Monday, February 15, 2010

Ztruth please

Michael Gregg is a convicted sex offender who is also an activist in the effort to reform sex offender laws across the United States, claiming that current laws are unfair and unjust.

ZMan, aka "SexOffenderIssues", aka Michael James Gregg, is a convicted sex offender from Georgia who is extremely active in a campaign to reform sex offender registration laws in the United States.

Gregg, who was convicted in 1990 of child molestation, claims he "accidentally" exposed himself to a child on a playground when he stepped out of his shower and peered through a sliding glass door while still nude. In another version he states that a child was looking into his window and saw him nude. He states that he neither knew the child, nor touched them, but that he was convicted of molestation anyway because the child ran home and told a parent. He fails to mention that he was masturbating in the presence of a child "with the intent to satisfy and arouse" his sexual desires.

He remains single and states that he trusts no one, and that as a result of his mistrust, he has never had a meaningful romantic relationship. He is an unemployed programmer and has stated that he is nearing homelessness due to his inability to hold a job because of his sex offender status. He shows no care or concern for his victim, but rather presents himself as being a victim of registration laws and requirements.

Mikey is the "reason" why we have a sex offender registry. Citizens need to be aware (or beware) of offenders like Mikey. Notice the "two versions" Mikey gives about what his crime was. Never ever has he offered a retraction of the his false version! Mikey, how about stepping up right now & tell the world the REAL TRUTH? Come on boy, man up!


  1. How come you dont have a NAMBLA disclaimer at

  2. Unbelievable, I have read this over and over again and I fail to see any logic or reason what so ever. Michael Greg has been convicted and is required to register as a sex offender. That part is true. (I refuse to call him a sex offender because based upon your writings, I do not see where a sex offense occurred.) First, you paraphrase two separate statements made by Greg. You suggest that the statements are contradictory when in fact they are not. In The first he states he got out of the shower and the child saw him as he peered outside. In the second he states the child was looking through the window. Obviously the child was looking through either the window or glass door otherwise the child could not have possibly seen him. Either the child was looking through the window/glass door or they didn't see him. Which is it? Can you say Duh?

    He states he never knew the child nor touch them. When you point this out are you suggesting that it's not true? Do you have any evidence that it's not true or are you trying to taint the truth? If you do not think that a person can be convicted of a sex crime without touching or molesting a child, try telling that to all the children on the SO registry for receiving "sexting" messages from their girl or boy friend. I suggest you get and provide all the facts before you make or imply wild accusations.

    Third, you state that he was masturbating. I do not know how you know this but even if it were true, he was in the privacy of his own home. Are you suggesting that masturbation is a crime or that you have never in your life masturbated? Would you be willing to take a polygraph?

    Finally, you point out he is single and trust no one. If he is truly innocent, can you blame him? And the fact he is unemployed; with the effective unemployment / underemployment rate over 15%, can you imagine what it is like trying to find a job with Sex Offender on your resume? Who is showing no care or concern now?

    As for the child being a victim, 20 years ago a child saw a naked body. OMG, God forbid the child ever go to school and be in a gym class or participate in a sport requiring a locker room. For goodness sake, don't let the children be exposed to art, such as the statues in Rome or the paintings in the Vatican. Don't you dare let your children watch TV or go to a movie, much less travel overseas where nudity on TV is common. And of course they should never be involved in a relationship when they are older, this would scar them for life!

    Obviously, you have a personal grudge against Mr. Gregg. Either that, or you are a typical hysterical knee jerk over reactionary. One, get the facts. Two, find out the truth about the SO Registry, and how it has been proven over and over again ineffective and more harmful than good. Third, he is not a "boy", he is a man, with God given rights. Perhaps now is the time for you to "Man Up", do some research and confront the facts, you know, like a man!


    READ what the the Grand Jury had to say. He masturbated in the present of a child. Under GA law, that is a "sex offense". That makes him a sex offender. Mikey gives two versions of what happened but NEVER reveals he was "masturbating". That info was gleaned from the official court documents. So, Mikey has hide the real truth of the matter, when he posted his two different versions! Of course saying a child looked into his home & if that were truth, I'd say that would not make him a child sex offender but Mikey leaves out the masturbating issue & means he was hiding the real truth of what really happened. I know plenty of sex offenders like Mikey who leave out the hard facts but we eventually discover what really happened. Mikey did NOT want anyone to KNOW he was masturbating in view of a child he knew was watching him & that makes him a child sex offender!

    VDog, Your so bold to assume otherwise but had you done your own search for the real truth outside of this blog,, you would of seen otherwise. You also failed to click the link in the article & had you done so, you could of read of of the court documents. You jumped the gun, so willing to believe we have an "innocent" sex offender here when we do not.


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