Friday, October 29, 2010

Lenore Skenazy of "Free Range" Kids

Lenore Skenazy and her son. The more I read about this lady & her free range ideas involving children, The more I want to throw up! Read more here:

Why FreeRange?

Lenore likes to "minimize" her viewpoint, in that only a few kids are harmed out of millions:

" Any kid killed is a horrible tragedy. It makes my stomach plunge to even think about it. But when the numbers are about 50 kids in a country of 300 million, it’s also a very random, rare event."

I have to wonder where she gets her "stats" on only 50 kids being harmed? Lenore believes that society has placed severe limitations on today's children & they need or deserve "more freedom" to be independent. Is this really a valid theory or rather the rantings of a extreme radical?

Today's world is much different than say 100 years ago. The dangers today are far far greater for children to be hurt, maimed, killed or abducted.

Is it wise to let a 9 yr old boy take the subway by himself? Of course not and luckily, the kid was not harmed-this time. Lenore has no problem exposing her son before the media & yet some unknown pedophile somewhere is salivating wishing he had taken the subway that day!

I see disturbing stuff while reading through Lenore's blog. It makes my skin crawl. I wish I could slap some sense into her delusional thinking! Here are a few examples:

Ghosts, Goblins & Predators

Hi Readers! I read this piece and it blew me away. It’s by David Hess, a minister outside of Rochester, New York. Kudos to him — and a thanks, too, for letting me reprint the whole thing!

She doesn't bother to let her readers know that Mr Hess is a "registered sex offender", guilty of a crime against a young child! Does she really care?

How Do You Tell A Total Helicopter to Back Off?

"My 9-year-old son is good friends with a boy in our neighborhood, who lives only a couple of blocks away in our quiet suburban town. The mom and I are friendly, but not friends. Today the kids played at her house after school. And today was the second time she flat-out refused to allow my son to walk home from her house by himself. Even after I told her that’s what I wanted him to do — and in spite of the fact that that’s what he enjoys doing. So she had another woman who was visiting her drive him home! TWO BLOCKS. I am flabbergasted and what I really want to say is, ”How dare you completely disregard MY wishes for MY child?” But alienating her would not be a good thing!"

This was sent to Lenore from one of her wacky supporters! Kind of stupid to bash another parent who only has her son's best interests in mind.

Reading & Writing & Finger Prints to Identify Your Dead Body, Kids

Hi Readers! Here’s a note from Amy Uzinger, a mom in Tucson.

Dear Free-Range Kids: Today I got my 1st grade son’s school pictures in. Along with the pictures, is a ‘Operation Child I.D.’ form. It has my child’s picture and there is a spot on the form to take to the police station to have your child’s fingerprints taken. Then you are supposed to keep this form handy, just in case your child is kidnapped.
It disturbs me that thousands of parents will receive this form and it reinforces the belief that children are in constant danger of being abducted by a stranger."

Another wacky Mom here! Amy fails to realize that children do get abducted, raped, murdered but the ID kit helps the police catch the bad guy. Enough said.

A Boy, A Dad, A Tragedy and A Big Question

"Readers — I just read this story and am sick to my heart. A dad brought his 5 year old son to the park then crossed the street to talk to some friends. The boy ran after him. He got struck by a car and died. Now the father is in jail and the charge has just been upgraded from “felony cruelty to children, reckless conduct and simple battery” to involuntary manslaughter." "Now, certainly, it makes sense to keep watch over a young child at the park. But if we slip up for a minute, if we do something human and not intended to hurt anyone, especially our beloved child, should that count as “cruelty”?"

Lenore is minimizing again. The father was negligent in not watching over his 5 yr old son. He was wrong, the mistake was not a simple one. A kid was killed due to neglect. A crime was committed here.

Lenore Skenazy needs watching closely. I hope the authorities are watching her. She is endangering her own son & encouraging here wacky followers to do the same. Do children need independence, sure but not the endangering kind she advocates daily.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or treat for Sex Offenders?

It happens ever year. The sex offender advocates always "brag" about there being no record of any registered sex offender or predator being arrested on Halloween day, for any type of sex crime. Who knows if that is true or not but should these kind of offenders be allowed to trick or treat? Those on probation are not allowed to anyway.

I was over at Mike Gregg's pro rights sex offender blog today. He will post most anything that backs up his biased opinions. He refuses to post anything this blog has to say about the Sosen-RSOL connection with known NAMBLA pedophiles, So his offender issues blog is not impartial in daily spilling out real truths. So, I stumble upon this:

When Mike gets angry, he'll type his opinion in red letters to make sure his thoughts are noticed and read. Here they are:

"And it's only for those on probation or parole, not all offenders. Plus it's nothing more than a moral panic.
Not a single kid has been harmed by a sex offender on Halloween night, but many have been harmed by cars. So it would serve the public better if police were watching out for vehicles, and the parents stopped buying the mass hysteria and let kids be kids, or go along with them like any good parent should!

Does Mike ever bother to print any news stories related to children being abducted, raped or murdered, on Halloween Night, like this one:

Forever a child in our memory, Lisa French would have turned 43 this weekend.

She's the 9-year-old girl from Fond du Lac who was sexually assaulted and murdered by Gerald Turner as she was trick-or-treating in 1973.


So really, what is the agenda over at the sex offender issues blog, Children not being around sex offenders unknown trick or treating, or trying to convince the public that sex offenders are "harmless" one night out of 365 days?

I would think if Mike were so gun ho, he'd be posting news articles about ANY kid who was raped/murdered on Halloween Night. Nope, not pro gun ho! Could this have something to do with Mike being a registered sex offender himself? I wonder.

Michael James Gregg

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What The SOSEN CEO thinks about the "RSOL"

I was having a conversation the other day with a former SOSENite ex member. We were talking bout how the pro pedophile RSOL had infiltrated sex offender advocacy groups like SOSEN (Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network).

He was defending SOSEN CEO Mary Duval, saying she had found out that "Alex Marbury" was involved with the NAMBLA, North America Man-Boy Love Association, A pro pedophilia organization! I already knew this but was glad to see others are finally realizing the real truth behind the RSOL agenda...seeking to abolish sex offender laws in order to freely molest/rape underage children! Sickos. Since the person I was conversing with has seen the truth, his identity will remain anonymous. Here is what he had to say:

"" However, Mary is NOT working with RSOL. "IN FACT".....and I know for a fact, she had dis-associated herself with RSOL because of Alex Marbury. We already know that he is involved with NAMBLA. Even the Florida RSOL has a disclaimer in RED on their website that tells how they don't support NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat or any of the other pedophile rings. Now you may not know all about me, but surely by now you should know that I will not align myself with any group like that. Mary does not either.""

""Mary and I did talk about Alex and his association with RSOL. The reason she clued me in was that the (State deleted) team (xxxx, xxxx & myself and others) were teaming up with RSOL to make a larger group to fight back against the oppression. Mary heard that we were asking to partner with the (State) RSOL and she sent me a letter about how SOSEN is getting as far away from them as they could because of Alex's association with NAMBLA. Since that time, I have left the (State) group too and I have little contact with anyone. I do know that the members who are active in RSOL that "I" know, are not contributing nor willing to contribute to any pedo group. I can't say that for everyone in RSOL, because I don't know them. The one's I do know, are not that kind of an activist.""

I Counter with this response:

"The problem with the RSOL, is it is intertwined with every SOL activist group out there. RSOL activists are in fact Sosen members & there are Sosen members whom support the RSOL. I was aware that Mary & Jackie Sparling removed their names from the RSOL petition (see here where she is still listed on a UK petition- Type Mary Duval into the search engine- But there is a lack of strong condemnation from Mary re the RSOL. Yes, I've read the red disclaimer Sosen put up but it is not strong enough nor does it resolve anything nor is Sosen effectively doing anything to purge the RSOL from within Sosen. I know for a fact there are already RSOL/Nambla members within the Sosen forum & nothing is being done to kick them out.

Therein lies a serious problem, people are not aware of the RSOL-Nambla connection. Doesn't matter if they aren't that kind of activist, they're still supporting a Nambla agenda unawares. They are still supporting a pedophile agenda by "association". And no one is objecting, except me or AZU. No one in the SOL activist community is objecting. There are numerous Nambla signers on the RSOL Petition, There are at least (6) names of SOL activists I recognize...on the petition, Some I know are Sosen Members. Mary says Sosen is getting as far away as they can from the RSOL? That is not true. Look, Sosen & the RSOL being recomended side by side ( )


"Mary's condemnation of the RSOL is strongly lacking. Don't forget she once joined "BoyChat" & posted about Ricky's Life, So at one time she was willing to work along side of pedophiles. Tell Mary she is welcome to come to my blog and prove otherwise, if she wants to. I'm always open to dialogue. Do you see Mary demanding the Sosen links be taken down rather than be posted on resource pages alongside the RSOL? Nope. Do you see ANY alerts at the Sosen web page condemning the RSOL Nambla connection? Nope. ( One has to wonder if Mary really cares. Mary wants to remain "silent" instead. Trust her if you want, but I am aware of to much behind the scenes info that tells a different story.""

So here is more evidence of the RSOL-Nambla evil agenda. Guess what the RSOL does to cover this mess up, yep a disclaimer! See here:

""The purpose of RSOL is to end the punitive, public "sex offender" registry, residency restrictions, and civil commitment laws which endanger our society and stigmatize, shame, and unnecessarily ruin the lives of registered children, adults, and family members. RSOL does not condone sexual activity between adults and children in any way, nor does it condone any sexual activities that break laws in any state. RSOL is not affiliated with, nor do we support or condone NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, or any group with similar positions on age of consent or related behaviors. Please click on STATEMENT in the menu on this homepage ( It is this statement to which RSOL public signatories lend their signatures.

What a lying fucker Alex Marbury is! See how quickly the RSOL covers over its pro pedophile agenda & see how the SOSEN CEO Mary Duval chooses to remain SILENT and not alert her fellow advocate minions of this pedo agenda? Stupid? Yep. Not to many bright light bulbs on over at SOSEN!


Sex Offender Support and Education Network

Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign

RSOL background:

The original RSOL statement was issued in 1998; the text appears on their current website, but the list of signatories is missing. However, the complete documentis posted on the pro-pedophila website IPCE; signatories include NAMBLA member Bill Andriette and other NAMBLA defenders such as Bob Chatelle.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jan Kruska loses appeal...again

Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation Incorporated.Org et al

August 9, 2010259Court Opinion or Order ORDER that Defendants Motion for Summary Judgmentagainst Plaintiffs copyright infringement claim is GRANTED. (Doc. 254, Mot. for Summ.J.)IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendants Perverted Justice FoundationIncorporated and Xavier Von Erck are dismissed from the suit.. Signed by Judge Stephen M McNamee on 8/9/2010.(TCA)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Am I a Monster?

Derek Logue said this about his victim:

"My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her. "

Derek wrote the following (see below) about himself recently, questioning if he had become a "monster". In reading most of Derek's past rantings, He blames society's laws as the number one reason (in his eyes) that he has become such, a "registered sex offender", a pariah curse to society. Is this really the case here or delusional distorted thinking? Read what Derek has to say:

"AM I A MONSTER? The answer has plagued my mind for days on end. My neighbors watch me with suspicious eyes and gossip behind my back. People shout obscenities at me while I'm walking down the street. People devote website to hating and attacking me. I am put on a public list, and that makes people afraid.

Recently, my now ex-fiancee was told by her neighbor, a child, "That man who comes over to your house, he' a bad man, he hurts people." He's a monster. We could not get married because she has a child so the law won't allow it. We could not easily go on trips together or attend kid friendly events together out of fear of vigilantes.

My ex-fiancee could not take it anymore so she left me. Even she began seeing me as a monster. I will never forget that she sees me as a monster. I can never forget.

AM I A MONSTER? Am I eternally doomed to virtual exile? Is death my only escape? Once fallen, can anyone restore his or her own life? Is there hope? Is there forgiveness? Is there LOVE?

If I am a "monster," then I have none of those things. If that is the case, why should I bother to fight anymore? I have lost everything-- my family, my friends, even the one person in this world I truly loved. All I have left is instinct to survive. I have fought not because I wanted to because I felt I did not have a choice.

Every morning I wake up from a nightmare and into a bigger nightmare of life. Every day I am gripped with the thought of the hells in tore for me today. I wonder what new law will be passed out of fear of the people on that public list. I wonder what more people can do to harm me. I fall deeper and deeper into despair. It is as if even God himself has forsaken me. Each day is filled with one objective-- finding the will to live.

I'm sure this makes those who hate me feel happy. It is sad how people get such pleasure from another person's suffering. They love to point out the harm I caused, but if they get pleasure out of my pain, then what does that make them?

I feel like Frankenstein's "Monster." I have been searching for love and acceptance but I am only met with anger, derision, fear, and violence. AM I TRULY A MONSTER?

It does not matter what I have done since my release. It does not matter I have never been suspected of any wrongdoing. It does not matter that I have never re-offended. It does not matter I have made reparations and atoned for the wrongs I have committed to the extent allowable. In the eyes of society, I committed the unforgivable sin, and there can never be a pardon.

I wish I could say I am not a "monster." If I am not a monster, what am I? Even the angels desire to he human. If only I knew the answer. "

Is Derek a "monster"? Yes. Did society's laws create this monster? Nope. Derek created himself. Can Derek change his delusional thinking? Yes with the proper help of a trained therapist. Derek sees himself as a martyr who must sacrifice himself in fighting against the sex offender laws that supposedly enslave him. Derek chooses to be "enslaved" by the law. Are sex offender laws tough, yes but not that tough. There are thousands of sex offenders whom are able to live productive lives. Derek refuses to try. Derek refuses to admit any wrongdoings, He blames everyone else!

Derek complains that his neighbors mistreat him daily, are afraid of him, watch him, call him names...

No wonder, if they knew Derek as well as I do, they'd have more reasons to be concerned! Can Derek "change"? Sure but he has to want to. So far he does not want to.

See the words "reparations & atoned" highlighted, Has Derek made such? Nope. How can one atone when he blames his own victim? Impossible!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SOSEN CEO dying of cancer?

This is "Mary Duval". She is the CEO of SOSEN.

As part of their activism, SOSEN aligned themselves with Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, a campaign which had its roots in NAMBLA and which also lists "child emancipation" and legalized adult-child sex as part of its ultimate goals."

Here is Mary's signature on the RSOL Petition:

Enough about her devious background. I recently heard that Mary has cancer in both her ovaries & 10-20 pounds of fluid in her abdomen. Her liver might even be metastasized as well. The prognosis is not good. She already has gone blind due to "Marfan Syndrome". I do not care to wish evil upon this person but really, Karma is a bitch! Supporting a RSOL pro pedophile agenda is not good is it? Certainly isn't good for children!