Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Florida Officials Offer Amnesty Day For Exotic Pets

Got a spare rhesus monkey, Mexican spiny-tailed iguana or Cuban tree frog causing trouble around the house? Wildlife officials in Florida are holding their fifth annual Non-native Pet Amnesty Day. Owners of exotic pets are allowed to turn them in without facing the usual fines and other penalties for violating the state's wildlife laws. Wildlife officials say the amnesty day gives overwhelmed pet owners an alternative to releasing exotic animals into Florida's ecosystem.

I finally convinced "tsand" to turn in his "Anti" Absolute Zero United pet he had been keeping out back in the hog pen. He caught this wild anti snooping around the neighborhood awhile back and decided to keep this exotic pet and try and tame her anti biased views. This AZU bitch will go to a nice lil cage in a zoo so the rest of the Floridians can see what a wild anti looks like!

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  1. Wild antis should be euthanized on sight IMO. They are too dangerous to be kept as pets.


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