Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mark Lunsford: aka "thug"

That was Mark's myspace photo until people complained and he removed it. Isnt he scary looking? Are those gang tattoos?

Did you know that Mark likes to terrorize women? This happened back in 2006:

Mechelle D. Willis, 35, of Homosassa, signed a petition Monday seeking a protection order against Lunsford, 42, of Homosassa. In her injunction petition for protection against domestic violence, Willis says he has called her cell phone and left threats, and on Sunday, drove by her “cussing” at her and a friend. Lunsford was the father of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was murdered last year; the man accused of killing her has pleaded not guilty to charges. “He has come by my house with about 15 bikers trying to scare me,” Willis wrote in the petition.

Willis states in the petition Lunsford drives by her home “all hours of the night,” flashing the lights of his truck, and that he has also appeared at a hair salon where she works. On Mother’s Day, she said she had to call the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office “because he was throwing my stuff outside.” When contacted about the incident, sheriff’s spokeswoman Gail Tierney said she could not find a report from May 14, though there was a follow-up report filed four days later for a traffic stop. No further information was available about that incident. [snip]

According to the petition, along with showing up at her home, Willis said on another occasion Lunsford, “tried to wreck me all the way down 44” when she was driving to work. And she said there was another confrontation when she met with a friend about “job information,” and Lunsford flashed his lights across the road. “My friend asked him what he wanted,” she stated in the petition. “Then a car pulled up, everyone was out of their cars, and they hit my friend with a board that had nails in it. He still has the marks on his back.”

Willis is seeking a protection order that would prohibit Lunsford from coming within 500 feet of her home or work. She also wants him to participate in treatment and counseling services. Willis, a mother of a 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, said the girl witnessed some of the incidents.

The thug mentality of scaring innocent people! Mark refuses to pick on people his own size and these are the acts of a mentally challenged thug who needs serious help. AZU has been telling everyone what a great guy Mark Lunsford is but they ignore important facts about Mark's history of domestic abuse. That is how Absolute Zero United behaves...they ignore the dangerous antics of a "thug" coward!

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  1. Thanks for the info! Can you believe I actually didn't know about this one? Thanks, cunty stitches! PS You still haven't told me who the hot babe of March 2009 is!


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