Sunday, July 25, 2010

SOSEN CEO idiot "Mary Duval" to be on 20/20 interview

Thanks to ZMan for supplying the link info:


Member of SOSEN Being Interviewed by 20/20

Posted on 07/25/10, 12:01 am

Fox Network made an appeal for stories of families affected by the teen dating conviction and resulting registry status. Mary Duval of SOSEN (Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network) along with her son Ricky and his wife will be interviewed on Monday by John Stossel of 20/20 on the Fox Network. SOSEN is fighting the same battle as RSOL and Center for Change.

THIS is HUGE for SOSEN. It is expected that there will be a round of interviews with other networks following the airing of this particular Fox special. That usually happens!

Please join RSOL at or SOSEN at or/and Citizens For Change at www.cfcamerica. org Then help in the fight any way you can. One way is to go to 20/20's website and make comments about the show or tell them your story and how it has affected your family.


Yeah, SOSEN still involved with the RSOL whom has direct connections with NAMBLA:

A closer look at their goals will clarify their agenda, and leave any law-abiding person who wants the best for our children puzzled at best.

The group's original signatories included a number of founding members and supporters of NAMBLA.

"NAMBLA is a group of pedophiles and pedophile activists who seek to abolish age of consent laws, and encourage legislation which allows adults to have sex with children."

Scroll on down and read the comments, look what one fucking retard (NEVERGIVEUP2) had to say:

"The public NEEDS to know that too often it's the "victim" that's the perpetrator in reality."

How stupid! Its called victim bashing, blaming the "victim", not the sexual predator's fault! See Nevergiveup2's profile here:

About Me

I'm the parent of a son found guilty of 4th degree sexual assault by a technicality....she was too young to give consent even tho she was the one to entice, encourage, invite, etc. In sex offenders words SHE GROOMED HIM, yet while they were both minors at the time my son is the one who was charged. I know he's not the only one that this has happened to, in fact she has gone on to another boy now, again calling out assault, and ruining his life now too. I know there are others out there in this same position. I want to start or join a coalition to get the laws for what we called '3rd base' repealed. This is a public lynching we are allowing and it's needs to be stopped.

The victim enticed, "groomed" him! Yeah right. She aka victim "ruined" him. I bet this was another of those slutty Mom's that let her son run loose unchecked! Loser bitch.


  1. I am not a member of SOSEN, RSOL, or CFC and do not condone harming children in any way, shape, or form - especially sexually. However, I do understand the urges of teenagers responding to what comes naturally and, if you're normal, you do, too. I also know how easy it is for some little underage bitch to lie and get a young man in trouble and unable to defend himself in our fucked up 'justice' system. You need to do some research, sweetheart, get your head your ass, and find some compassion and empathy for what boys who are innocent of any wrongdoing are going through. Sure, there are real victims, but there are also victims of victims' rights - including the children of the falsely convicted. Remember that, you idiot.

  2. How bout "no sex before marriage"? So what if the girl lied bout her age, if only the guy had kept his penis in his pants, there would not of be an arrest.

    So, who had the power here, well the young man did but he caved in, had sex with a girl who might of lied bout her age...So what, he deserved to get arrested. He threw his power away. Easy to blame EVERYONE ELSE but the guy is the one held responsible in the end.

    And here you blame the victim, are you sure you're not a SOSEN member?

  3. You seem to forget that we are sexual beings, buster. Obviously, the guy was concerned enough to ask her, it was HER fault, yet he got fucked. This isn't right and if you had half a brain, you'd realize it.

    No sex before marriage? HA! What puritan rock did you crawl out from under? And why are your morals more correct than anyone else? Who made you the sex police?

    This young man did NOT deserve to be arrested and forced onto a stupid, life-ruining SO registry. Why do you say he deserved this? I want to know how you people think.

    What's wrong with you? Jealous, perhaps, because you can't get any?

    And no, I am NOT a member of SOSEN, like I said before.

  4. You make LOTS of excuses for your son & you blame the victim, that is why you sound like a SOSEN retard! Even if you aren't, your group supports SOSEN/RSOL, which by the way, has ties with NAMBLA, a known pro pedophilia group of dick sucking scumbags.

    Paul Shannon, he started the RSOL campaign.

    As to your son, he took responsibility when he plead guilty. He wasn't "coerced" into accepting the plea as you say. Is this the same son whom committed suicide?

    You need to lose your defeatist attitude. Being a registered sex offender is not the end of the world either. I say he deserved to get arrested because he chose to commit the crime. No one forced him to molest the girl.

    Get out of denial lest you affect your Son's future & stop making excuses for him & while your at it, get the hell off the DS forum...those idiots arent at all about being responsible, they'd rather BLAME someone else-never ever is it acceptable to blame the victim.

  5. Look, there is something seriously wrong in this country when a guy can be accused of a crime and has no recourse to defend himself. While, yes, there are real victims, a female can lie through her teeth and is believed - no questions asked. This is not the American way, not what our founding fathers envisioned. Surely you understand that.

    Too many of these RSO's committed NO CRIME! The system is running amok and the lawmakers won't do a damn thing about it! I'm sorry, but these young men and their children don't deserve to be vilified and scorned; nor do the ones who paid their debt to society years ago, have been in no trouble since, yet are made to register.

    As for NAMBLA, they are a bunch of fucking sickos, right up there with anyone who sexually (or otherwise) abuses a young child.

    Don't piss off a female or it could happen to you!


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