Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wiki"ped"ia promoting "ped"ophilia? WTF!!!

Click on the link and see a "nude" 9 year old girl. Send your compliments to WIKIpedia for promoting or encouraging "pedophilia". Notice the "ped" in WIKIpedia and the ped in pedophilia. Hmmmm.

"Wikipedia's policies state that it does not censor content "that some readers consider objectionable or offensive."

" Concerned Women for America, a conservative Christian advocacy group, commented, "By allowing that image to remain posted, Wikipedia is helping to further facilitate perversion and pedophilia.

And absolutely NO criticism from Absolute Zero United! They will try and boycott Amazon but they won't object to WIKIpedia for posting a photo of a nude child. More AZU doublespeak ya know!

Way to go Jimmy Wales! (WIKIpedia Founder)

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