She doesn't bother to let her readers know that Mr Hess is a "registered sex offender", guilty of a crime against a young child! Does she really care?

How Do You Tell A Total Helicopter to Back Off?

"My 9-year-old son is good friends with a boy in our neighborhood, who lives only a couple of blocks away in our quiet suburban town. The mom and I are friendly, but not friends. Today the kids played at her house after school. And today was the second time she flat-out refused to allow my son to walk home from her house by himself. Even after I told her that’s what I wanted him to do — and in spite of the fact that that’s what he enjoys doing. So she had another woman who was visiting her drive him home! TWO BLOCKS. I am flabbergasted and what I really want to say is, ”How dare you completely disregard MY wishes for MY child?” But alienating her would not be a good thing!"

This was sent to Lenore from one of her wacky supporters! Kind of stupid to bash another parent who only has her son's best interests in mind.

Reading & Writing & Finger Prints to Identify Your Dead Body, Kids

Hi Readers! Here’s a note from Amy Uzinger, a mom in Tucson.

Dear Free-Range Kids: Today I got my 1st grade son’s school pictures in. Along with the pictures, is a ‘Operation Child I.D.’ form. It has my child’s picture and there is a spot on the form to take to the police station to have your child’s fingerprints taken. Then you are supposed to keep this form handy, just in case your child is kidnapped.
It disturbs me that thousands of parents will receive this form and it reinforces the belief that children are in constant danger of being abducted by a stranger."

Another wacky Mom here! Amy fails to realize that children do get abducted, raped, murdered but the ID kit helps the police catch the bad guy. Enough said.

A Boy, A Dad, A Tragedy and A Big Question

"Readers — I just read this story and am sick to my heart. A dad brought his 5 year old son to the park then crossed the street to talk to some friends. The boy ran after him. He got struck by a car and died. Now the father is in jail and the charge has just been upgraded from “felony cruelty to children, reckless conduct and simple battery” to involuntary manslaughter." "Now, certainly, it makes sense to keep watch over a young child at the park. But if we slip up for a minute, if we do something human and not intended to hurt anyone, especially our beloved child, should that count as “cruelty”?"

Lenore is minimizing again. The father was negligent in not watching over his 5 yr old son. He was wrong, the mistake was not a simple one. A kid was killed due to neglect. A crime was committed here.

Lenore Skenazy needs watching closely. I hope the authorities are watching her. She is endangering her own son & encouraging here wacky followers to do the same. Do children need independence, sure but not the endangering kind she advocates daily.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or treat for Sex Offenders?

It happens ever year. The sex offender advocates always "brag" about there being no record of any registered sex offender or predator being arrested on Halloween day, for any type of sex crime. Who knows if that is true or not but should these kind of offenders be allowed to trick or treat? Those on probation are not allowed to anyway.

I was over at Mike Gregg's pro rights sex offender blog today. He will post most anything that backs up his biased opinions. He refuses to post anything this blog has to say about the Sosen-RSOL connection with known NAMBLA pedophiles, So his offender issues blog is not impartial in daily spilling out real truths. So, I stumble upon this:

When Mike gets angry, he'll type his opinion in red letters to make sure his thoughts are noticed and read. Here they are:

"And it's only for those on probation or parole, not all offenders. Plus it's nothing more than a moral panic.
Not a single kid has been harmed by a sex offender on Halloween night, but many have been harmed by cars. So it would serve the public better if police were watching out for vehicles, and the parents stopped buying the mass hysteria and let kids be kids, or go along with them like any good parent should!

Does Mike ever bother to print any news stories related to children being abducted, raped or murdered, on Halloween Night, like this one:

Forever a child in our memory, Lisa French would have turned 43 this weekend.

She's the 9-year-old girl from Fond du Lac who was sexually assaulted and murdered by Gerald Turner as she was trick-or-treating in 1973.


So really, what is the agenda over at the sex offender issues blog, Children not being around sex offenders unknown trick or treating, or trying to convince the public that sex offenders are "harmless" one night out of 365 days?

I would think if Mike were so gun ho, he'd be posting news articles about ANY kid who was raped/murdered on Halloween Night. Nope, not pro gun ho! Could this have something to do with Mike being a registered sex offender himself? I wonder.

Michael James Gregg

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What The SOSEN CEO thinks about the "RSOL"

I was having a conversation the other day with a former SOSENite ex member. We were talking bout how the pro pedophile RSOL had infiltrated sex offender advocacy groups like SOSEN (Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network).

He was defending SOSEN CEO Mary Duval, saying she had found out that "Alex Marbury" was involved with the NAMBLA, North America Man-Boy Love Association, A pro pedophilia organization! I already knew this but was glad to see others are finally realizing the real truth behind the RSOL agenda...seeking to abolish sex offender laws in order to freely molest/rape underage children! Sickos. Since the person I was conversing with has seen the truth, his identity will remain anonymous. Here is what he had to say:

"" However, Mary is NOT working with RSOL. "IN FACT".....and I know for a fact, she had dis-associated herself with RSOL because of Alex Marbury. We already know that he is involved with NAMBLA. Even the Florida RSOL has a disclaimer in RED on their website that tells how they don't support NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat or any of the other pedophile rings. Now you may not know all about me, but surely by now you should know that I will not align myself with any group like that. Mary does not either.""

""Mary and I did talk about Alex and his association with RSOL. The reason she clued me in was that the (State deleted) team (xxxx, xxxx & myself and others) were teaming up with RSOL to make a larger group to fight back against the oppression. Mary heard that we were asking to partner with the (State) RSOL and she sent me a letter about how SOSEN is getting as far away from them as they could because of Alex's association with NAMBLA. Since that time, I have left the (State) group too and I have little contact with anyone. I do know that the members who are active in RSOL that "I" know, are not contributing nor willing to contribute to any pedo group. I can't say that for everyone in RSOL, because I don't know them. The one's I do know, are not that kind of an activist.""

I Counter with this response:

"The problem with the RSOL, is it is intertwined with every SOL activist group out there. RSOL activists are in fact Sosen members & there are Sosen members whom support the RSOL. I was aware that Mary & Jackie Sparling removed their names from the RSOL petition (see here where she is still listed on a UK petition- Type Mary Duval into the search engine- But there is a lack of strong condemnation from Mary re the RSOL. Yes, I've read the red disclaimer Sosen put up but it is not strong enough nor does it resolve anything nor is Sosen effectively doing anything to purge the RSOL from within Sosen. I know for a fact there are already RSOL/Nambla members within the Sosen forum & nothing is being done to kick them out.

Therein lies a serious problem, people are not aware of the RSOL-Nambla connection. Doesn't matter if they aren't that kind of activist, they're still supporting a Nambla agenda unawares. They are still supporting a pedophile agenda by "association". And no one is objecting, except me or AZU. No one in the SOL activist community is objecting. There are numerous Nambla signers on the RSOL Petition, There are at least (6) names of SOL activists I recognize...on the petition, Some I know are Sosen Members. Mary says Sosen is getting as far away as they can from the RSOL? That is not true. Look, Sosen & the RSOL being recomended side by side ( )


"Mary's condemnation of the RSOL is strongly lacking. Don't forget she once joined "BoyChat" & posted about Ricky's Life, So at one time she was willing to work along side of pedophiles. Tell Mary she is welcome to come to my blog and prove otherwise, if she wants to. I'm always open to dialogue. Do you see Mary demanding the Sosen links be taken down rather than be posted on resource pages alongside the RSOL? Nope. Do you see ANY alerts at the Sosen web page condemning the RSOL Nambla connection? Nope. ( One has to wonder if Mary really cares. Mary wants to remain "silent" instead. Trust her if you want, but I am aware of to much behind the scenes info that tells a different story.""

So here is more evidence of the RSOL-Nambla evil agenda. Guess what the RSOL does to cover this mess up, yep a disclaimer! See here:

""The purpose of RSOL is to end the punitive, public "sex offender" registry, residency restrictions, and civil commitment laws which endanger our society and stigmatize, shame, and unnecessarily ruin the lives of registered children, adults, and family members. RSOL does not condone sexual activity between adults and children in any way, nor does it condone any sexual activities that break laws in any state. RSOL is not affiliated with, nor do we support or condone NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, or any group with similar positions on age of consent or related behaviors. Please click on STATEMENT in the menu on this homepage ( It is this statement to which RSOL public signatories lend their signatures.

What a lying fucker Alex Marbury is! See how quickly the RSOL covers over its pro pedophile agenda & see how the SOSEN CEO Mary Duval chooses to remain SILENT and not alert her fellow advocate minions of this pedo agenda? Stupid? Yep. Not to many bright light bulbs on over at SOSEN!


Sex Offender Support and Education Network

Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign

RSOL background:

The original RSOL statement was issued in 1998; the text appears on their current website, but the list of signatories is missing. However, the complete documentis posted on the pro-pedophila website IPCE; signatories include NAMBLA member Bill Andriette and other NAMBLA defenders such as Bob Chatelle.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jan Kruska loses appeal...again

Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation Incorporated.Org et al

August 9, 2010259Court Opinion or Order ORDER that Defendants Motion for Summary Judgmentagainst Plaintiffs copyright infringement claim is GRANTED. (Doc. 254, Mot. for Summ.J.)IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendants Perverted Justice FoundationIncorporated and Xavier Von Erck are dismissed from the suit.. Signed by Judge Stephen M McNamee on 8/9/2010.(TCA)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Am I a Monster?

Derek Logue said this about his victim:

"My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her. "

Derek wrote the following (see below) about himself recently, questioning if he had become a "monster". In reading most of Derek's past rantings, He blames society's laws as the number one reason (in his eyes) that he has become such, a "registered sex offender", a pariah curse to society. Is this really the case here or delusional distorted thinking? Read what Derek has to say:

"AM I A MONSTER? The answer has plagued my mind for days on end. My neighbors watch me with suspicious eyes and gossip behind my back. People shout obscenities at me while I'm walking down the street. People devote website to hating and attacking me. I am put on a public list, and that makes people afraid.

Recently, my now ex-fiancee was told by her neighbor, a child, "That man who comes over to your house, he' a bad man, he hurts people." He's a monster. We could not get married because she has a child so the law won't allow it. We could not easily go on trips together or attend kid friendly events together out of fear of vigilantes.

My ex-fiancee could not take it anymore so she left me. Even she began seeing me as a monster. I will never forget that she sees me as a monster. I can never forget.

AM I A MONSTER? Am I eternally doomed to virtual exile? Is death my only escape? Once fallen, can anyone restore his or her own life? Is there hope? Is there forgiveness? Is there LOVE?

If I am a "monster," then I have none of those things. If that is the case, why should I bother to fight anymore? I have lost everything-- my family, my friends, even the one person in this world I truly loved. All I have left is instinct to survive. I have fought not because I wanted to because I felt I did not have a choice.

Every morning I wake up from a nightmare and into a bigger nightmare of life. Every day I am gripped with the thought of the hells in tore for me today. I wonder what new law will be passed out of fear of the people on that public list. I wonder what more people can do to harm me. I fall deeper and deeper into despair. It is as if even God himself has forsaken me. Each day is filled with one objective-- finding the will to live.

I'm sure this makes those who hate me feel happy. It is sad how people get such pleasure from another person's suffering. They love to point out the harm I caused, but if they get pleasure out of my pain, then what does that make them?

I feel like Frankenstein's "Monster." I have been searching for love and acceptance but I am only met with anger, derision, fear, and violence. AM I TRULY A MONSTER?

It does not matter what I have done since my release. It does not matter I have never been suspected of any wrongdoing. It does not matter that I have never re-offended. It does not matter I have made reparations and atoned for the wrongs I have committed to the extent allowable. In the eyes of society, I committed the unforgivable sin, and there can never be a pardon.

I wish I could say I am not a "monster." If I am not a monster, what am I? Even the angels desire to he human. If only I knew the answer. "

Is Derek a "monster"? Yes. Did society's laws create this monster? Nope. Derek created himself. Can Derek change his delusional thinking? Yes with the proper help of a trained therapist. Derek sees himself as a martyr who must sacrifice himself in fighting against the sex offender laws that supposedly enslave him. Derek chooses to be "enslaved" by the law. Are sex offender laws tough, yes but not that tough. There are thousands of sex offenders whom are able to live productive lives. Derek refuses to try. Derek refuses to admit any wrongdoings, He blames everyone else!

Derek complains that his neighbors mistreat him daily, are afraid of him, watch him, call him names...

No wonder, if they knew Derek as well as I do, they'd have more reasons to be concerned! Can Derek "change"? Sure but he has to want to. So far he does not want to.

See the words "reparations & atoned" highlighted, Has Derek made such? Nope. How can one atone when he blames his own victim? Impossible!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SOSEN CEO dying of cancer?

This is "Mary Duval". She is the CEO of SOSEN.

As part of their activism, SOSEN aligned themselves with Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, a campaign which had its roots in NAMBLA and which also lists "child emancipation" and legalized adult-child sex as part of its ultimate goals."

Here is Mary's signature on the RSOL Petition:

Enough about her devious background. I recently heard that Mary has cancer in both her ovaries & 10-20 pounds of fluid in her abdomen. Her liver might even be metastasized as well. The prognosis is not good. She already has gone blind due to "Marfan Syndrome". I do not care to wish evil upon this person but really, Karma is a bitch! Supporting a RSOL pro pedophile agenda is not good is it? Certainly isn't good for children!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FaceBook is now "pro" pedophile?

The world’s largest pro-pedophilia advocacy group uses Facebook to connect with its members throughout the world; to find and exchange photos of children; to hone its members' predatory behavior; and to identify, target and reel in child victims, an investigation by reveals.

Facebook says it has a strict policy against the posting of content that supports groups engaged in child exploitation, yet a simple, five-second search on Facebook, conducted on Sept. 23, yielded dozens of pages devoted to the infamous North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Many of those pages featured numerous photos of unnamed boys, some of whom appeared to be too young for kindergarten.

The same day, found hundreds of links to NAMBLA’s website on Facebook, which has more than half a billion users worldwide. And posts on known pedophile blogs and chat rooms show an organized effort by pedophiles to use the social networking site to prey on children.

“This is just the downright filthiest of society setting up on Facebook in a public way, and the question is, 'Why is Facebook allowing this?'" said Hemanshu Nigam, co-chairman of President Obama's Online Safety Technology Working Group and a member of the board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Once upon a time, I was a FB member. I was often searching for pedophile sex offenders. I "reported" many to FB. Guess what? Yep, nothing happened. FB doesn't give a shit about protecting children from sexual predators but they certainly give a shit bout all that $ their making! So what, if some NAMBLA pedophile pervert uses FB to gain a child's trust, then rape his little hindy, you think FB gives a shit, nope, not in the least. Idiots. I wonder if any of the FB employees are pedophiles? I would not be surprised!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook a sex predator haven?

Dodia FaeDear Facebook,
your sex offender reporting link is broken.

Just in case someone who actually works for FB sees this, this is my last ditch attempt at reporting this person.
This page is created to promote Derek Logue's website. Derek Logue is a convicted sex offender (Alabama). He created that site in a sad attempt to convince just enough people that sex offender laws and registries do more harm than good to get the laws repealed and the registry abolished. The only thing this will accomplish is leaving Derek Logue and other pedophiles free to groom children so they can molest/rape them without having to pay for their crimes.

Derek Logue has shown absolutely no remorse for sexually abusing his 11 year old victim. He continuously bashes her to this day, even once claiming that she "was corrupt long before I met her". He had been dating his victim's mother when his victim was 3 years old. How can a 3 year old be corrupt, let alone be corrupt long before they're 3? He bashes any survivor of sexual abuse any chance he gets. Facebook's youngest members fall within his "AoA" (Age of Attraction). As Facebook staff is well aware, children as young as 9 create profiles on FB, even though the youngest age allowed is 13. Having a non-repentant sex offender like Derek Logue on FB is dangerous. When he's not victim-bashing, he's whining about how *he's* been victimized by the system.

For more about Derek Logue, please visit his Wikisposure page:
And please, get him off of FB. He's a dangerous criminal.


Dodia Fae runs this website:

Has FB turned liberal? Lots of predators sneak in and when you report em, Facebook sits on their royal ass! Idiots.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SOSEN CEO idiot "Mary Duval" to be on 20/20 interview

Thanks to ZMan for supplying the link info:


Member of SOSEN Being Interviewed by 20/20

Posted on 07/25/10, 12:01 am

Fox Network made an appeal for stories of families affected by the teen dating conviction and resulting registry status. Mary Duval of SOSEN (Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network) along with her son Ricky and his wife will be interviewed on Monday by John Stossel of 20/20 on the Fox Network. SOSEN is fighting the same battle as RSOL and Center for Change.

THIS is HUGE for SOSEN. It is expected that there will be a round of interviews with other networks following the airing of this particular Fox special. That usually happens!

Please join RSOL at or SOSEN at or/and Citizens For Change at www.cfcamerica. org Then help in the fight any way you can. One way is to go to 20/20's website and make comments about the show or tell them your story and how it has affected your family.


Yeah, SOSEN still involved with the RSOL whom has direct connections with NAMBLA:

A closer look at their goals will clarify their agenda, and leave any law-abiding person who wants the best for our children puzzled at best.

The group's original signatories included a number of founding members and supporters of NAMBLA.

"NAMBLA is a group of pedophiles and pedophile activists who seek to abolish age of consent laws, and encourage legislation which allows adults to have sex with children."

Scroll on down and read the comments, look what one fucking retard (NEVERGIVEUP2) had to say:

"The public NEEDS to know that too often it's the "victim" that's the perpetrator in reality."

How stupid! Its called victim bashing, blaming the "victim", not the sexual predator's fault! See Nevergiveup2's profile here:

About Me

I'm the parent of a son found guilty of 4th degree sexual assault by a technicality....she was too young to give consent even tho she was the one to entice, encourage, invite, etc. In sex offenders words SHE GROOMED HIM, yet while they were both minors at the time my son is the one who was charged. I know he's not the only one that this has happened to, in fact she has gone on to another boy now, again calling out assault, and ruining his life now too. I know there are others out there in this same position. I want to start or join a coalition to get the laws for what we called '3rd base' repealed. This is a public lynching we are allowing and it's needs to be stopped.

The victim enticed, "groomed" him! Yeah right. She aka victim "ruined" him. I bet this was another of those slutty Mom's that let her son run loose unchecked! Loser bitch.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Book "Once Fallen" by Derek Logue.

Derek Logue . Derek says he has "changed" his life over the years but is this really the truth or more contradictions (lies) to fool the general public? Well, you decide. Here of a few of Derek's recent idiotic rantings:

I'm simply a person who gets off on bullying, I have a history of violent outbursts, We'll see who ends up in jail, asshole.

Geez. Can these two nitwits even read? I expected nothing less from a dumb c.u.n.t.

My site is an independent site you dumb fucks.

Someone should go pay xxxxxx a visit and fuck him up!

He's such a transparent little shit that it's obvious.

I really wish JUST ONCE, one of you cowardly fucks would do more than talk shit.

Looks like I made another xxxxxx cry.

First of all, using your logic I have every justification to kill your punk ass in cold blood...

Why would I care what a shit stain like you thinks about me? I don't answer to you, and unlike you, C is for coward, I don't hide behind a name.

promoting rape and violence, wild accusations, impersonation, and stalking others is healthy.

It is so funny listening to xxx go ape shit!

You may wish to be careful about what you say to me, xxxxx. But if you think you're brave enough to get in my face, then by all means, come on over!

that worthless fuck doesn't have the guts to snap and pay me a visit. Chicken shit!

I hope he offs himself.

Funny how a little ass kissing goes a long way...

xxx is the biggest promoter of Boychat material there is.

I guess you must be having loss of oxygen from having your head up cunt's ass!

I gets a "hard on" attacking others...

everyone who believes sex offender laws need reform is a "pedo-enabler."

we're not only "pedophiles" but COMMUNISTS too!

I'm still attracted to and fantasize about young girls.

It kills what little empathy for the victims I have left

I tend to be self-centered and may make unreasonable demands in a relationship...

My victim was a follower. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.

You're a joke and a punk

a few months later I was arrested. Rose had told the police I had sex with her.

If you keep treating us like dogs, people are going to behave that way. (ruff, ruff)

This is just a few of the thousands of Derek's many off the wall stupid wacko foolish comments. Does this sound like a registered sex offender whom has turned his life around? Nope. Derek has fooled lots of people over the years & yet in his jack off book, He portrays himself as a "kind gentle hearted repentant" sex offender you'd want to have around your kids! Ha ha. Derek is two-faced, wrote a I'm a great guy type of book but plays the fool is real life. Sad. If only Derek would man up and stop playing the fool

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A second victim?

Copyright (c) 2007-2010 "Once Fallen" by Derek Logue. FAIR USE STATEMENT: This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of political, medical/scientific, economic, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

The above is an excerpt from Derek Logue's Book.

A second victim? The details are stretchy. Derek says he was "accused". Did the police investigate or was this covered up by the Church. Derek is of the Catholic faith, so we think the latter! Since Derek has told so many lies throughout his book and on the web, we here at Roar tend not to believe him. We are finding his book to be extremely biased, favoring "himself" as some kind of hero to be worshiped. We are not amused! More to come later.

Derek Logue's Book: "I only french kissed her"

Derek Logue , "Trench Coat" model career that went down hill fast!

Well, We bit the bullet and purchased Derek's E-Book offered at Amazon. We wanted to see if what he wrote in the book, matches what he says elsewhere on the web. He is really really kind to his victim portrayed in the book...doesn't call her the "Lolita Slut" he says bout her on the internet:

" She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing SHE WAS CORRUPT long before I met her"

Odd? Yep but hey, we know Derek is two faced! Absolutely no victim bashing in his book but Derek thinks he can sneak around the web & make nasty comments bout his victim & get away with it? Nope. Stitches won't allow that!

Derek in his book, said he only "FRENCH KISSED" the 11 yr old child. Charged with "1st Degree sexual assault", sentenced to SIX years in prison, for kissing? Nope, it went way beyond "kissing". We are in the process of obtaining Derek's arrest report, so we'll know the real truth soon enough!

More to come later. Here is a link to Derek's slanted book:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gone "Coo Coo" again! Sigh.

He promised if I'd back off and leave him alone, He'd start taking his coo coo medicine again! Well, guess what, yep, he has gone off his psyche drugs again. Sigh.

This time, Derek is taking his anger out on the folks at the Times Daily newspaper forum. Derek has become quite the stalker lately! Sad puppy.

Derek states he is a reformed registered sex offender. Derek really has no idea what a reformed person "is". Reformed offenders don't run around calling their child victim a "Lolita" or say she was "corrupt" long before he molested her. These are demeaning "thinking errors" & somehow Derek thinks he has changed? Yeah right.

We hear Derek filed a lawsuit against the Shoalanda Speaks blog because they called him a "sexual predator"? Why, Derek earned that title from the State of Ohio :-)

Now, Derek lives in Sheffield, Alabama & the State of Alabama calls him, now a "sex offender", not the predator title he wore while living in Ohio & he is pissed off at Shoalanda? Give Derek a reality check please!

Derek has been stalking "Shoalanda" & now has started stalking others because we don't tolerate his fucking delusions of the great person he thinks he "is". What a joke this ha ha "reformed" piece of shit has become!

Derek has only himself to blame for the idiot he has turned out to be. Coo Coo.

Read what Shoalanda had to say bout Derek poo:

Many in the Colbert County town of Sheffield have made it no secret that they worry about the large number of sexual offenders living close to the downtown area. The Alabama Department of Public Safety site currently lists 26 offenders in Sheffield--one of them the late Rudy Stanback who made the list due to a conviction of second degree (statutory) rape.

Apparently among their number is an activist of sorts, one Derek Warren Logue, whose crime took place in Franklin County. Logue, a former Moulton resident, calls himself a civil rights advocate and is the author of Once Fallen, a book that advocates the forgiveness of sex offenders based on Biblical principals. We certainly believe in forgiving all who sin against us, but we also understand the difference between honest and trustworthy.

Logue, pictured at his 1996 wedding, was 24 in 2000 when he had sexual relations with an 11 year-old girl. In almost all of Logue's writings, he blames his victim. The above link is the least salacious website to feature Logue, either as hero or villain. In fact, the content of most of these websites is so disturbing that we suggest you Google them at your own risk.

Logue would like us to believe that he and others like him are changed. What his writings actually do is portray such a twisted individual that we can't blame those who live nearby this Sheffield "activist" for wanting rid of him. We hope that everyone from Turtle Point Village to Manning Homes, from Wilson Lake Shores to Little Guatemala in Russellville, teach their children about sexual predators. After all, they don't wear it stamped on their foreheads...but they should.

So Derek is pissed off cause somebody pointed out his bullshit but in reality, Derek need only blame himself because he is the reason people attack him, one cannot run around saying you are reformed all the while bashing one's own victim, or other victims, or threatening to murder others, or stalking numerous individuals. One has to live a reformed life, not play act like a hypocrite! Derek doesn't get that. What a sad sad puppy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A message from RSOL "Alex Marbury"


"The US Supreme Court, even as it struck down life-time sentences for juvenile offenders, also held that ´dangerous´ sex offenders can be held for life, even imprisoned beyond their sentences, if civil commitment centers are not available. The ´dangerous offenders,´ included several whose charges were for child pornography. This is a clear violation of double jeopardy and ex post fact constitutional protections being wholly ignored. PLEASE, RSOL activists, send emails and letters to all media about this!!! We must be heard!"

alex marbury
What a ding bat Alex is. Not nary a single bit of concern about protecting children from dangerous sexual predators...the ones Alex wants set free. Stupid retard!
More about the pedophile loving RSOL:

The group's original signatories included a number of founding members and supporters of NAMBLA.

"The original RSOL statement was issued in 1998; the text appears on their current website, but the list of signatories is missing. However, the complete documentis posted on the pro-pedophila website IPCE; signatories include NAMBLA member Bill Andriette and other NAMBLA defenders such as Bob Chatelle.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Googling info; So easy, even a "caveman" can do it!

How to Google info. A caveman can do it but Derek Logue
says he don't know how! Listen up boy and I'll show you. Click this link:

Now Derek, type your name "Derek Logue" into the search box. Scroll down and you will see this link info:

Reaves, Logue Marry .
Times Daily - Google News Archive - Jun 6, 1996
Brand Latasha Reaves and Derek Warren Logue were united in marriage May The couple pledged vows in an ... Brand and Derek Logue The newlyweds reside in Sheffi.
Related web pages

Click the Reaves, Logue Marry highlighted link & up pops your wedding photo archived from the Times Daily! So easy, a caveman could do it :-0)

The other day Derek Boy sent Shoalanda Speaks an email "demanding" to know where she got the wedding photo from. She told him "Google". Derek goes off:

"I would like to know first off, why you chose that pic, and I want the link to where you "found it" because it is not online!"

and Shoalanda replies:

"The photograph is on Google for anyone to use. "

Derek Boy counters:

"You are lying. I think you need lessons on how to use Google. "

Derek, you need to apologize to Shoalanda for calling her a liar. Man up boy. Derek, if you follow the simple steps I listed, you too will be able to find it. If you have trouble, just step outside and ask a local caveman...yep, So easy, even a caveman can do it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ticking time BOMB in Sheffield Alabama, tick,tick,tick...

There I was at the diner this morning and guess who's name came up? None other than Derek Logue. My bull shit
detector immediately went crazy! Derek is full of bull shit. Come to find out, Derek is upset because some blogger near where he lives, posted the following article about him:

Shoalanda Speaks: Sheffield: Sexual Preditor Central?

Derek said he is upset cause Shoalanda posted a photo of him and his ex wife, Brandi. Derek said he is worried she could be subject to harm because of the bull shit Derek has been spewing for years, Comments like this one where Derek is blaming the young 11 year old child he abused:

My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her.

Want more Derek bull shit comments, okay:

I'm attracted to women only if they are aggressive in pursuing a relationship with me, my "victim" included. "


"I've been diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and chronic depression. I've been on a variety of meds-- prozac (which drove me crazy), tegretol (they had to monitor my blood for that one-- joy), etc. "


"Yes I suffer from both bipolar AND Borderline Personality Disorder and I'm on 2000 mgs of Depakote but I keep forgetting to take my meds."


"I hated my stepdad and felt a sense of joy when he died. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was pretend I ever cared about that SOB for my brother's sake. I felt only resentment for all the beatings I got, and as a weak child I took my frustrations out first on animals, then eventually people. I wish I could have beat him up one good time like I did my mom's last husband who recently died.

Mentally unbalanced, crazy and violent, A ticking time bomb waiting to implode, oh and full of bull shit! So Derek tries to bully Shoalanda into removing the info. It aint gonna happen Derek, so man up boy!

Here is the funny idiotic part, Derek quotes the law:

Code of Alabama § 13A-11-8 - Harassment and Harassing Communications:

(b)(1) Harassing Communications - A person commits the crime of harassing communications if, with intent to harass or alarm another person, he or she does any of the following:

(a) Communicates with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, telegraph, mail, or any other form or written or electronic communication, in a manner likely to harass or cause alarm.

Dr. Stitches had this to say:

Writing on your blog is not "communicating WITH SOMEONE" If she sent him harassing or threatening emails that is one thing, writing something on a public blog is not the same thing. He's an I.d.i.o.t.

Actually, he's not REALLY an idiot. He just suffers from an inability to properly analyze data as to it's meaning. This is due to his distorted thinking.

Whew! It is "official", Derek is not a idiot :-)

AS for his ex wife being possibly subject to harm, hell no! If anything, we'd award her a BIG gold medal for kicking her then pedophile husband to the curb! She was the smart one, she divorced him. She moved on to a better life!

Derek said to Shoalanda:

"You provide a reference to Wikisposure, I have been a target of theirs for two and a half years now, and now you made my ex-wife, someone who IS NOT involved in any way with my activism, a target of these vigilante thugs."

NOT TRUE Derek! Wikisposure has known Brandi's real name for years. They have no reason to post that info. You need to stop with that distorted thinking & grow up, you know, man up boy.

More to come later. Until then, Derek pleeze take your mental medicine before you implode!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Derek Logue

He gave up a beautiful wife. Rather, she got smart and divorced him after he sexually molested a 11 year old girl.

About Derek:

"A psychological evaluation described him as, “self-centered, self-indulgent, and passively-dependent upon others.” That’s a fairly accurate description of Derek. ately, Derek has put most of his effort into maintaining his own website because he doesn’t work well with others. In fact, Derek doesn’t really care about anyone but himself. In one breath he will claim that, “he is rehabilitated,” then in the next he will make statements eluding to the fact that his 11-year-old child victim deserved what he did to her because, “she was corrupt long before I met her.”"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wanta borrow my Hooked On Phonics Derek?

"Reistered" is suppose to be "registered".

Stop drinking the toilet water, oh and take your mental medicine! And learn to spell. Thanks.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Waiting for "penance"

"My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her."

So said "Derek Logue". A registered sex offender. He is talking about his victim. Derek states he is a "reformed" sex offender but how can that be so? Reformed offenders don't run around blaming their victims, do they?

Derek states she was "corrupt", then why didn't Derek avoid her? Its easy for Derek to call her a Lolita, as if she seduced him, but lets be realistic here, Derek knew that child sexual abuse was immoral & illegal & yet he still molested this 11 year old child. It was his "wicked desires" that are to blame, not the victim.

Scroll down to the comments section. Derek was posting under the name, "The One" (it links to his Once Fallen website). I was posting under my blog name. Derek quit posting after I challenged him with the following comment:

ROARforTruth said:

Have you ever apologized to your victim? What is your justification in calling a 11 yr old child-a “Lolita”? You seem to forget that you were the ADULT. Your own brother told you to stay away from the child. You did not & your a sex offender because of it. To cast blame upon a child, is shameful. You’ve shown no remorse at all since your Lolita comment has been floating around the web for yrs now.

Here is a perfect opportunity, now, here, How about offering an open public apology for calling YOUR victim a LOLITA? Come on, step up. Man up!

The ball in your court. Posted: May 14th, 2010


I ask, what kind of individual would blame a child for the crime he committed? Would you, the neighbor next door want to know about him? Do you think such a comment makes a guy like this less dangerous to your children?

This individual goes all over the web broadcasting how the sex offender laws are "unjust", cruel, unfair. Now, there are many sex offenders whom have not re offended, got help, became law abiding citizens, took responsibility and admitted they were wrong. I doubt they blamed their victim as the one responsible! Derek, on the other hand, refuses to offer an apology to his victim. Maybe he thinks it would make him look "weak" but so what. I think it would show him taking responsibility, yet somehow its the victim's fault mentality that rules his mind. Read what he wrote up years ago:

Look at numbers 1, 2, 4 & 7.

Why has he deviated away from this penance? Look here, he says he takes responsibility:

"In my case, my key factors was extreme isolation from
others, my inability to connect with others, and my lack of desire to be a responsible adult. This of course,
in no way excuses my actions, but it at least answers the "why." "

And read this:

Are you sorry for what you did?

Of course I am! I have worked for years doing penance for my actions, not to satisfy society, but because
of how I feel about what I had done. Once Fallen is part of my penance. However, my penance is limited to
those I personally harmed and my obligations to the State of my conviction.

How can Derek be sorry? Years later he started bashing his victim! He discarded his "penance" why? Somehow he started to see himself as the victim, started "justifying" himself because his victim was already sexually active, somehow she was to blame, she lured him into her web! These are not the actions of a "repentant sex offender".

So, it has been 12 days and counting since posting my above Big 3 News comment to Derek. The world is waiting. I think we will be waiting a long long time. Sad, yes indeed.

  • Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Shake up at "Wikipedia"

    A shakeup is underway at the top levels of Wikipedia, has learned, as administrators try to deal with the growing controversy surrounding pornographic images that appear on the online encyclopedia and its associated websites.

    After much pressure from within the Wikipedia community, co-founder Jimmy Wales has relinquished his top-level control over the encyclopedia's content, as well as all of its parent company's projects.

    Though he remains the president of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wales is no longer able to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content, sources say. Essentially, they say, he has gone from having free reign over the content and people involved in the websites to having the same capabilities of a low-level administrator.

    I've written quite a few articles about Jimmy Wales over at wikipedia. Glad to finally see this idiot kicked to the curb!

    Wikipedia "promoting" pedophilia, Yep, I beat out Fox News over a year ago reporting this:

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Wiki"ped"ia promoting "ped"ophilia? WTF!!!

    Saturday, May 15, 2010

    tsand passes the ball to Derek...time to man up!

    This is in reference to the following article I wrote:

    Sex offender advocate PLAGIARIZES news article!

    See the original Big 3 NEWS link here:

    Scroll down and read the comments. I get into a little squabble with Derek Logue. Derek is easy to whip! Derek is upset Big 3 News has quoted "wikisposure" as a valid resource site. Derek posted under the name of "The One". Derek tries to rebuke the Big 3 News editor (Rusty Ray). Derek loses that battle! :-)

    See my last comment, I'm giving Derek the opportunity to come clean & apologize for calling his victim, an 11 yr old girl he sexually molested, A LOLITA. How shameful! Here is my comment:

    ROARforTruth said:

    Have you ever apologized to your victim? What is your justification in calling a 11 yr old child-a “Lolita”? You seem to forget that you were the ADULT. Your own brother told you to stay away from the child. You did not & your a sex offender because of it. To cast blame upon a child, is shameful. You’ve shown no remorse at all since your Lolita comment has been floating around the web for yrs now.

    Here is a perfect opportunity, now, here, How about offering an open public apology for calling YOUR victim a LOLITA? Come on, step up. Man up!

    The ball in your court.

    Yes, the ball is yours now. Will you offer a humble apology or not? The world wide web is waiting...............

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Silly willy petition

    This is trench coat photo of "Derek W. Logue". One of the many wacky outspoken nut jobs out there advocating for registered sex offenders. He has a trench coat fetish problem! Gag. I might like him if he were a true advocate. This dumb nut piece of shit has started a "petition" called:

    Stop Vigilante Violence and Websites Act of 2010

    Derek wants to punish those he feels have wronged him. Derek wants "revenge", not justice. Big difference here.

    In section 102 of his petition, he lists several vigilantes & crimes allegedly committed. What does Derek leave out?

    How about "himself" and his other activist friends whom have engaged in repeated ongoing "vigilante activities". Derek is well known for harassing those that disagree with his warped view point!

    Just ask the good folks over at, They have tons of info bout how Derek has harassed innocent people. Not only has Derek bashed his own "victim", he has criticized many others.

    Because Absolute Zero United opposes Derek's dis associative warped paranoid way of thinking, Derek set up this petition for "revenge" purposes. I only wish Derek would take his mental medicine daily & save us some grief! How about showing some sympathy for your victim Derek? Saying she was a "corrupted Lolita" long before you molested her, have you no shame? Nope.

    Derek's victim, recently signed his petition and left a message:

    131.11 year old innocent girl who was once abused Sheffield, AlabamaI was sexually molested once by a sicko! Now, years later, he calls me a "Lolita", as if I were the one to blame but hey, I was the child, he was the adult who knew better! My abuser: Derek Logue!

    A victim fighting back against her abuser, you go young lady! Tell the world bout this piece of scum!

    I wonder if we could start a petition for abusers like Derek who bash their own innocent victims? We should cause people like Derek Logue should be BANISHED, Whip, tar & feather, cut his balls off, put him on a deserted island where only fire ants live! Now, that would be real victim justice! Just ask any victim & see if they disagree.

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Sex offender advocate PLAGIARIZES news article!

    What a stupid idiotic thing to do! Walter Howard, aka Jazzyxxx, TMaximus95, was CAUGHT plagiarizing a news article he claimed he wrote himself. Big 3 NEWS was wise to expose his lies and alert society about this high risk dangerous sexual predator within their midst!

    "Howard is a Level-3 Sex Offender who was convicted on four (4) counts of assault of a child with intent to commit rape, three (3) counts of indecent assault and battery on a person aged 14 or older, and three (3) counts of rape and abuse of a child on November 25, 1992."

    That is some serious bullshit! Walter is one of those sex offender advocates who run around telling us predators like himself, do not pose a danger to society's children. Really, We should take the word of a child rapist? I think not.

    Walter Howard is a member of SOSEN (Sex Offender Support and Education Network ) & the RSOL, (Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign ) a sex offender advocate group that has ties with the pro pedophilia group, NAMBLA. Look here at one of Walters recent pro pedo comments:

    "“It’s amazing to me how many cool stories I’ve read about the things boy lovers do with their young friend. It’s not all about sex. I’m finding that many BL’s (boy lovers) hold their responsibility to a YF (young friend) with a great conviction.”"

    Wow! And Big 3 News even caught Walter chatting with "minors" in their chat room. Walter Howard poses a direct danger to children & his advocate friends like ZMan, work alongside and support this dip shit! How ironic and confusing. Here is the article:

    A former Big 3 News Contributor engaged in plagiarism in order to promote a radical registered sex offender (RSO) agenda.

    Walter Howard, 52, of Lowell, Massachusetts submitted an article to Big 3 News which presented a commentary on the plight of individuals labeled as sexual predators. No third party attribution was provided and the article appeared to be written by Howard.

    The Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board has determined that Howard is “at a high risk to re-offend and that the degree of dangerousness posed to the public is such that a substantial public safety interest is served by active community notification.”

    Howard, who operates a website called the National Coalition for Social & Political Reform, allegedly maintains several internet aliases, including “Jazzyxxx”, “Jazz”, “Soundman51″, “TMaximus95″, and “Slowhandluke”, among others, according to an independent investigation by Big 3 News, and information obtained off the website Wikisposure.

    ZMan caught on FACEBOOK, as reported by "Derek Logue"

    I admit I refused to believe Derek was telling the truth until I verified the accusation. Yes, ZMan, Mike Gregg of the sex offender issues blogspot, is in fact, a FaceBook member, posing under a false profile as "Jonathan Doe"! Here is the verified link:

    Shocking...just shocking! Here you can find more on sex offender Michael J. Gregg:

    Gregg, who was convicted in 1990 of child molestation, claims he "accidentally" exposed himself to a child on a playground when he stepped out of his shower and peered through a sliding glass door while still nude. In another version he states that a child was looking into his window and saw him nude. He states that he neither knew the child, nor touched them, but that he was convicted of molestation anyway because the child ran home and told a parent. He fails to mention that he was masturbating in the presence of a child "with the intent to satisfy and arouse" his sexual desires."

    Why is Zman posting at FaceBook? Why is he posting under a fake profile name? Click on his FB "wall" and see what causes he supports, yep, he supports the "RSOL", Reform Sex Offender Laws, yikes! I've written tons of negative stuff about the RSOL, whom was started by and has tons of of known pro pedophile members within its ranks.

    Look what Mike Gregg wrote under the RSOL FaceBook cause comment section:

    I agree the laws should be reformed, but I do not agree in adults having sex with children"

    Huh, then why are you advocating alongside of known RSOL pedophiles??? Come on Mike, Wise up! Don't you remember what Derek Logue said in his email:

    I'm not a member of RSOL and do not participate in anything they do. I have my own reasons for not working with them, but I'm expecting them to draft a clear statement denouncing NAMBLA and related pro-pedo groups before I'll ever lift a finger to help them."

    NAMBLA aka "North American Man-Boy Love association. Pedophiles!

    Derek has said he has notified FaceBook about ZMan, aka Micheal Gregg, A registered Georgia sex offender. Good Job Derek!

    More Info: