Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nother WACKY odd duck disclaimer!

Derek "Trench Coat" Logue, "TC" for short nicky name. See the link below, the email Where TC "condemns" the RSOL+NAMBLA (pedophile) connection. This was back in late November 2009:


I'm not a member of RSOL and do not participate in anything they do. I have my own reasons for not working with them, but I'm expecting them to draft a clear statement denouncing NAMBLA and related pro-pedo groups before I'll ever lift a finger to help them."

Now, if you go to TC's website, You will see his new disclaimer. Here it is:


The purpose of this site is to educate the public on the truth on sex offender laws and to
offer support and guidance to those accused or convicted of sex crimes.
This site does
not promote, condone, or tolerate illegal activities nor any "pro-pedophile" agenda
or groups such as NAMBLA.
This site DOES believe in punishment for illicit sexual
activity, so long as it is coupled with treatment and Restorative Justice. This site
promotes education and prevention programs coupled with treatment and successful
reintegration of those who have served their sentences as the
only effective method for
the successful reduction in sexual violence.

Did you "notice" what was missing? Yep, The RSOL! See, Derek is a de balled lying piece of crap pedo enabling scum bag sex offender advocate who tries to cover up the real truth! He slipped up & said the wrong thing in an email & his pedo friends got upset & now Derek has back pedaled in order to get back in the good graces of his pedo friends over at the RSOL & NAMBLA. Derek still actively promotes the RSOL agenda at his website, even at the time when he sent the email. Sad indeed but not unexpected behavior from a guy who likes going down into the basement & taking photos of himself wearing a "trench coat"! Weird? You betcha:) but thats our Derek!



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