Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan loses lawsuit

Jan Kruska

Jan honey filed a lawsuit against several child advocacy groups. I was wondering today how her lawsuit was going & I have great news to share, Jan's lawsuit was dismissed
by the court. Jan filed an appeal & it was dismissed as well. Here is more info:

Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation, No. 2:08-cv-00054 (D. Arizona filed January 10, 2008).
Status: Dismissed; appeal dismissed, No. 09-15426 (9th Cir. mandate May 21, 2009).

Let me explain the (4) photos: First top left corner is when she filed lawsuit, all fresh & happy. Second top right corner, Jan is calling her SOSEN friends to share the good news. The bottom left corner, Jan is upset that the court dismissed her silly lawsuit+she is having a bad hair day:) The bottom right corner, Jan again is upset because she lost her appeal, Shocked, just shocked!!!

You can read more about Jan Kruska here:

Expect & Hope

I got into a lil cat fight with Mary of the RSOL Virginia. I pointed out the RSOL-NAMBLA connection at this forum & all hell broke loose! Mary states her RSOL is not connected to the RSOL National, the head group of pedo loving freaks who originally started the RSOL. I nicely called her a liar & a pedophile enabler scum bag bitch & she got upset. RSOL members usually are known to skip around an issue & not be truthful but Mary slipped up & said the wrong bull shit! Read what she said after I attacked her & her ilk:

Posted by Maryof VA on January 22, 2010 at 11:27 am

In regards to ROARForTruth comments. Hopefully readers are intelligent enough to visit our website and see for themselves. We have far more important things to work on then to continue a rediculous debate with this person. We do think the registry has become overburdened with non-threatening persons. We do not, nor have we ever supported NAMBLA, and although we originally were affiliated with the National RSOL Group, we are no longer and do not know their stance on this subject. We would expect and hope that they denounce pedophilia.We do believe the registry has a purpose, but feel its become overburdened with non threatening persons ie its become dilute.

See the highlighted portion I marked. "Expect & hope"? What a bunch of bullshit. I countered with this:

Posted by ROARForTruth on January 22, 2010 at 12:32 pm

“We do not, nor have we ever supported NAMBLA, and although we originally were affiliated with the National RSOL Group, we are no longer and do not know thier stance on this subject. We would expect and hope that they denounce pedophilia.“

Therein lies the problem, You keep the “RSOL” name but say your not affiliated with RSOL National.

Please get honest & stop lying to us. You say:

“we are no longer and do not know thier stance on this subject. We would expect and hope that they denounce pedophilia.“

My how you whitewash the issue here. You keep the RSOL name, Still post WEB LINKS to National & you “expect & hope” they denounce pedophilia?

Come on now, you aint foolin anybody here spewing your garbage.

You ignored the RSOL Petition question.

Check this info out, Some of your advocate friends “denouncing” the RSOL NAMBLA conection:

MARY, read the comments at my link and you will see “JUSTUS” Jackie S. denouncing the RSOL & removed her name from the Petition. I’m sure you already know Derek aka Once Fallen.

When confronted with the truth, Mary sticks her shitty tail between her legs & runs away:

I will not bother to address any more of your closed-minded rantings…you obviously have done little to no research on the topics you are raving about. My discussions, from this point on, will be only with the individuals who have a sane grip on reality and exercise good common sense by realizing that their opinion and way is not the only opinion and way…in other words…I will only discuss this with persons of at least an average intelligence on the subject. I will waste no more of time on anything else you have to say.

When confronted with the truth, idiots like this Mary cut and run, run far away from the RSOL pedophilia dilemma.
RSOLVirginia's website is full of RSOL National links. There is no disclaimer saying they are not affiliated with RSOL National. There is no disclaimer denouncing the scumbag pedophiles who are involved with NAMBLA & the RSOL National. Mary could well be a pedophile herself. Just another reason to beware the RSOL!


RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws

NAMBLA-North Amer Man Boy Love Association

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 8

"Is "returning the registry to its original intent" our stated goal while our secret goal is the abolition of the registry?"

Lee Lee Lawless

Mother of a dangerous registered sex offender. A proud longtime SOSEN Staff member. Lee says her son is one of those Romeo & Juliet offenders who poses no threat to society, but:

She spreads her message that her son was convicted at the age of 18 only for consensual sex with a 13 year old girlfriend and condemns young girls for being "sleezy" when men exploit them. She fails to mention her sons other charges included distribution of marijuana, possession of cocaine and contributing to the deliquency. She claims he doesn't even have a problem at all, except for sex offender laws. Her son received a 20 year prison sentence but was released after only 2 years, within 3 months he had violated his conditions by attempting to contact his victims, using drugs and maintaining a MySpace on which he befriended 16 and 17 year old girls.

A "5 year" age difference does not qualify as a Romeo sex crime. Her son became a child rapist when he turned "18". Lee Lee is misguided in her bias that her son is the victim, not the 13 yr old girl! Lets read some of her excuses when it comes to her "son":

Met with PO today. He hasn't gotten the SO eval back yet but talked to the psychologist. This Dr. xxxx character is putting Kenneth in an SO treatment group. I absolutely lost it. "

"These girls were HIGHLY dysfunctional. However, it was ALL THEM! They were the ones lying and enticing unwitting guys."

"Kenneth doesn't have any therapy or anything to do because he DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM other than the damn probation and SO laws!"

"Kenneth pushes limits and always has."

Read where she admits she neglects her other children:

Kids? What kids? My girls ask why I never put the computer down - my husband says he's going to put my picture on the back of the laptop so he can remember what I look like. I stopped fixing a family dinner a year ago. My sister had to take one daughter the other night because she had a mid-term, and I couldn't take the time to help her study because I had to prepare testimony for 4 bills, and my husband had to work. My youngest was just diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, and Sensory Integration Disorder as part of her triennial valuation, and I haven't had time to follow up on it. Well, not really "diagnosed" - it's just the school assessment, but I knew it already (being that my former life was assessment of kids ...). There are dust ELEPHANTS in my house which is just generally a complete disaster. I'm a bad, very bad, mother.

More on Lee Lee Lawless:

Lelia-Anne Lawless, aka "Lee Lee Lawless", aka "gratefulhoo", "rukidding", or "mywhozit", is the mother of a Registered Sex Offender, and an anti-sex offender law activist both online and in the community. "Lee Lee" is a staff member of Sosen and a valued member of other activists groups including Roar for Freedom, SOclear, the now defunct SOhopeful, and Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign for which she heads up the Virginia state group. The RSOL Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children is affiliated with SOclear and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.

Yep, She is another RSOL supporter, A group that has pedophiles as "members". It figures! Lee Lee will work along side of pedophiles in her quest to get her "victim" son OFF the registry. Senseless. A mother in denial!

Kenneth Hamilton: Registered Sex Offender

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sex offender advocates for child rapist! sicko!

Derek Logue defending child rapist:

This idiot kidnapped & sexually (raped) a young 13 yr old boy. Held him in a little cage & raped him repeatedly.

This predator was a "repeat" sex offender, who was civilly detained after his sentence was completed. This predator now cries that his civil rights are being "violated".

In reading this news article, Lo and behold, there is none other than Derek Logue, A well known victim bashing registered sex offender, Is advocating for this perverts life! Derek thinks civil commitment for the "worst of the worst" scum who commit heinous sex crimes, deserve a second chance instead. Nowhere does Derek show or offer ANY remorse for the "victim" involved in this case. This scum pervert is a danger to society's children & Derek wants him released immediately! Derek's quote:

"The evidence is showing that it's only becoming a detainment center for people they do not went on the streets," said Derek Logue, a sex offender who was released and now advocates for offender rights through his Web site, "They have no hope of getting out, and the odds are stacked against you."

More about Derek Logue aka Oncefallen:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trench coat modeling!

Derek "themodelone" Logue, somehow got a job off of
CraigsList, Modeling trench coats in the basement, Put
on trench coats, take self photos with his own camera,
email photos to person who hired him, get big check in mail, Cash check, send back some of the $ to unknown

I told Derek this is a classic scam & his bank will be calling
to collect that $ but Derek thinks he is going to be a famous "trench coat model" (LMAO!) Okay, Derek, what
ever you say.

Nice photo of the water heaters!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sosen advocates making stupid comments!

Clad in a thin hooded sweat shirt, Terry Norton trembles uncontrollably behind the wheel of his beat up Chevy.

His gas tank is empty, but he can't muster the strength to walk the two miles to buy fuel. With South Florida in the grip of a record-setting cold snap, he and other sex offenders and predators who live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway huddle in their cars, nylon tents and wooden shacks.


from 34 to 70 sex predators and offenders still live under or near the bridge. Ron Book has placed 40-45 of them so far, and he says his agency will continue its effort.

The remaining offenders are the "hard core" individuals who want to stay & live under the bridge. They want to bitch and moan rather get off their bum asses & work for a living...aka pay rent!

How many offenders has SOSEN relocated? None! But they continue to bash Ron Book of the Homeless Trust, as if it were his fault these predators are freezing. Lets look at some of their stupid comments they left re this news article:

City of Miami and Ron Book, apparently want all sex offenders to die in the cold!"

"This homelessness IS a direct result of Ron Book's campaign to establish the 2,500 ft form everything. In it's "effect" it IS BANISHMENT! No doubt about it!"

"Book put them there with his big push for the 2,500 ft restrictions from everything. "

"Again, Ron Book continues to lie to us."

SOSEN gamer blamers! Mr Book has relocated 40+ offenders but we never hear SOSEN saying "great job" to Ron Book. SOSEN idiots at work here!

Do I want one of these offenders to freeze to death? Nope. I want them relocate & be productive citizens, get a job, get a real life but I do not and will not support bums who sit on their ass & complain!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 7

Michael James Gregg, is a convicted sex offender from Georgia who is extremely active in a campaign to reform sex offender registration laws in the United States.

An active SOSEN member, Who has admitted to being
a "child predator". After being thoroughly indoctrinated
at SOSEN, He came to view himself as a "victim" of the
sex offender registry. The past several years Mikey has
been on a crusade of verbally harassing victims of sexual
abuse. Mocking them with pure evil hatred. Mikey has
given conflicting views of his crime:

claims he "accidentally" exposed himself to a child on a playground when he stepped out of his shower and peered through a sliding glass door while still nude."


"In another version he states that a child was looking into his window and saw him nude."

Mikey has never bother to "clarify" which version is the
real truth. He fails to tell his SOSEN friends:

" he was masturbating in the presence of a child "with the intent to satisfy and arouse" his sexual desires."

Back in 2007, Mikey was a member of "GirlChat":

A message board for pedophiles who are attracted to little girls."

I complained recently that Mikey had a marijuana link
over at Twitter, He quickly removed it! Mikey is the ideal
SOSEN member...complainer, victim basher, liar, etc.

Mikey repeatedly whines he is not a danger to children &
yet he has never taken responsibility for his sex offense.
I have to ask, Wouldn't it be better to keep such a sexual
predator like Mikey, On the sex predator registry? Would
you feel safer if he wasn't? I wouldn't. Your child would
not be safe either!



Georgia Bureau of Investigations Sex Offender Registrant -- Michael James Gregg

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 6

Mary Duval Blackman aka "Tikibug" "Buckjaw"

BJ is the SOSEN COO (Chief Operations Officer) The second in command. BJ is a signer of the Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) Petition seeking to ABOLISH all
sex offender laws that restrict sex offenders from harming children! BJ's son is a convicted sex offender. BJ is an
avid supporter & member at BOY CHAT, A den full of
known pedophiles who want more than anything but to
sexually abuse YOUR children! Mary joined Boy Chat in
2008. Read BJ's plead to ally with these pedophiles in
an attempt to get them to join with her with her in her
fight to get her son off the sex offender registry:

Caution: Do NOT join this pedophile forum because it is
regularly monitored by Law Enforcement!!!

Re: Is Ricky Really a Sex Offender?

Posted by Rickymom on 2008-March-11 13:02:58, Tuesday
In reply to Is Ricky Really a Sex Offender? posted by newshound on 2008-February-25 02:14:43, Monday

I am Ricky's mom. Thank you for posting this here. Please folks share this article with other teens, your children, schools, news stations, radio stations, legislators anyone you can think of..all message baords you visit...we must fight to save Rickys future and those of thousands of young men across this country whoch are becoming sacrificial lambs for our over zealous government and offender laws. Help me save Ricky life write me at: or contact my legislators in Oklahoma Gus Blackwell, John Auffet, Jim Wilson as well as Keith Kreiman of Iowa. We must get Ricky's story out there in the public eye so legislators will have to look and fix this law and pass Romeo and Juliet laws for consensual sex. I am creating a site for Ricky called "Free Ricky here: send folks here I need letters to legislators to take in May when I meet with them. Thank you all please educate your children do not let them be subjected to a horrendous life altering law. Also you can read Ricky's full story at : http://www.ethicaltrexatmxent.oxrg/mary.htm "

I inserted "x" into the links for your safety.

Buckjaw knows it is wrong to mingle with pedophiles!
SOSEN has stated it does not associate or work along
side of pedophiles. Click the link below and scroll down
to the bottom of page, SOSEN States its members are
NOT to associate with pedophiles:

Buckjaw, Second in command at SOSEN did it! SOSEN
spreads propaganda about how the want children protected from pedophile sexual predators but that is just
a "front" in an attempt to have sex offender laws abolished!

By the way, Bj's son raped a child TWICE. BJ swears he is not a "danger" to society but I beg to differ!




Miami Julia Tuttle bridge SEX OFFENDER update


>>> Last few dozen people living under Julie Tuttle Causeway are harder to relocate; around 35 remain under bridge

The Miami-Dade Homeless Trust had its monthly meeting and the number of S… P… under the Julia Tuttle Causeway is still at 35 people, said Ron Book at the board’s monthly meeting. Book, the trust chair along with Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, Commissioner Chair Marc Sarnoff and homeless trust staff have been working to reduce this number but the last few dozen are hard-core people who don’t want to live in proper housing. Sarnoff’s office said they once counted 124 people living under the bridge said Book but the trust only “counted 75 when we were [initially] there,” said the attorney. And while the hope was to have the encampment under the bridge “closed by Christmas” that seemed unlikely he said at the Dec. 17 meeting attended by 37 people.

Hard core sexual predators who don't want to live in "proper housing". Imagine that. They'd rather be bums living under a bridge! Interesting how these predators have been screaming they cannot find a place to "live" as registered predators & when the Homeless Trust steps in to relocate them, They refuse! Ron Book has done a great job in providing funds to relocate these punks. I think those remaining should be arrested for trespassing and jailed. Clean up the remaining scum under the bridge!

See the photo, these predators wrote this under the bridge. Senseless.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is he saying?

What is he saying?

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 5

Rodney Gene Wagner - aka linda4justice, letsgetreal50, Linda Wagner - staff member of SOSEN - Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To Child.

The photo on the right, is "Linda Wagner", his cat's name. Rodney is another out of control SOSEN activist who he thinks should not be a registered sex offender because he is not a danger to society, So he says, but is this true?

What would you think if this sex offender was emailing nude photographs of a little boy, To his other sex offender friends at SOSEN? Would you think it was appropriate?
Would you believe Rod when he said he was not a danger to society? Rod proves otherwise:

Subject: SOSEN Contact Staff - Other_Subject

Becoming a member of that site, was the first time, I have even been involved in an online talk group. This person acted as their Legal advisor and we talked a few times on line in the Forum, I started thinking He was an OK guy! Then the shit hit the fan!

Well, today, as I was checking my Yahoo account, I received an e-mail from Letgetreal. The first this that jumped out at me was a small picture of what appeared to be a small naked baby boy sitting in a tub »>I know the picture was part of a joke, YET still, the perception could be turned around as a weapon against the person sending it and the person that opened it.

SOSEN CEO Linda Pehrson aka "Lindape" & another Staff member "Furebear" disapproved and chastised Rod! How stupid can a registered sex offender like Rod become? A red flag should of been raised here & Rod reported to the police for Child Porn but see SOSEN does not report their own members when crimes are committed-they sweep it under the rug because SOSEN's number one goal is to abolish sex offender laws!

You notice Rod & his cat are wearing ear protection? See, Rod is one of those conspiracy wacko's that believe the government is sending out top secret "mind control" signals through cell towers! Looks like Linda the cat is going crazy. Figures. Poor cat is really suffering here!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Child Porn Epedemic!

SOSEN Twilight Series PART "4"

Linda L. Pehrson, aka Linda Contildes

She is the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for SOSEN, and belongs to many other groups which share the same goal to either abolish or change sex offender registration laws. Her husband is a sex offender who "raped" Linda's young daughter!

In 2008, Sosen imploded within Sosen Staff. Cat fights left & right! Really a bunch of silly little nonsense stuff they were fighting over. 4 yr olds at kindergarten behave better than these Sosen clowns did!

One of these Sosen Members "Equal Justice",
Cheryl Griffiths,who was at the time, Had just resigned as Sosen's COO second in command at Sosen, because of the infighting. At the following link, you will read untold comments made by Sosen Staff. This info was supposedly leaked out by a teed off Staff member & republished elsewhere. Let us read what EJ had to say:

equal justice

Well I THOUGHT I knew you, it turns out I did not. The reason you kicked me out of the forum yesterday is simply because you kept deleting my resignation post and I kept putting it back. Thats it, thats all.
YOU left Lets and Flower girls garbage on the forum and REFUSED to tell them to stop. REFUSED! I begged and Begged. You refused.
The only reason I engaged Stitches at SOA was because they attacked SOSEN and YOU. You also know that. You were also there.
Thing is, Stitches would have chewed you up and spit you out. She couldnt do that to me. As usual, I was left to do the dirty work.
Sure, I could have let it stand that SOSEN is run by a CEO that ""wants to get rid of the age of consent so that pedophile could have sex with childen. I could have left it go on an RSO site that SOSEN supports NAMBLA."" But I STAND UP FOR PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT~
You thanked me for being the only one to stand up for you. But you could not put down just a few freaking words in my defense. NOT EVEN 2 damned sentences.
I posted in a topic called CONVERSATION VS CONFRONTATION


"that SOSEN is run by a CEO that ""wants to get rid of the age of consent so that pedophile could have sex with childen. I could have left it go on an RSO site that SOSEN supports NAMBLA."

The Sosen Chief Executive Officer (Linda Pherson) supports "NAMBLA" aka North America Man-Boy Love Association! This is a pro pedophile organization!

Lets read what Sosen's "official" opinion is re NAMBLA: (Scroll down to bottom of page)


Opinions posted, stated, or linked by members on SOSEN, activities outside of SOSEN, and opinions thus expressed do not represent the opinions of SOSEN. SOSEN encourages debate, discussion, and communication on a wide variety of topics, and does its best to attempt to maintain civility on any given post, however, it does not coerce its members into following a single view.

SOSEN is committed to promoting public safety and community awareness. All members of SOSEN have agreed to abstain from any activity that is not consistent with the organization's goals. This requires that any person who is a member of SOSEN will in no way affilliate him/herself with any organization, including but not limited to NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, which promotes inappropriate sexual behavior. Any person who has information that suggests a member of SOSEN is engaged in inappropriate conduct should notify SOSEN staff immediately.

Is Sosen really a pedophile front set up by pedophiles? It would seem so because Linda Pehrson is still the Sosen CEO. Plenty of Sosen Staff have signed the RSOL petition,
Jackie Sparling, Cheryl Griffiths, Derek Logue, etc.

Read below Sosen's Mission Statement:

SOSEN now stands as a leader in the fight to reform counterproductive sex-offender laws, education, and support. Through the many changes in the organization, the mission of SOSEN has not changed; EDUCATION and PREVENTION are the keys to successfully dealing with the unpleasant subject of sex offenses.

Prevention? That is not a NAMBLA goal! Why haven't the lowly Sosen members kicked Linda and her ilk out, Cause these idiots CONTROL Sosen, They have banned 100's of members who have opposed the Sosen pro pedophile agenda!

By the way, That is a true photo of Linda. I think it was taken at a Weigh Watchers meeting, trying to justify that
lard was good for her big whale of a body, She is pissed that the skinny people don't agreed with her! Hahaha.

RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws pedo den of thugs!

SOSEN Twilight Series PART "3"

Johnny Ray Lee

What can be done to help protect children from such violence? The answer may not be long prison sentences, not is it all the other knee-jerk legislation being proposed. The answer is simple, Parental responsibility and education."

So said Johnny Ray. He was SOSEN's Media Director shortly after his release from prison:

"Johnny was convicted in Wisconsin on charges of sexually assaulting two 10 year old boys. He plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for the dismissal of 13 of his 15 charges. Johnny was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation to be followed by registration as a sex offender. Johnny was released from prison after just 6 years, but 2 years later he had been jailed again twice for violating his parole. One of those violations was for possession of child pornography."

Johnny Ray immediately returned to grooming young boys after getting out of prison:

After his release from prison Johnny moved to North Carolina and became active on the internet. He set up blogs and posted images of young boys. He listed his occupation as a counselor, his age as 24, and his interest as ‘Bisexual Teens”."

Then he got involved with sex offender activism at SOSEN and other sex offender advocacy groups:

As part of his activism he joined SOSEN and took on leadership roles as the Media Director and Moderator of the Wisconsin and North Carolina branches. Next he joined Roar for Freedom and quickly became their Public Relations Director. He advocated for maintaining close ties with other sex offender advocacy groups, including SOhopeful and SOclear He began to speak out within his community, going so far as to approach parents in restaurants condemning their behavior with their own children while claiming that they as parents were more likely to molest their own children than was a registered sex offender."

Johnny Ray was out of control-he could/would not try to control his pedophilia urges:

Johnny states that he was diagnosed with pedophilia but claims that it is something impossible to control. “On the subject of Pedo vs Hebo. I was diagnosed in 1994 as being a Pedophile, even though I am attracted to males... normally 11-14.”"

What eventually happened to Johnny Ray? Yep, its not hard to figure out:

Johnny won’t be returning to Roar or Sosen anytime soon as he just received a 35 year prison sentence. Authorities say that Johnny immediately began trafficking child pornography in 2004 upon his return to North Carolina."

That means Johnny Ray was engaging in ILLEGAL activity involving children while on Sosen Staff! When arrested, his fellow advocates came to his defense! Never ever did SOSEN rise up and CONDEMN his ongoing crimes. Sosen "quietly" slept his arrest and conviction under the carpet. Child porn is not a victimless crime but does Sosen give a crap? Not in the least!

Johnny Ray is typical of what kind of individual SOSEN will let join their organization & became a staff member!

Credits: offender Solutions & Education Network

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Voice of Unreason

A cowardly Australian pedophile is begging I answer
some questions he has posed for me, specifically because I support most of the goals over at:

This pedophile's web name is " Voice of Unreason". He refuses to post his real name because he engages in
illegal activity with defenseless lil children! Sooner or later, The law will catch up to him. Wait and see. This pedo is good friends with that sex offender advocate, Derek Logue, A dangerous registered sex offender who enjoys calling his 11 yr old victim a "lolita". It figures &
isn't it obvious, "birds of a same feather, flock together!

Okay, here are his questions:

AZU support publicly accessible registers of sex offenders in order for people to be able to identify the sex offenders in their community. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

Yes, to a certain extent but if the offender seeks proper mental help & has not re offended in say 10 years, then remove them to a law enforcement only website. If the offender's offense was violent in nature, lock em up or execute them. People like Derek-who call their victims bad names, it only shows that he is not rehabilitated & he should remain on the sex offender registry for life. We need to know about people "like" him. Sorry Derek!

The more balanced members of AZU advocate that paedophiles and child sex offenders should commit suicide. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

If the pedophile wasn't able to turn himself in a mental hospital or to the police beforehand, Yes, suicide would be the honorably option to peruse. I think there would be less spitting at his grave-site knowing the pedo took his own life before sexually abusing a child. I know I would spit less for him!

AZU support a 'one strike' policy whereby all convicted sex offenders are permanently locked up following their first conviction. Further, they support mandatory civil confinement for any non-offenders with a paedophilic or hebephilic sexual orientation or anyone who supports them. My question to you are:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

Yes. It would cut out re offenses of sex crimes. Of course, One strike laws wouldn't be needed for rapists who kidnap or murder a victim because we would execute these sicko's! A long torturous death on a anthill :-). Civil confinement for those who've yet to commit a crime...ship them to Australia!

I hope I was able to sit your mind at ease, Voice of Unreason.If you need some ideas on how to commit "suicide", just google it or ask Derek!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twilight Series PART "2"

Jacqueline "Jackie" Sparling is a SOSEN Staff Member.
Weighing in at 400 lbs, The largest bigfatmouth SOSEN has ever hooked! Jackie is not a registered sex offender but her husband "Donald Sparling" is, one of the worse of the worse sexual predators out there.

Is Donald active at SOSEN? No because he presently resides in prison serving a long long sentence! His crime,
is horrific:

Police were still trying yesterday to track down a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl who they said was lured over the Internet to come to Long Island to become a "sex slave."

The teen never came, but cops are convinced that Donald Sparling, 50, of Islip Terrace, did his utmost to get her to New York. Detectives arrested the appliance repairman this week after they searched his home and found the receipt for a September ticket to fly her to Long Island.

Sparling and his alleged secret lover, James Teal, 38, of East Northport, had numerous Internet chats with the girl, Suffolk County Detective Sgt. John Cowie said.

"They wanted to make her their sex slave," said Cowie, an investigator in the cops' computer crimes section. "Sparling actually wanted to impregnate her so he could have his own child.

Detective Cowie said Teal and Sparling met in a "fetish chat room" on the Internet last summer and started having sex.

Both men are in Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead; Teal on $100,000 cash bail and Sparling on $500,000. Teal is charged with sodomy and use of a child in a sexual performance. Sparling is charged with possession of child pornography and conspiracy.

Did Jackie do the wise thing and divorce this loser? She rather came to his defense!

"I don't believe he committed a crime," she said. "I don't think he's an evil man."


"Sparling's wife of two years, Jackie, whom he met on the Internet, said, "It's all going to come out positive in the end. What's being portrayed so far in the media is not my husband."

Positive but not in the way Jackie hoped for! Donald was sentenced to a long prison term. Donald the homosexual adulterer, Child porn user, Trying to abduct a child for a sex slave and yet, Jackie stands by her man. Isn't that just sicko? Jackie knows this bastard is guilty but refuses to discard this piece of shit scum who ought to rot in prison!

Jackie is a sex offender advocate-fighting for the "rights" of scum like here husband. Read her own schemes here:

My husband is the SO in my family. Still serving time. Yet, I know that the only way to reach the public and gain ANY KIND OF SYMPATHY/COMPASSION from them is by going through our young people. I know that in the end my husband and every other adult RSO will benefit from the work we do now, using the Romeo and Juliet cases as our soapbox. If you think you will get people to listen to your story and care without SYMPATHY and COMPASSION, you aren't living in the real world. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh, but I am one to put it like it is. We can't possibly get them to listen if we can't get them to "feel" to "CARE".

Whatever works, people, whatever works. That's ALL I care about at this point in time.

Why would society want to have ANY sympathy for a crazed sexual predator like Donald Sparling? Senseless. Read more of whom Jackie "approves" of joining with her to fight sex offender laws:

"The sex offender laws affect ALL sex offenders. We all know that. Therefore whether you or your loved one was charged with child porn, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization."

Wow! Does it get any worse with Jackie, of course because she is a signer of the RSOL Petition to abolish sex offender laws:

Jackie was sexually abused at a very young age. Abused by her homo sicko husband and yet she advocates for sexual perverts! What the fuck is wrong with Ms Bigfatmouth?

She got that nickname because they say when she sticks her "tongue" out, it looks like 20 lbs of red mushy fat! I heard she sat on a guy's lap & broke his pelvis and
squashed his lil pee wee :-)

Jackie Sparling needs to wise up & stand up for the defenseless children like the 13 yr old her husband tried to abduct as a sex slave. This is the dangerous kind of sex offender advocate that needs to be locked up with her husband!

Jackie, A proud SOSEN member in "good standing". Gag.


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NY Daily News

Twilight Series PART "1"

Meet "David LaRue" SOSEN staff member aka tiggeronmv - Plead guilty to sexually assaulting his daughter. Level 2 Registered Sex Offender in Massachusetts, not on the public registry.

Tiggeronmv is the nickname he goes by these days. David is a SOSEN Staff member. Disgruntled that he has to register as a convicted sex offender even though he is not listed on a public registry for all to see!

I recently came across his name at a Christian forum on the internet. I liked what I was reading...until the second page where he started making "excuses" and pointing fingers at others. David started seeing himself as the "victim". Sosen members think they are the victims in the present day of schemes in trying to have sex offender laws overturned. Let us look closely at what David has to "his own words":

"On September 19, 2007 I was served a restraining order that removed me from our home. My wife stated that I had "inappropriately touched our children".

He admits it here:

"During this entire time, I didn't really understand what my wife was talking about, but did go to three different ministers and the elders of my church. I confessed to them of the one time back in July, that during the middle of the night while checking our daughter to see if she had wet the bed, I DID TOUCH HER on top of her nightgown to see if she was wet. At that moment, I realized that my hand was touching where it was never allowed to be and I quickly pulled it back. I went to the living room to pray about what I had just done. My wife must have heard me praying and then decided that I am a child molester."

He violated the "do not touch" rule:

"My wife has never gotten over having been molested by a neighbor's husband for more than three years when she was a teenager, so our family rules are very specific about who could touch my daughter's privates, only my daughter, my wife, and our children's doctor."

Now he tries to "justify" his actions. David has admitted
he is an addicted porn user & I have to wonder if this did lead to him touching his daughter ? There are studies linking adult porn to child sexual abuse:

I did not touch my daughter's skin nor did I explore her privates. The touch was not motivated by lust or indecent thoughts, in fact, I was half asleep myself."

"You must remember that I was still actively using pornography as a substitution for the lack of sexuality within my marriage, or at least that was the rationalization I was using to justify myself."

David confessed to others:

Prior to accepting the plea, my lawyer told me, because I had confessed to touching my daughter, even just the one time, I could be sentenced up to six years. One of the ministers had told the detective that I had confessed and also since my wife was going to testify against me."

David pleads guilty, serves 30 days in jail and probation.
End of story, Sex offender admits guilt, gets help, leads a productive life tale? Nope. His wife divorces him, he is restrained under court order from visiting his two kids. His attitude starts to turn into the victim mode.

Did he molest her before? He is not sure:

The main question is, did I do it? Well, for more than two and one half months, I truly didn't known. I only know of the one time that I touched my daughter. Had I and have I still, somehow blocked out any other time or times? I didn't know and in reality, still don't know with absolute proof even today."

But here he admits that porn destroyed his life:

I am not just someone who has a "problem" with the secret sin of pornography and lust. I am someone who has an addiction to pornography, and it has cost me my family, my job, forced me to become a convicted and registered sex offender, serve time in jail, submit my D.N.A. and wear a G.P.S. ankle bracelet. An addiction to pornography CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE."

Indeed porn can wreck havoc in one's life but why in the world is David involved with Sosen? These idiots desire to see all sex offender laws stricken-done away with and does David want that as well? Remember, He did in fact confess to molesting his daughter, he plead guilty in court! And David is hanging around child molesters who have done far far worse in abusing children-right at Sosen.
Lets us not forget that Sosen is associating with known pedophiles at the RSOL:

I have to wonder if David's therapist is aware he is hanging around other pedophiles? I doubt it. David has a porn addiction & now he is palling around with folks who think child porn is A-OKAY.

The effects of pornography are well documented."

Researchers from both secular and religious organizations have repeatedly come up with similar results: pornography is addictive, it is harmful to both the consumer and to the people involved in production. Adult pornography almost universally features people who were victims of child sexual abuse. Adult pornography also is closely linked with child pornography. Indeed most adult porn websites feature ads intimating that child porn is available on their sites. They advertise "teens" and "lolitas" and infinite other combination's suggesting children in pornographic settings.

Sosen is bad for you David, Get out before its to late!


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