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Being famous has nothing to do with it


Somebody please help me with this. Obviously, I'm missing something.

So we've got a 43-year-old man who takes a 13-year-old girl into a hot tub. According to the girl, this is what follows: He gives her part of a Quaalude and some champagne. He gets into the hot tub, naked. She flees to a bedroom. He follows. He puts his mouth to her vagina. He removes her panties. He asks if she is on the pill. She is not, and he asks if she wants him to penetrate her anally instead. She says no. He does anyway. During all this, she's begging him to stop.

An arrest, 31 years later

In court, he admits to having sex with the child. He admits he knew she was 13. He is indicted on six charges. To spare the child the pain of testifying, the DA agrees to let him plead guilty on a single lesser charge. The man spends 42 days behind bars for pre-sentencing diagnostic tests. In 1978, on the eve of his actual sentencing, he flees the country and returns to his native France. He is finally arrested 31 years later.

And the Sosenites quietly sit by...never a word of condemnation...no sympathy for the "victim"..A brutal evil crime being ignored by these sex offender activists who want to abolish all sex offender restrictions because they say predators deserve a "second chance". Has SOSEN no shame? Nope. What is the Sosen "solution" here...Let us ignore this wicked brutal crime!


SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

Florida RSOL supports "SOSEN"

I've written how the SOSEN sex offender activist group has stopped posting any RSOL (pedophile infested activist group of thugs) links on its official website at SOSEN.US.

But look here: http://www.fla reformsexoffenderlaws.org/index.html

And here: http://www.fla reformsexoffenderlaws.org/Links.html

Hmmm. The RSOL has no problem listing SOSEN as one of its great supporters but yet, SOSEN tries to hide their association!


“It reads like a pamphlet for NAMBLA,” Nappan said, referring to the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a controversial organization that promotes the view that sex between adult men and boys is natural and should be decriminalized."


SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL-Reform Sex offender Laws
NAMBLA- pedophile thugs

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Zman did what ??? Hmmm...


Michael Gregg aka "Zman" has removed all links to the pedophile infested activist group-the group called RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws, from his blog! Is that good or not?

I reported earlier this week that Sosen had also removed such links from its website as well. The question is why? Is it because these people finally wised up and admitted that the association with a pro pedophile activist group is wrong? If that were the case, why not issue a public statement denouncing the RSOL as well?

I think Sosen & Zman are hiding the truth, removing it from their websites and "pretending" they've never heard of the RSOL because of the awesome negative impact that has risen up against them lately.

Sosen, Zman and the RSOL want to abolish all sex offender restrictions, so they teamed up to work together as a three stooge team but those of us like myself, have exposed the RSOL secret agenda...Nambla homo pedo's who freely want to sexually abuse children w/o criminal penalties attached! I am not fooled by the underhanded tactics of Sosen or Zman and until I see an announcement condemning the RSOL, I will continue to expose these pedophile apologists. Count on it. Expect it!

RSOL-The How: http://operationsoroarful.blogspot.com/2008/11/rsol-how.html


sexoffenderissues.blogspot.com & its Sex Offender Issues "Banner"
Sosen-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws
NAMBLA-North American Man boy Love Association

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I am a member of nambla....


Scroll down to the bottom of the link and you'll read this:

SOSEN is committed to promoting public safety and community awareness. All members of SOSEN have agreed to abstain from any activity that is not consistent with the organization's goals. This requires that any person who is a member of SOSEN will in no way affilliate him/herself with any organization, including but not limited to NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, which promotes inappropriate sexual behavior. Any person who has information that suggests a member of SOSEN is engaged in inappropriate conduct should notify SOSEN staff immediately.

Okay, I'm about to tell you guys that some of your members are having "contact" with a NAMBLA pedophile scumbag! Lets see if you Sosen enablers really give a shit.


Matty Carpenter is a founding administrator of Corrupted-Justice.com. "As much as I hate to admit to it, I am a member of nambla.... I AM NOT a child abuser, or rapeist or anything..... I just happened to fall non sexually in love with a twelve year old about three years ago...". I battle off and on with a p*rn addiction, however mine is both adult and ch*ld.. (I use the pics to relive what I went through and get that 'emotional fix' of pain and disgust which is so familiar with me. Kinda odd cuz I am an anti-child p*rn activist and report the posters of it, but occasionally use it to relive what I went
" I had at one point multiple personalities, which turned into one personality (me) but different age levels (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I would literally become an infant, or toddler or a 9 yr. old, etc. Then all the different ages merged into one, and thats me now. I am between 8 and 14 years old (even though I am physically 27). I am basically a teenager, who has the habits, likes, dislikes, etc. of younger, down to toddler age. I can't sleep without my pacifier, I sleep on the floor cuz I can't sleep on a bed without rails, I can't manage money, etc. Some call me a "teen baby" or "adult baby" cuz the way I am.. hehe.. Who would have ever thought that I would grow up to be a lilboy".

Yep, A founding member of Corrupted-Justice.com. This one sick puppy! Hey Sosen Staff, several of your members like "ZMan, Derek Logue, Karen Cunning", are indeed associating with a evil demented pedo who states he is a member of "NAMBLA"-the pedophile infested group of perverts who like screwing little boys! Look here at Matty wearing diapers acting like a pedo baby:


This is beyond sick, its dangerous & SOSEN members are associating with a NAMBLA supporter! These (3) might not of known about Matty the pedo but they know now!

Sosen Staff: Consider yourself "notified", now lets see you take action & prohibit your Sosen members from being influenced by shady characters over at CJ.com. I bet you'll sit on your asses & do nothing!


SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
NAMBLA-North America ManBoy Love Assoc.

Why is SOSEN hiding the "RSOL"?


Message from the Web Development Team (SOSEN)

From 2 Oct 2009 to 5 Oct 2009 the website will be undergoing a few changes as we work to improve the foundation of the site and set the stage for changes that will be coming in 2010.

And "change" they did because there are now no links anywhere on the Sosen website about the Reform sex Offender Laws pedophile infested activist group and why is that? Did Sosen finally wise up and realize hanging around known pedophiles was a bad idea? Nope! I suspect all RSOL links were hidden due mainly to the negative heatwave that has hit Sosen this year & the sosenites are trying to "hide" the fact that they work hand in hand with true pedophiles who fervently seek to abolish any and all sex offender restrictions, In order to freely molest young children sexually. And yet the SOSEN CEO Linda Pehrson & her pet assistant, Mary Duval, Have signed the RSOL PETITION seeking to abolish all sexual predator restrictions! Interesting in that Sosen will remove RSOL links from their website but not their signatures on a PEDOPHILE petition. Have you people no shame? Nope!

Here is where you can read about the Sosen secret agenda & their association with the RSOL:



Sosen-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws

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Polanski Deserves No Mercy!


Roman the rapist pleaded guilty. This is not one of those stories where you need to insert an "alleged" or a "purported" before each sentence. This is not a "he said-she said." He was in his 40s. She was 13. He was a famous director. She was a child. He lied, lured, and plied her with drugs and alcohol.

He raped her. He sodomized her. His day of reckoning in coming! Another example of a sexual predator who needs to be locked up and the key throw away. I'm sure the RSOL are shedding tears for "him". Lock em up too!


RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws

Stupid is as stupid does


Lauren Book endured years of child abuse. She has become an advocate for abused children. Lauren has recently made several startling comments re the sexual predators living under the Miami Julia Tuttle Bridge. She has expressed "sympathy" and concern about their predicament. Obviously, Lauren is not carrying any kind of deep seeded hatred against "all" the sexual predators out there. She believes otherwise:

"Lauren Book, 24, now realizes that forcing predators to live in inhumane conditions will not protect children; in fact, she fears it may do the opposite. " ``It's a terrible situation under there, it is awful,'' she admits. ``I don't think them living under a bridge or absconding keeps children safe. I don't want them so desperate that they go out and find a child.''

One would think the activist groups like SOSEN would be jumping for joy, happy to gain such an "ally" like Lauren but unbelievably, the opposite has occurred, These activists like ravenous wolves, have repeatedly attacked her character. The "anonymous" cowardly comments left at the Miami Herald newspaper about Lauren, are shameful! Other SOSEN activists like Zman and Derek Logue aka "FallenOne", have attacked Lauren elsewhere and it is beyond shameful . Lets look at some Herald comments "about Lauren":

Ms. Book is acting out of vengeance - not altruisim. She is causing harm, not preventing it.

Lauren may not be "hiding' behind an anonymous name, but she is hiding behind the name 'victim' to justify a very horrendous result of her 'good deeds'. She has transitioned from 'victim' to 'victimizer'.

Lauren like her father Ron lives in a world of hate and channels that into being a cheerleader for human rights abuse.

Why she didn't tell her dad is beyond me, confused little girl she was and still is, first you destroy there lives and now you want help them...?

Several comments were removed because they were extremely abusive! Here is Derek Logue's Twitter page, Yes, using Twitter to slander Lauren:


Have these SOSEN activists no shame? Attacking a victim and yet think they are helping the Julia Tuttle offenders by "bashing" Lauren Book? My great uncle was right, "stupid is as stupid does"! Hopefully, Ron Book will file a defamation lawsuit against these bastards. They must and will be silenced! Count on it.


SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

How is "bashing" a SOLUTION?

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The new "anti" whore movement

It used to be the guys over at Absolute Zero United or Perverted-Justice or Petra Luna but no longer. A new breed of anti has risen up to take over and corrupt.

This breed is out of control, the bashing is way beyond anything the antis above ever did! So, who are the new antis?

People like Michael (Zman) Gregg, who just recently, has been heavily attacking Lauren Book. Z has attacked OTHER victims over the years! Z has long bashed the (3) so called anti groups listed above, as being internet terrorist vigilantes who take registry info on a registered sex offender and expose the individual at sites like Wikisposure. Funny that Z has done the same type BS on his blog-taken registry info of his enemies & posted it in an attempt to harass!
When the other antis do it, it is criminal but when Z does it, its A-okay! How hypocritical. Z is a ticking time bomb who is liable to explode any day now & hurt people! Please get help Mike.

People Like SOSEN CEO Linda Pehrson accuse the (3) of heinous vigilante activity but when Linda does it, its A-okay! Linda believes in "free speech" as long as you don't try and hold her accountable. Linda has bashed victims repeatedly, lied, committed untold slander/libel but when she does it, its A-okay. What a hypocrite!

People like Tikibug, SOSEN COO Mary Duval, who thinks child porn is a victimless crime or that minors should be allowed to have sex with adults. Mary bashed Lauren Book once in public & later profusely apologized to Mr Book on her radio show! What a hypocrite! Its A-okay to bash as long as Mary doesn't get caught, so she thinks. Very very anti-social behavior. Huge game blamer mentality.

People like Derek Logue aka OnceFallen or FallenOne. DL casts all the blame on Ron Book for these offenders being "forced" to live under the Miami Julia Tuttle Causeway. DL doesn't believe in any victim "empathy" whatsoever! He thinks all sex offenders deserve a second chance & he is one himself. Does Derek deserve to get off the registry, has he earned it? Not in the least! People who bash victims, must be "watched" very closely.

People like former SOSEN COO Cheryl Griffiths aka "Magister", EqualJustice or Her Loyal Hiney. Cheryl has done much harm to the sex offender activism cause over the years! Big name game blamer who carries grudges around like it was a valuable piece of gold. Cheryl's ranting behavior has worsen over the years. I expect she will have a nervous mental breakdown any day now if she hasn't had one yet! Get help Cheryl please.
---------- -----------
These four individuals are just a few examples of what has risen out of the pro sex offender advocacy movement. They run around the internet screaming how the sex offender laws endanger children! No victim empathy. No giving a shit about preventing child sexual abuse. Bashing decent people like Lauren Book who endured heinous abuse! Rather than pursue Lauren as a possible ally of reforming sex offender restrictions, They attack her relentlessly.

How in the hell do these four idiots ever think they will gain any legit credibility when they act like trailer trash whores? Bashing seriously hurts any chance of ever convincing society that some sex offenders deserve another chance in life & it is senseless to act so damn stupid. All 4 are big time RSOL supporters, A group that is "pro pedophile", a group with direct ties to NAMBLA.

Z, Linda, Mary, Cheryl & Derek, you guys are the new antis! What a crying shame. You guys deserve what you have earned thus far, the anti title!


RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws
NAMBLA-North American Man-Boy Love Assoc.
SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
Zman's blog-sexoffenderissues.blogspot.com

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Tall Tale No. 00116


JOSH´S SAD STORY: Caged Like An Animal By Dr. David Shields Posted on 23.09.2009

It's a long whiny woe is me story, So I will post only two shorts sections that are the humdinger. You can read the whole sordid tall tale at the link above:

"He is a child of the computer age having first been introduced to them at age 2 and by age 3 had his first computer. As each new generation of computer was released he received one. He had virtually unlimited computer and later internet access throughout his childhood and adolescence. Near totally oblivious to the tremendous risks this new technology presented, his parents provided little computer supervision and even fewer computer safeguards. The stage for disaster was set.
At age 10 Joshua stumbled across internet pornography and sadly he joined the rapidly growing ranks of countless other internet pornography viewing child victims. By his early teens he began viewing peer pornography that is viewing adolescents of his own age. In doing so he was progressively sucked deeper into the cesspool of what is to mature adults, child pornography.

Obviously Joshua was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; his parents gave him everything, even a computer at age 3. His parents provided very little adult computer supervision. Can you imagine the disaster placed before a young child here? Unlimited computer access. Viewing "child porn" at age ten. It continued on and on.

Joshua's Daddy wrote up this sordid tale as his son told it. Josh was sentenced to 8 years in prison this year! You'd think Daddy would blame himself but looky here and see who he blames:

An obscene perversion of justice had been completed. The same federal justice system that had so grossly failed in their sworn duty to protect him when as a child and adolescence he had access to these illegal internet materials had now succeeded in his destruction.

Hey stupid, its the parent's job to protect the child! You gave him ACCESS to the internet. Both you and your wife are at fault here! You failed in your fatherly role as a fucked up parent to supervise a child on a computer you gave him & yet you cast the blame on the government? Why weren't you arrested for child abuse? You run over to the RSOL crying a sordid tale & point accusatory fingers elsewhere. Maybe SOSEN CEO Mary Duval told you that child porn was a "victimless" crime & you believed it. The judge gave you 8 reasons why it is serious ! Could it be you think CP is harmless? Own up & admit you screwed up as a parent, dude.

Was Jim Freeman a RSOL implant at SoHopeful?

NOP_Christine sent the following message to SOSEN CEO Linda Pehrson shortly AFTER Jim Freeman was arrested for child porn:

Hi, Linda. It's me, NOP_Christine, but I wanted you to know that I'm here - and if you need, you can share that with people you KNOW here. Not all of even the SOhopeful members know this as one of my alternate names, so if it could be kept between you and I and a couple of Board members, as necessary, I would be grateful. I want to be sure that the SOhopeful folks land relatively softly. That is my actual purpose for being here at this time. When I originally signed up here, I was considering already leaving SOh for other reasons, which will become clear down a couple of paragraphs from here.

You should know that eadvocate (RSO activist) thinks that SOSEN released the info on the problems within SOhopeful to the press, The arrested former Exec Dir (James "Jim" Freeman-Mystik) of SOhopeful had everything of SOhopeful's attached to himself - sole signatory on bank account, sole incorporator in the end, etc. Ultimately, shutting down the forum and the front page (and the corporation to the extent possible) were the only ways to prevent any potentially illegal activity from continuing behind the scenes, including the very real possibility of questionable donations through the paypal page. Carolyn had resigned (I don't know if you got a chance to see that - her family is in desperate need of her attention), and the remaining women (and ultimately theparson too) didn't believe it to be appropriate, especially in the current situation, to have another registrant (sex offender) in the Executive Director spot. Not like we could have done anything anyway, with the corporation tied so tightly and exclusively to Freeman and none of us having any access to any of it.

Freeman had unlimited access to the architecture of our forum, as the Exec. While I know most of the former offenders who are working hard for reform do not have ill intent, what I have learned is that it really is nearly impossible to know which former offenders are going back into a life of crime and which ones won't. The arrested individual had apparently been living a double life for a long time, and none of us had even an inkling. When I resigned in January, it was over a falling out with him over his lack of willingness to be accountable about the lack of phone number and address (address being necessary in order to receive bank statements and bills). My original resignation to him had cited my need to focus on my education, but my abrupt premature departure was the result of his vitriolic attacks on me for trying to get him to answer questions that had just been ignored for many months (including Cheryl's questions about when we would get our 501(c)3 status - which never materialized).

We also don't know if he was using the behind the scenes of the forum for nefarious (illegal) purposes. The potential for that likely problem to continue in some form or other had to be shut off as well. There were hundreds of user names whose accounts had not been activated, and it certainly appears that Freeman may have been having people sign up for SOhopeful just so that he would have an email address for him. We have no way of knowing for sure - he was supposed to activate accounts and put people into user groups.

I am trusting that you see that most of this information really does have to be kept fairly (top secret-hush hush) close to the vest. I have tried to explain to people who have emailed me as much as I can without causing any undue panic.

I think the most painful part of all of this is that the AZ/PJ people were RIGHT about one thing - active offenders were/are insinuating themselves into groups where sincere people do have child safety at their core message, and using us for cover. I don't think any of the groups are immune, and I don't know what anyone would do about that. None of the groups have real good screening processes (criminal background checks and the like) for leadership positions. (Freeman apparently had a far more extensive criminal history than just his one sex conviction - much of it violent in nature.) The one thing I know I won't ever do again is be in a leadership position of any organization where a registrant (sex offender) is at the top of the food chain, as unfortunate as that is as it regards registrants who really are working at living rightly and legally. And, for the next few years, I have to focus all my attention on my education so that I can create a treatment program that actually works for folks like our family members, whose victims were family members and where reconciliation is both desired and capable of being done safely.

I hope that explains what's happening. I know that's a lot of inside stuff, but I felt like you, as the head of SOSEN, deserved to know as much of the details as I can give you.

Christine (now a_woman_apart)
------- --------

What an eye opener! I have always wondered how SOHOPEFUL got shut down because if we believe what Christine said, Freeman had total control over the website and forum and "who" pulled the plug? Freeman was in jail, so a 2nd unknown person pulled the plug but who? Surely Freeman was using the Sohopeful forum for illegal purposes to peddle child porn long before his arrest, So why not turn the forum to the FBI and let them thoroughly investigate? Could there of been other Sohopeful members involved? Were BOD (Board of Directors) involved with Freeman's illegal schemes? Many puzzling questions go unanswered!

Arrest info re Jim Freeman:


Freeman, 49, formerly an advocate for convicted sex offenders, was found guilty in a January trial. He was part of a sophisticated porn-sharing ring that traded in images and videos of child sex; it used encryption and code names to keep authorities out. Before he was caught, Freeman was executive director of the now-defunct SOhopeful.org, which had worked since 1999 to relax the state’s tracking of “one-victim, lowest-risk sex offenders.

"It disbanded soon after news of his arrest."

Look at the "smirky" devious smile Freeman gave. I bet that smirk is long gone now! If he ever gets released from prison (which is doubful), I'm sure SOSEN will welcome him back with open arms...lol. Shame on Christine and Linda for hiding this valuable information!


Info provided by: OPERATION SO ROARFUL
SOSEN: Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL: (pro pedo) Reform Sex Offender Laws

SOSEN "mule" train

I'm reading disturbing info elsewhere that states Sohopeful and SOSEN were originally setup by the NAMBLA pedo freaks as "branch offices". To recruit mainly women-wife's, mothers etc, of registered sex offenders, as mules in order to help these pedophiles achieve their sickly goal of trying to get the SOR (sex offender restrictions) overturned. Now, whether it is true or not, it is plausible that this could really be true. Here are some comments supporting this:

I always believed that the RSOL was formed because NAMBLA was an all boys club and they wanted to expand it to include the pedophiles with female victims as well. The registry was actually helpful to them because the computer literate pedos, who were online trading pornography and working on perfecting the rhetoric, were able to have an online list of freshly convicted offenders who were vulnerable and willing to learn. Of course, we can only assume that California prohibits offenders on the registry from accessing the registry for this reason. As you well know SOhopeful and then SOSEN were created as their branch offices. It worked out nicely because they recruited mules (women married to RSOs) to help carry out their mission by delivering their message. It's just another form of exploitation.


Nambla wanted to be accepted mainstream. They thought they could use the mules to get there. They didn't realize that saying the same thing whether you're Bill Andriette, Tom Reeves, Daniel Tsang, Richard Pillard, Jerome Miller, Paul Shannon or Jackie Sparling, Mary Duval or Linda Pehrson is exactly that. Saying the same thing. And in the case of these enabling uglyass women it's even more distasteful. Unless they are also pedophiles, they should know better than to behave this way. I can only assume that now that these dumb ducks have been educated that they are advocating on behalf of a pedophile agenda and they continue to advocate on behalf of that pedophile agenda that they are also doing it deliberately, deviously and with malice aforethought.


I can assure you that there are still some people left in SOSEN that WILL NOT believe they are supporting a pedo agenda. It's called "denial". The pedos know they are vulnerable and take advantage of them. Who else can they possibly join forces with now that the gays don't accept them? SOSEN people are just as dumb and blind as the SOhopefulers - as if it wasn't obvious Mystik was advocating for the rights of the greatest pedos.

I stockpile a lot of info and these statements reminded me of something posted at the pedophile den-NEWGON. I quote in part about using women as the "mules" to get their pro pedophile message out to the general public:


The other item on the table is to form groups composed of wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, girlfriends, and any other female related or in relationship with a person on the registry. These local bands of women will work in their own community to bring the message of change and stand ready to
coalesce when the need to bring the impact of persons not on the registry and impacted by the registry to the attention of the general public or specific individuals.

So, There you have it folks, decide for yourselves.

The Truth About Reform Sex Offender Laws

The Truth About Reform Sex Offender Laws from Absolute Zero United on Vimeo.

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Victim Bashing-Zman caught again!

Yep, my retarded brother is bashing another victim, this time it is Lauren Book. I was looking through his trashy blog and saw it with my own eyes! Gag. Mikey thinks if a sexual abuse victim doesn't get over the abuse QUICKLY and move on, The victim then becomes a "professional" victim! Mikey just does not understand how these bashing comments are so degrading & shitty & "unprofessional".

Mike (Zman) Gregg is a professional victim basher. He is a veteran victim basher! Not his first time bashing either.

Mikey needs a tit to suck on to get his obsessive mind off of bashing poor defenseless victims who don't deserve such abuse from a paranoid registered sex offender like Mikey. Hey Linda (SOSEN CEO) Pherson, Can Mikey borrow one of your tits?

Linda loves Zman's blog. This is the kind of fool Linda hangs out with-a victim basher! No wonder SOSEN has no credibility!

SOSEN threatens me, Oh I'm scared!!!

I received an email from SOSEN CEO Linda Pherson recently:

I want this harassment and slander to STOP! I cc'd FDLE in this email for documentation of the harassment complaint."

She started accusing me of violating SOSEN copyright but failed to give specific reasons as to why she believed there were copyright violations. I think she is blowing smoke trying to scare me silly threatening to sue me. "I'm scared, Linda,Please stop"! Not even close. I'm not afraid to expose SOSEN for the frauds they are or the ongoing bullshit they pull. Here is my "official" response to SOSEN and their ilk:

Since you refuse to give specific examples supporting alleged copyright violations, I will assume there are no valid reason to accuse me of such. I am aware that SOSEN Staff have previously committed copyright violations numerous times in the past several years, Along with committing untold slander and libel repeatedly. Is the SOSEN Bounty still on "tsand's" head, the one made by your staff member under YOUR watch as CEO? You think such nonsense is legal, guess again. You may point all the fingers you want at me but I will not be silenced. You are guilty of bashing victims, Libel & slander, Cyber stalking, Engaging in illegal vigilante tactics, Signing a stupid petition along side of PEDOPHILES, Aligning with known pedophiles in order to try and abolish the SOR.. You and your ilk stole SOSEN from Shirley Lowry, ETC ETC. You want to sue me, Go right ahead. I'll be posting the depositions I do on you and your ilk, On the web for all to see. I will expose you for the fraud you are, under oath. Now if you want me for an ally, you will need to come clean and start over and take your name off the RSOL Petition and quit associating with the pedo activists. You will need to start working on "solutions" and stop spreading lies! You believe the SOR should be abolished and yet you provide no VALID reasoning of how children will be safe guarded if the SOR were ever abolished. I've repeatedly asked how abolishing the SOR will protect children, and you & your fellow activists ignore these serious questions! How in the world do you or SOSEN expect to be taken seriously after all the crap you've pulled and continue to do? SOSEN once was "credible" but no longer. Never ever an admittance of any wrongdoing. I read recently where Cheryl was telling others I work with the antis. That is not true. Ya'll accused me of telling AZU about Jim Freeman's arrest. I did not do that either. I get accused of a lot of stuff that is not true. I was the one who told Jackie Sparling that SoRoarFul had posted SOSEN Staff info elsewhere. Guess what it cost me, I got "banned" from SOSEN forum as a result! I did not know or have any idea the antis had infiltrated SOSEN & I was monitoring most of the anti websites at the time and happened upon this information. You want to sue me, go ahead, I would welcome it because I have a lot of unanswered questions that would finally get ANSWERED in a lawsuit! Until SOSEN gets it act together, I will continue to expose your lies. Count on it. I have a constitutional free speech right under the Fair Use Doctrine to speak out against corruption. You don't like it, to bad. The CC to the FDLE does not scare me either, as they are well aware of SOSEN's evil twisted agenda! Either get right or buzz off.<

Linda, either step up or shut up cause I refuse to shut up & you will never shut me up. I will double my efforts to inform the world and expose SOSEN for the frauds you are! Your "I want" attitude will get you nowhere. Get used to it!

Note: I am closing off comments to everyone except to Linda, Whom may post as long as she stays on topic and civil regarding this subject. I doubt she will respond but here is her chance.

SOR-Sex Offender Restrictions
SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
FDLE-Florida Dept Of Law Enforcement

Linda Pehrson Contildes

Is the SOSEN CEO, A signer of the evil wicked RSOL Petition seeking to abolish all sex offender restrictions. Her husband abused her daughter. He is a registered sex offender today.


Linda Pehrson is a signatory on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children and is affiliated with and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist."

Aligning along side known pedophiles seeking to abolish sex offender restrictions. Linda knows all this is true and yet has no problem being used by pedo's!

Linda has done a great job of discrediting what SOSEN used to stand for..."No More Victims". Now the new slogan is, no more sex offender restrictions!

Neither Linda or SOSEN has ever answered how if abolishing such laws, will have any affect on protecting children from sexual abuse & yet Linda screams how the current restrictions "endanger" children and puts them in harms way. Linda's solution-abolish these laws! Duh, how stupid is that? These laws do in fact protect children but when you've been groomed by the pedophiles, Sane reasoning get throw out the window! See here the RSOL Petition and the insane reasoning Linda supports:


I am a lost as to why a person like Linda Pehrson would sign, much less associate, with wicked pedophiles whose agenda is to freely abuse children w/o criminal penalty. Linda needs to come clean and get real! Linda's thinking puts children in harm's way. Its time that SOSEN kicked this bitch and her ilk (Mary Duval) to the curb!


SOSEN/Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws

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Jessica's Killer dead

John Couey has died of anal cancer. Justice is served!


HOMOSASSA - Convicted child killer John Couey died this morning of natural causes, sparing the state of Florida from having to execute him for the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Florida Corrections spokesperson Gretl Plessinger said Couey died "at 11:15 a.m. today at a local hospital," but declined to offer specifics, citing privacy laws.

Couey was housed at the Florida State Prison near Starke, awaiting execution for the 2005 kidnapping, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jessica.