Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan loses lawsuit

Jan Kruska

Jan honey filed a lawsuit against several child advocacy groups. I was wondering today how her lawsuit was going & I have great news to share, Jan's lawsuit was dismissed
by the court. Jan filed an appeal & it was dismissed as well. Here is more info:

Kruska v. Perverted Justice Foundation, No. 2:08-cv-00054 (D. Arizona filed January 10, 2008).
Status: Dismissed; appeal dismissed, No. 09-15426 (9th Cir. mandate May 21, 2009).

Let me explain the (4) photos: First top left corner is when she filed lawsuit, all fresh & happy. Second top right corner, Jan is calling her SOSEN friends to share the good news. The bottom left corner, Jan is upset that the court dismissed her silly lawsuit+she is having a bad hair day:) The bottom right corner, Jan again is upset because she lost her appeal, Shocked, just shocked!!!

You can read more about Jan Kruska here:

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