Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Derek Logue's Book: "I only french kissed her"

Derek Logue , "Trench Coat" model career that went down hill fast!

Well, We bit the bullet and purchased Derek's E-Book offered at Amazon. We wanted to see if what he wrote in the book, matches what he says elsewhere on the web. He is really really kind to his victim portrayed in the book...doesn't call her the "Lolita Slut" he says bout her on the internet:

" She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing SHE WAS CORRUPT long before I met her"

Odd? Yep but hey, we know Derek is two faced! Absolutely no victim bashing in his book but Derek thinks he can sneak around the web & make nasty comments bout his victim & get away with it? Nope. Stitches won't allow that!

Derek in his book, said he only "FRENCH KISSED" the 11 yr old child. Charged with "1st Degree sexual assault", sentenced to SIX years in prison, for kissing? Nope, it went way beyond "kissing". We are in the process of obtaining Derek's arrest report, so we'll know the real truth soon enough!

More to come later. Here is a link to Derek's slanted book:

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  1. Derek, Sorry but you know I cannot publish your threats on here!

    You don't think I bought the book huh? Well, Amazon offers "Kindle For PC", its a free download, no need to buy a kindle, dummy!

    Dont worry, I'll be quoting some excerpts from the book soon. Of course, I'll give you the credit, you deserve it :-)

    Care to tell us about the OTHER child you were accused of molesting at church? Yep, you wrote that in your book!


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