Monday, September 28, 2009

The kind of "MEMBER" SoSen wants,2933,556300,00.html?test=latestnews

Welcome to "Bookville" located in the Georgia woods where registered sex offenders are being "forced" to adsorb nature daily! I & you know that Ron Book is blameless here but you know how the RSO activists are always looking for another scape goat to "blame"-never the sexual predators fault mentality :-)

The reporter interviewed William Hawkins as seen in the photo. He molested a 12 yr old when he was 15. He is 34 yrs old and on probation for failing to register as a sex offender. He served prison time for this offense.

He shows no remorse or victim empathy for his crimes. He cries the "woe is me" card. He evaded the system by failing to register...are there other victims out there he victimized while not registered? Registering is simple. He played games with the system & was caught! He deserved to be caught because an unregistered sex offender, is a very dangerous sex offender!

Hawkins would make the "perfect" SoSen member. The woe is me mentality type member is what SoSen wants. Hey Mary, run over to Georgia & make another video, portray Hawkins as the "victim" of harsh laws! Ha ha.,2933,556300,00.html?test=latestnews

"I'm living like an animal. It's just bad," said Johnson, who was convicted in 2002 of child molestation. "You can't clean up, you can't clean yourself, you can't do nothing. I'd rather be dead. I'm serious. I'd rather be dead."


Sex Offender Support and Education Network-SOSEN

Friday, September 25, 2009

SoSen spinning another lie...yawn

I noticed that SoSen just recently posted ANOTHER disclaimer at their website. Trying to act all innocent and dis avowing ANY association with the known pedophile groups out there. Who you guys think your fooling?

Affiliations :
SOSEN is committed to promoting public safety and community awareness. All members of SOSEN have agreed to abstain from any activity that is not consistent with the organization's goals. This requires that any person who is a member of SOSEN will in no way affilliate him/herself with any organization, including but not limited to
NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, which promotes inappropriate sexual behavior. Any person who has information that suggests a member of SOSEN is engaged in inappropriate conduct should notify SOSEN Staff immediately.

Oh, this sounds soooo serious like we ought to take SoSen more seriously now? I think not. Let us not forget that the RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, Is deeply ROOTED within the pedophile community & years back, long before SoSen existed. SoSen members have signed the RSOL Petition seeking to ABOLISH all sex offender restrictions...So its okay for Linda (SoSen CEO) Pherson & Mary Duval (SoSen COO) to plat your names along side of pedo's on a petition? Nope.

Of course, the new disclaimer looks good but it implies that the pedophiles have penetrated the SoSen wall with their propaganda and have ingrained themselves & now SoSen is trying to weed them out? I think not. As long as SoSen associates with the RSOL whom has ties to NAMBLA, then SoSen cannot and should not be trusted!


"Paul Shannon" founder of the RSOL:


SoSen: sex offender education & support network
RSOL: reform sex offender laws

Superhero "Zman" shows his stuff!

Old but still the hell funny!

(Zman's biased blog is located at

Zman gives me enough laughs for a week

Zman, on top of being a pathetic man with a thousand lies and excuses for being a registered sex offender, is a giant toolbox. Normally such people are just really disgusting, but Zman at least gives back to the world by being so pathetically stupid that he's often quite amusing. Here's the best example I've yet seen:

True conversationalist

Joined: 27 May 2007
Posts: 180

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:20 pm
Post subject: KY - Nashville Man Pleads Guilty in Bowling Green Child Sex

So I guess PeeJ needs to add themselves to the CorporateSexOffenders list... Karma sure is a bitch isn't it?


A Nashville man pleads guilty to driving to Bowling Green to meet a minor for sex.

The Department of Justice reports that 37-year-old Lorne Lynn Armstrong admitted that from September to October 2007, he chatted on-line with with a person he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

The person was actually a member of Perverted Justice, who was taking part in a Kentucky Bureau of Investigation sting exposing on-line sexual predators.

Armstrong is scheduled to be sentenced June 30 in Bowling Green.

Yes, folks, he thought Lorne Armstrong was a volunteer with Perverted Justice who was caught in a Kentucky sting. Nevermind that he lacks basic reading comprehension since it's clearly written to be the 13 year old that's the member of Perverted Justice... he actually jumps to the conclusion that during a child predator sting, the PeeJ member would be the predator. Yeah, that's the logical conclusion.

It's just too stupid for words. Too stupid even for CJ members who aren't exactly Mensa candidates. Take, for example, the replies of SupremeJustice and KarenCunning:


What the heck are you talking about? scratch

Zman replies, still not getting it:

Well, their Corporate Sex Offenders web site says:

Working to reform companies that allow pedophiles on their services

And they raised hell when a member of SOhopeful was busted for child porn, thus causing SOhopeful to be shut down, and they claim any company that allows pedophiles on their web site is a pro-pedophile organization, so will they be calling themselves a pro-pedophile organization?

And then even KarenCunning, who is as retarded as a person can be without forgetting to breathe, replies:


Do you think the article says "THE PERSON WAS ACTUALLY A MEMBER OF PERVERTED JUSTICE" and means the person arrested and not the 13 year old?

I think you're reading the article incorrectly.

Karen queen

When she gets it and you don't, that means you're really, really unintelligent.

Please also note his excitement over someone being caught in a sex sting. When a real child predator is caught, it's bad. When he thinks a PeeJ member is caught by the tactics he hates, it's time for celebration. Not only are you vile, you lack even basic consistency and principles.

And thanks for posting about a PeeJ conviction. Those are always nice to see highlighted at

Friday, September 18, 2009

Judge rules Miami-Dade sex-offender residency law is valid

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida failed to persuade a Miami-Dade circuit court judge to undo strict local ordinances that forced a group of convicted sex offenders to live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Now what? Will SoSen and Mary Duval now encourage these bridge squatters to relocate to better housing or continue to plot/use these predators as "pawns"? SoSen activists encouraged these predator to stay under the bridge in an attempt to get the Miami-Dade ordinance struck down. SoSen lost this battle. Suck it up guys and start working with Ron Book to get these offenders relocated! Do it to "protect" the children:-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hofstra student recants gang rape allegations

The Indiana State University student who said she was raped and recanted her story could get a unique sentence.

Wednesday morning, 19-year-old Erin Conley pleaded guilty to False Informing.

The Vigo County Prosecutor will ask the Victim's Assistance office if Conley can do community service with them.

A deputy prosecutor told us they want Conley to work with actual crime victims in hopes this teaches her a valuable lesson.

It's also something they've never done before.

Conley will be sentenced September 25th.

ZMan (my twin bro) Thinks this woman should be sentenced to the same penalty the accused were charged with. I agree! Four men were arrested and charged with (5) counts each of first degree rape. Community service? Yeah okay after she receives 20 lashes with a whip and treated with the same scorn these young men were!

"they want Conley to work with actual crime victims "

And how in the hell will that help REAL victims? This lying bitch needs to face serious punishment instead of a slap on the wrist. Let's write the sentencing judge and demand real justice-prison!

Monday, September 14, 2009

SoSen Village

"Bookville", a silly phrase someone came up re the predators who live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway! Making Ron Book the scape goat instead of laying the blame where it really belongs, at the feet of these sexual predators.

Back by popular demand:

Open letter to Ron Book

Mr Book, (All links at bottom of page)

I just finished listening to the Americans Reality Check radio program where you were recently a guest on 7/2/09. I found you to be extremely informative and well balanced regarding the Julia Tuttle Bridge situation involving the sex offenders living under this bridge. I do not blame YOU in any way because I do not believe you are responsible for these offenders being placed to live under the bridge. I agree that the FDOC/Governor Crist, are mainly to blame and also these sex offenders, Whom had they not violated these criminal laws, Would not in fact be registered sex offenders. They made a choice to molest their victims regardless of the consequences.

I appreciate the fact that the Homeless Trust is diligently trying to find these offenders better living conditions. I hear you recently found "8" new locations but are being met with resistance by these offenders and even those offenders who own vehicles and could travel further distances to relocate. I really see no real legit reason why an offender would want to refuse better housing that would move them out from a dreadful life under a bridge! It really is senseless to refuse. Maybe they have a trust issue with you or the Homeless Trust, but I think the problem goes much deeper and is one that you are not aware of, that in fact, These bridge sex offenders are being used as "pawns" to achieve another goal-trying to overturn the Florida residency restriction laws.

It is my firm belief that the sex offender advocacy/activist group called SOSEN (Sex Offender Support & Education Network) are the main force behind this scheme. "Mary Duval" is the SOSEN COO, to whom you know and have spoken with before. Are you aware that SOSEN and most of its members support abolishing ALL sex offender laws/restrictions? Are you aware of a activist group called RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws? Are you aware that the RSOL has connections to a pro pedophile group called NAMBLA/North American Man-Boy Love Association? Are you aware that Mary and other SOSEN members have signed the RSOL PETITION seeking to abolish these restrictions? Are you aware that pro pedo NAMBLA members have signed said petition? Are you aware that SOSEN has long been accused of coddling (pooling resources) with these pedophiles? They deny it but why are they aligning themselves with known pedophiles? Are you aware that these pedo's are members at such pro pedo groups like "boychat & girlchat? I think you are not aware because people like Mary Duval have duped you into believing they really give a shit about protecting the children whereas they do not!

If you dig through and read my blog, you will see I strongly OPPOSE these sex offender/activists aligning with the RSOL which has strong connections to NAMBLA.

I was once a SOSEN member but they kicked me because I oppose working with known pedophiles. I am also a registered Florida sex offender arrested in 1989, Convicted in 1993. I have NOT recommitted another sex crime since. I spent over (5) years in private therapy at my expense and I can attest that SO therapy does in fact work if the offender is willing to change. I was willing and realized I had a serious problem that I could not overcome alone.

As a Florida sex offender, I find the SO residency laws to be ineffective. I am a firm believer in the original intent of what Megan's Law was designed for, To have a registry of the worse of the worse sex offenders/predators. I thinking lumping ALL sex offenders under a SO registry, is destructive and again, ineffective. I believe Florida needs a tier assessment rating in order to better protect defenseless victims. I don't think all offenders qualify as a direct threat to society or deserve to be placed on a SO registry for "life". I think that the Florida Government dropped the ball long ago and have used sex offenders as pawns in order to get re elected. I agree with your opinions that these laws must benefit defenseless children first and foremost. I do believe the bridge offenders are more likely to re offend mainly due to the stress and hardships of living in such dreadful conditions. I think they should be moved out immediately into a stable environment. I think Charlie Crist needs to get off his fucking ass and act NOW! I realize you cannot force these offenders to move and I hope you keep trying but I think it is futile in the long run they will not willingly move out. Mary Duval is the bridge dwellers official "spokesperson" and maybe you could ask her WHY she isn't encouraging these offenders to relocate? I'd sure like to know!

If you read the comments being posted at the Miami Herald newspaper website (see link below), you will read where these SO advocates are casting all the blame upon your head. You are the "scape goat" who is to blame for these bridge dwellers! I disagree because these offenders freely chose to commit these illegal crimes. I have posted numerous comments at the Miami herald under the name of this blog as well.

Again, I wanted to make you aware of SOSEN's connections with the RSOL & NAMBLA and to make you aware that you are being used as a "pawn" in order to achieve their dangerous goals of trying to overturn SO residency laws that will in fact, only hurt more children in the long run! Read the RSOL Petition and research who the "signers" are.

Please keep up the good work your doing with the Homeless Trust. Thank you. Feel free to contact me anytime!



Link information:
"On the side of center" article about "Mary Duval"
(SO activists who support the RSOL)
(See groups that SOSEN supports including the RSOL)
(SOSEN CEO attacking victims! Operation SoRoarful was a group that once infiltrated SOSEN Forum and copied all their ugly cruel comments demeaning victims, etc)
(Big RSOL supporter at his site)

My Blog articles:

And it goes on and on!

The truth is always there

I just posted the following over at this website and thought I'd better copy it cause I suspect some SOSENite will flag it. Always trying to stop the truth from spilling out!


There I was posting on Topix this morning. The CEO of SoSen was casting the blame upon lawmakers because of a repeat sex offender who abducted a 2 yr old and was molesting her when caught. Of course, I had to jump in and correct the CEO about where the real blame lies with-the perp. Then I get attacked and have my personal name exposed by this CEO who names me, calls me a 'repeat' sex offender etc.

These so called Sex offender advocates are not capable of sticking to the 'facts', disagree and get attacked! I have personally seen the behind the scene attacks, slander, lying, plotting to discredit someone, rather than facing the individual head on & engaging in honest truthful debate.

What this does, is it gives YOUR enemies fodder to further discredit your SO advocacy. Look at AZU always quoting some stupid comment some SoSen member has said and there are plenty! A couple of years ago, A 'anti' infiltrated the SoSen forum and was eventually invited to join SoSen Staff. SoSen had no idea that the enemy was INSIDE their group. The anti just sat back and copied & copied all the stupid ugly behind the scenes crap SoSen Staff were engaging in! Eventually, the enemy published it elsewhere for the whole world to see.

They plotted to place an illegal bounty on my head. Plotted to destroy anyone who opposed them. Here is the bounty comment:

HOWEVER>.there is now a SOSEN bounty on TSANDS head. Seriously, I am sorry that need to be this way but, TSAND/BCU/MYDOGSPOT/TOESINTHESAND/TOESINTHEMUD.had popped his cork and is a VERY DANGEROUS person. Extremely unstable!!

As we have seen he will continue to take town the RSO Activist community at any cost to our cause. He has to be stopped.and the only way we can do this is to have him removed from the general public and that will more than likely have to be an arrest. I would like to see him placed in a mental institution. He may never get out, but he will be taken care of by a medical staff.

See, I was falsely accused of telling the antis of Jim freeman's arrest. I did not. I did in several emails advise 'MAGISTER' then the SoSen COO, that they needed to be straight forward and publically condemn what Freeman did rather than hide and hope the antis wouldnt hear of his arrest! Good advice that was never taken seriously. Tis tis.

Never ever an apology either. Guess who told SoSen Staff that the antis has posted the Staff info elsewhere? I did because at the time, I was monitioring a zillion anti websites and happened upon this info late one night. I was a Sosen forum member at the time this happened and I contacted staff immediately about what this anti did. Did I earn any browny points? Nope and they BANNED me from the SoSen forum! No good deed goes unpunished at SoSen:)

So, you see, I have valid reasons for NOT trusting SoSen because I've seen the hypocrisy. Never an apology, Never an admittance of wrong but plenty of personal attacks! I mistakenly wrote something up on my blog about MAGISTER months ago. She contacted me and said I was wrong/it wasnt true etc. I researched it further and she was right. Did I delete the article & hide? Nope, I made a retraction apology in red and left the article up for all to see! I am willing to admit when I screw up and not run & hide but I've yet to see ANY SoSenites ever offer any apologies when they screw up and if a person cannot be honest, how can we trust them? Rather than attack me, how about just honestly answering the legit questions I ask?

Hey, when are you guys ever going to wise up? Gonna put ANOTHER bounty on my head? lol

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Mike Gregg a undercover PERVERTED-JUSTICE "spy" ?

My twin bro (the ugly twin) cannot seem to make up his mind. He has repeatedly said he hates everything about, calls them vigilantes, stalkers, every bad name in the book!

He has my "name" & info posted over at his blog, not in an attempt to harass as he says but rather to let others know my real identity. Yeah right, Mikey aint holdin no grudge against me so he says but he aint really telling the truth here ya know! Says one thing/does another. I was reading thru his biased pro pedo apologist blog and noticed a bunch of red comments he has made against the antics of PJ. Let me share a few:

Yet his group goes after people who do not agree with them, they attack people, call them pro-pedophile or pro-sex offenders or pedophiles. It's all shown on their Wiki site, and I know for a fact, that a lot of that information is BS! Why isn't the registry enough? Now they create their own wiki site to expose who they call pedophiles, pro-pedophiles, etc. They do not even stick to what is said they do on their main page.


That is a joke! His comments in many of the groups shows he gets off on harassing people to make himself feel holier than thou and allmighty or something.


now it's turned into a vigilante hate squad, from what other people are saying, and them coming after me, for nothing, only proves that.


Yet they have harassed me and many others just for having this blog and speaking out. I call that harassment and a blatant lie!


And they ask why offenders hide behind aliases! Because of the same reasons you idiots, because vigilantes like you harass people, call up their businesses, homes, neighbors, etc to "out" them and harass them.


This is exactly what vigilante groups like Perverted-Justice do, they GET OFF on doing it.


they go after anybody who does not think like they do.


people like Perverted-Justice need to be shut down


find out what PJ is REALLY about, which is harassment, slander, stalking in some cases, etc. They (or their partners) have even threatened me. What they are doing is cyber-stalking, harassment, slander, you name it, and is illegal and they should be prosecuted, IMO.


Well looky what I found on Oregon laws regarding intimidation, telephone harassment and civil right violations against the many people PJ attacks. There it is. Intimidation IS against the law in Oregon! Xavier and a few other Orgeonites better pay attention.


they are vigilante predators who troll the Internet looking for unsuspecting victims, or "marks" to groom into trusting them, as they are pretending to be children. Sound familiar? Sounds like predators looking for predators to me.


They are vigilantes who sometimes stalk, harass, threaten and intimidate people who disagree with them.

Mikey's criticism of Pereverted Justice is endless! No doubt in my mind he hates PJ and everything they stand for. So I have to ask...why is Mikey using their wicked wikisposure website to promote his deep seeded hatred against me??? Yes, he screen shot what the PJ wiki site had to say about me and has it posted at his sex offender issues blogspot!

Mikey calls PJ "vigilantes" and yet Mikey will post/use stuff they've posted if it benefits his "grudge" against me!

Is Mikey a Perverted-Justice undercover spy? I wonder!



Michael James Gregg
His blog is:
He is my ugly twin brother & I still love him! (sniff,sniff)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another retard idiot running loose

Rodney Gene Wagner

So, I'm making comments over at a news site and Rodney, AKA "MSLGWCEO, just had to start the personal attack against me because I posted links to this blog! You might remember, I recently wrote about Rodney's antics over at the Miami-Herald newspaper:

Rodney personally attacked me "4" times. I flagged each abusive comment he made. Finally, I sent the above copy of email to the Herald upper management threatening to sue their ass for letting this pervert post such off topic garbage. Rodney was "banned" as a result!

Now Rodney is back attacking me with a grudge. He is a pussy asshole pedophile apologist who made this stupid dumb ass comment:

"These laws ENDANGER all children everywhere."

Oh please get a fucking life you retard! Rodney believes sex offender residency law "endanger all children" but he refuses to back up this insane claim with "FACTS". Shit head retard cousin of ZMan!

Here is Rodney's attack-I have highlighted certain words:


4 days ago
Report Abuse
ROARfortruth, I doubt that people HATE you, they distrust you because you have been kicked off every supportive group that there is. You are also a repeat sex offender who cannot take rejection very well. You turn on them after being given multiple warnings.

Now, I am very concerned about your inability to accept criticism and especially rejection. You show in your action and words that you are unstable and if another child rejects you, we may have another very serious situation.

I hope the authorities are watching you very close. For public safety reasons. Don't play the goody two shoes rule because you are known by many people. Especially those in Florida Law enforcement and DOC.

Implying that I am currently molesting children, This is baseless and w/o credibility. Repeat sex offender? Nope, not true. Why would Rodney try pulling this bs? He wants to discredit me any way he can even if it means "lying" for all to see! Rodney wants us to "trust him" but how can we ever trust a continual lying piece of shit? He said I was a repeat sex offender over at the Herald, thus this is an old lie he has spewed elsewhere. My retort:

"Now why don't you PROVE I have a second sex crime conviction instead of lying thru your teeth in another false attempt to discredit me??? Go ahead, step up and show us where I am a repeat sex offender. Were waiting."

Hey retard, step up or shut up. Your choice, your credibility on the line and rest assured, I will spread the word about you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The idiots over at Preverted Justice finally got my MySpace account taken down. It took them years to do so. I had registered under a female name, Had no page set up and had one friend "Tom", Everybody has Tom for a friend!

I wasn't using MySpace at all and don't even like this social group but that couldn't stop the PJ retards from getting my acct banned anyway. I wasn't trolling Myspace looking for victims as Perverted Justice implies all sex offenders do. PJ did not accomplish anything here.

When I say years, I mean lots of years that PJ knew I was a Myspace member and sat back and did nothing because they saw I was doing nothing at Myspace, Ah but Perverted Justice likes "numbers", ad my name to the list of people they played a part in getting banned so far! But really, it was a pure waste of time. Retards!

Oh yeah, I've since re joined Myspace just to fuck with PJ & to let them know, so they can go waste more time tracking me down! Retard losers!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watching the tide turn

For awhile, there seemed to be a slew of sympathetic people posting in favor of helping the Julia Tuttle (sex offenders) dwellers who live under this Miami bridge-move out but ah, the tide of opinion favoring this, have turned against them.

Miami Herald columnist "Fred Grimm" has been writing numerous articles about this sex offenders being "forced" to live under the bridge, as if it were a shameful stain cast over Miami. Then recently, the Herald Editors wrote up their opinion titled "Fix The Law", casting yet another stain.

Then Herald columnist Leonard Pitts wrote his famous article which blows away anything the Editors or Fred Grimm have worked so hard on:

See how the tide of opinion has turned because of people like Phillip & Nancy Garrido, who abducted a young girl 18 yrs ago and kept her basically as a sex slave that Phillip Garrido raped repeatedly.

The pro sex offender advocates who post regularly at the Herald, Have all but disappeared because public opinion has turned against them, mainly because of one rapist and one Herald columnist who had the balls to stand against his pro liberal newspaper employer!

Advocates like SOSEN and the RSOL, They've been advocating "no sex offender restrictions" for some time now but along comes a pedophile rapist like Garrido and it destroys EVERYTHING these advocates have worked hard for and the good thing here is, we do in fact need a sex offender registry in place and people like the Garrido's, have ensured that the sex offender registries will NOT be abolished anytime soon! Garrido was caught because he was on a sex offender registry. Imagine if he was not on such a list, he would still be a free man today, right?


SOSEN-Sex Offender Support & Education Network

RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws


Roy thinks if your a registered sex offender, then your a leper in the eyes of society. I disagree. If Roy wants to believe he is a leper, then he is free to do so!

Sex Offenders the New Lepers

Just as in the times of Christ, there were a group of people who had an affliction and no one wanted to be around them. It wasn’t quite documented or known if someone could actually catch the disease from someone having it, but it was better to be safe than sorry; so those who had been determined as being affected were made to live outside the norms of society and civilization. They were referred to as “lepers” the bane of anything called human. Today, those labeled, “Registered Sex Offender” are now in similar circumstances.

I don’t have to contemplate any longer what it must have felt to be in this group. To be shunned by society, family and friends. To have to live “outside” the camp, sort of speak because society has determined this group not worthy of living with normal people, who fear for their lives as to be affected by them. In that time of the world, if anyone were to approach not considered as they are, those afflicted would have to cry out, “Leper, leper” to give warning so the person can choose another direction to avoid them. Today, the cry is heard often on the Internet and newspapers when someone is faced with life decisions in needing to move and never quite sure for just how long they’re able to live there and the electronic cry of “Registered Sex Offender” gives warning to those who wouldn’t have known.

A leper’s appearance would deteriorate over time where body parts would change in color and those most infected would literally fall off the host’s body. This must have been a truly hideous sight to see, never thinking how the person who was afflicted might have felt. I’m sure some family and friends would have had the passing thought, “It would be better if they were dead than to live in this way” is now echoed down through the ages where consideration of such is now the norm of those labeled “Registered Sex Offender”. However, there is no way to identify who these might be because there is no discoloration of skin and body parts remain intact. And I wonder just how many of those not afflicted with the title would change seats on a bus or train, or cross the street and gather the children closer together if such a recognition could be determined. Would you?

And so the leper lived wondering each day how they would subsists in finding adequate food, water and shelter from the elements. Each day going about their life, oftentimes grouped because there was no one else to care, to share humanity. Each day bringing them closer to a desired goal of giving that last breath so that peace could finally be had. It was certainly no way to live. And it’s not a way to live today.

I read story after story of similar situations in what is supposed to be an enlightened world where men, women and some teens, children, are now being shunned just as the leper. Families are broken, homes destroyed and “hope” is being dashed because of a mistake made and society’s lack of forgiveness is felt—daily and so the reminder of being an outcast is now the existence of these people, no, of my people because I am one of them. No one asks how you might have caught the “disease” and to what extent are you afflicted because the term “Registered Sexual Offender” is likened to “predator” and no one wants to be exposed to this. We don’t understand it but we fear it, so it is best that they all should be confined or left for dead in some ravine, underpass or barren place. Truly a depiction of shame, not so much for what someone might have done, but for what society is doing in the name of “protection”. It is a shame for such an enlightened world would have no recourse to think through this time in world’s history and try to make it better. But, just as the leper, once drug addict, homosexual, black and now Mexican who is an illegal, we seem as a society needing to label others to make ourselves distinctly not “like them”.

As I study the life of those lepers during our mankind’s history there was a bright spot for those so afflicted. There was a Man they called Christ who wasn’t afraid of them. In fact, He so loved them He often was found in their company and took a moment to spend enough time to bring “healing” to them. For some, it might have been too late but through the love they found peace to close their eyes for the last time while others were able to demonstrate to society’s leaders called priests they were acceptable again. And they were. They were labeled now “human” and returned to their family and friends and their “stuff” was given back. They could live amongst the people but I deeply wonder just how many really welcomed them back for fear that maybe a relapse might occur!

During this time of being a part of today’s “leper colony” I, too, seek the Man they call Christ. I know He’s able to to bring peace in my mind even if society’s ability to accept me is not ever realized. For you see, I have my sight on a place where all men, women and children are accepted for being labeled a “child of God” and where sins are forgiven. This is the “hope” I have today. And this is what I share with others who are perhaps are like me. It’s all I have to give. Please accept it and me.