Friday, November 27, 2009

Absolute Zero United: Bitter Issues

Bitter Issues

Sosen is finally admitting they were affiliating with Nambla and yet they still can't even name them. Why is that? Is it because this is merely a desperate attempt to change their bad reputation and they know they must say SOMETHING but can't bring themselves to say that the RSOL - Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign is the modern Nambla and WARN other sex offenders who may be taken in by them?

Excellent article. Please visit AZU and read the rest of this amazing eye opener!

What say you now, Derek Logue?

Sosen-Sex offender solutions & education network
Rsol-reform sex offender laws ( pedo supporters)
Nambla-North American MAN-BOY love association
(pro pedo group of criminals)

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