Sunday, May 17, 2009

Betty caught lying....again

Betty said... This is Mrs Betty Price, Executive Director of Roar for Freedom. Your story about my husband a massage student is something one of you made up.

Really, "I made it up"?

Okay Betty, I'm gonna type real slow and prove you are wrong. See the link here I quoted:

Now, scroll way down the page until you see this:

Posted by: kiokwus | Jun 16, 2006 2:38:42 PM

See how the "kiokwus" name is highlighted ? Now, click on the highlighted name and it takes you here:

And here is what it says:

Group Not Found

There is no group called roar_4_freedom. Please make sure you typed the web address correctly. If you have done so, the group may no longer exist.

Guess what, there was only one " kiokwus" at that now defunct Yahoo group, your husband!

Betty also said:

"Also, were you aware that your made up letter about the massage is in the hands of ICC, FBI and our State Police, Senator and House Rep. What you have done is against the law."

You said "I made it up" and here I PROVE I did not make it up! Did you really lie to the FBI...I bet you did! Want to know what is against the law...providing FALSE info to a federal agency is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE and yes, they do lock up lil old ladies who lie!

Then you lie some more:

"We are all working for the good at Roar for Freedom. But you don't know that because you won't stop lying enough to see the truth of the matter."

My my my my. Caught lying again!!!


Mrs. Betty " Liar" Price

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