Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A two faced sex offender advocate remains silent

I recently sent Derek Logue a email asking him when he was going to rise up and CONDEMN the RSOL/Nambla association? Here is what I said and his response:


Derek, when are you going to public ally denounce the RSOL/NAMBLA association? I spent awhile researching the RSOL connection to Nambla and the truth is out there & your free to research on your own if you don't believe me or Stitches but to sit back and idly be deceived by these deceivers & support their pro pedo agenda, is inexcusable. Take care."

His response:

"I'm not a member of RSOL and do not participate in anything they do. I have my own reasons for not working with them, but I'm expecting them to draft a clear statement denouncing NAMBLA and related pro-pedo groups before I'll ever lift a finger to help them."

So Derek says but is he really telling the truth here? I have to wonder because the RSOL is "promoting" Derek's Once Fallen website:

Interesting that Derek doesn't object to the RSOl plugging his website! I don't think the RSOL has any plans to condemn the pedophile NAMBLA group anytime soon, Like Sosen recently did. Derek will condemn the RSOL in a private email but won't public-ally condemn them & why is that Derek? Your "silence" only sings praises. Your silence says you APPROVE!

Read the RSOL Petition here. These idiots want to abolish ALL sex offender restrictions:

More info regarding the corrupted RSOL:

Paul Shannon is the bigwig over at the RSOL, Read here where he defends a pedophile priest:

Derek, he'll sit back and shut up & protect these individuals & I ask you Derek, How does your silence protect children? Come on and man up boy!

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