Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Julian Dennis Godwin headed for jail ?

"Julian Dennis Godwin"

Also known as " HarvardPhD123 ", may shortly be arrested for extortion! Seems he recently kidnapped the ROAR For Freedom website and has demanded $5,000.00 or else he will give it to Bin Laden to use as an terrorist training camp! Oh well, Some of their current ROAR members have already engaged in terrorist activities on the web, So give it to him I say :-)

A lil bird told me that Mike & Betty Price have filed extortion charges against Julian or or trying to. Another bird told me that Julian is already under FDLE investigation on another unrelated matter. Jul is currently on "supervised probation" and a arrest for anything will result in a VOP-violation of probation and he will be held w/o bond. He'll set in jail for 6 months awaiting a VOP hearing.

I have to ask you Jul, Whats up? You started out on the straight and narrow and now your in a heap of deep shit! Maybe your innocent of this extortion claim (I give you the benefit of doubt cause Betty has been known to lie!) but I have been watching you for several years and your attitude has steadily gotten more rotten and perverse with age. Let us not forget your trying to extort CindyK last month either.

Frankly, I hope your innocent but I doubt it. Are you going to be the next RSO activist who ends up getting arrested again? Time will surely tell!



Bin Laden comment is "satire"

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