Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nother WACKY sosen disclaimer!

SOSEN has yet "another" disclaimer over at their funny shit website. Scroll to bottom of page. Here it is:

DISCLAIMER; It is important that the user acknowledges and agrees that the use of the support hotline service is entirely at the user's own risk. This service is not meant to be a substitute for counseling, treatment or legal advice. Any actions or lack of actions, taken by the recipient of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility of the recipient and is neither the responsibility nor liability of SOSEN, The Provider, or the Hotline Volunteers.

I hear that bad advice was given, who knows what happened...prob some pedophile was counseled badly & jailed! I would think that would be good but that is not the mentality of the SOSEN idiots cause they associate with
known child loving pedo's that want rape your kids. If a pedo was jailed in the above scenario, Sosen is deeply sorry and will try and do better in the future!

Bunch of dumb nuts.



  1. Hey, fuckboy, where's YOUR bold disclaimer at the top of YOUR page, boy? Why don't you "man up?" Oh, that's right, you dicksucking bastard, you have to be a MAN before you can man up! You prefer bending over and letting Stitches roto-rooter you with her strap -on!

  2. I Dont need a disclaimer Derek cause everyone already knows I oppose sex offender advocates who work along side pedophiles. You know that. I suppose you need to wise up fore you can man up:-)

    Yeah Derek, Please wise up. Rise up and CONDEMN the pedophile NAMBLA idiots whom have infiltrated into the brains of the sex offender advocates. Your being made a fool of. You know that cause u already admitted the RSOL-NAMBLA connection. YOU are being "used" to promote a pedo agenda!

    Speaking of Stitches, You ought to know, since she has butt f*cked YOUR brains out of your ass! U cannot stop her so enjoy it!

  3. The only one getting fucked in the ass is you and Static and the other emasculated "men" over at AZU. You have no disclaimers denouncing NAMBLA. Your buddies over at AZU read that stuff every day. I'm sure Static isn't the ONLY RSO at AZU using them to get their hands on a little CP.

  4. Emasculated? Thanks for sharing. I always thought you were but now it is confirmed...Stitches has emasculated you! I'm sure it was hard sharing that tidbit but you'll get over it eventually:-)

    How bout deleting the RSOL links at your website? I mean, you say you oppose RSOL+NAMBLA=pedo's but I think not because you do not back it up. Ole Mary just loves the RSOL & everytime you suck up to her on the ARC Show, I see a panting lap (neutered)dog begging for attention! It doesn't bother you one bit that she advocates along side of pedophiles & it makes you a pedo enabler because as you say, you have no balls. Maybe if you wise up, Stitches will give you back your balls so you can "man up":-)

    So your choice, wise up & I'm sure I can convince Stitches to give you (1) testicle on a trial basis & if you really good, you can have your other ball back!


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