Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Last Undercover

It is a special treat when I get to sit and read an entire book these days. You know, a REAL book, with paper pages and a spine. Especially one that is not about politics. Recently I sat down with Bob Hamer's book, The Last Undercover, and had trouble putting it down. Hamer tells the story of his life as an undercover FBI agent for 26 years, but focuses on the last big undercover assignment he did -- infiltrating NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

Hamer describes the NAMBLA operation as the hardest of his career because of the emotional toll it took on him. He was sickened by much of what he heard and saw, but had to maintain his act. One scene from the book that I will probably never get out of my head is of a group of NAMBLA convention attendees going to the Toys R Us in New York City and pointing out little boys they would like to abuse. None of them approached any of the children, but the thought that right there, under the noses of the parents, a group of men was using their children to feed their sick fantasies is something I will probably think of anytime I am in a public place with my children.

Read more about Nambla here:

NAMBLA and Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign

and the sex offender advocates whom support Nambla:
Sex Offender Support and Education Network

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  1. Kudos to him. NAMBLA should be exterminated, completely wiped off the face of the planet.


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