Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook a sex predator haven?

Dodia FaeDear Facebook,
your sex offender reporting link is broken.

Just in case someone who actually works for FB sees this, this is my last ditch attempt at reporting this person.
This page is created to promote Derek Logue's website. Derek Logue is a convicted sex offender (Alabama). He created that site in a sad attempt to convince just enough people that sex offender laws and registries do more harm than good to get the laws repealed and the registry abolished. The only thing this will accomplish is leaving Derek Logue and other pedophiles free to groom children so they can molest/rape them without having to pay for their crimes.

Derek Logue has shown absolutely no remorse for sexually abusing his 11 year old victim. He continuously bashes her to this day, even once claiming that she "was corrupt long before I met her". He had been dating his victim's mother when his victim was 3 years old. How can a 3 year old be corrupt, let alone be corrupt long before they're 3? He bashes any survivor of sexual abuse any chance he gets. Facebook's youngest members fall within his "AoA" (Age of Attraction). As Facebook staff is well aware, children as young as 9 create profiles on FB, even though the youngest age allowed is 13. Having a non-repentant sex offender like Derek Logue on FB is dangerous. When he's not victim-bashing, he's whining about how *he's* been victimized by the system.

For more about Derek Logue, please visit his Wikisposure page:
And please, get him off of FB. He's a dangerous criminal.


Dodia Fae runs this website:

Has FB turned liberal? Lots of predators sneak in and when you report em, Facebook sits on their royal ass! Idiots.

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