Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or treat for Sex Offenders?

It happens ever year. The sex offender advocates always "brag" about there being no record of any registered sex offender or predator being arrested on Halloween day, for any type of sex crime. Who knows if that is true or not but should these kind of offenders be allowed to trick or treat? Those on probation are not allowed to anyway.

I was over at Mike Gregg's pro rights sex offender blog today. He will post most anything that backs up his biased opinions. He refuses to post anything this blog has to say about the Sosen-RSOL connection with known NAMBLA pedophiles, So his offender issues blog is not impartial in daily spilling out real truths. So, I stumble upon this:

When Mike gets angry, he'll type his opinion in red letters to make sure his thoughts are noticed and read. Here they are:

"And it's only for those on probation or parole, not all offenders. Plus it's nothing more than a moral panic.
Not a single kid has been harmed by a sex offender on Halloween night, but many have been harmed by cars. So it would serve the public better if police were watching out for vehicles, and the parents stopped buying the mass hysteria and let kids be kids, or go along with them like any good parent should!

Does Mike ever bother to print any news stories related to children being abducted, raped or murdered, on Halloween Night, like this one:

Forever a child in our memory, Lisa French would have turned 43 this weekend.

She's the 9-year-old girl from Fond du Lac who was sexually assaulted and murdered by Gerald Turner as she was trick-or-treating in 1973.


So really, what is the agenda over at the sex offender issues blog, Children not being around sex offenders unknown trick or treating, or trying to convince the public that sex offenders are "harmless" one night out of 365 days?

I would think if Mike were so gun ho, he'd be posting news articles about ANY kid who was raped/murdered on Halloween Night. Nope, not pro gun ho! Could this have something to do with Mike being a registered sex offender himself? I wonder.

Michael James Gregg

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