Thursday, May 13, 2010

Silly willy petition

This is trench coat photo of "Derek W. Logue". One of the many wacky outspoken nut jobs out there advocating for registered sex offenders. He has a trench coat fetish problem! Gag. I might like him if he were a true advocate. This dumb nut piece of shit has started a "petition" called:

Stop Vigilante Violence and Websites Act of 2010

Derek wants to punish those he feels have wronged him. Derek wants "revenge", not justice. Big difference here.

In section 102 of his petition, he lists several vigilantes & crimes allegedly committed. What does Derek leave out?

How about "himself" and his other activist friends whom have engaged in repeated ongoing "vigilante activities". Derek is well known for harassing those that disagree with his warped view point!

Just ask the good folks over at, They have tons of info bout how Derek has harassed innocent people. Not only has Derek bashed his own "victim", he has criticized many others.

Because Absolute Zero United opposes Derek's dis associative warped paranoid way of thinking, Derek set up this petition for "revenge" purposes. I only wish Derek would take his mental medicine daily & save us some grief! How about showing some sympathy for your victim Derek? Saying she was a "corrupted Lolita" long before you molested her, have you no shame? Nope.

Derek's victim, recently signed his petition and left a message:

131.11 year old innocent girl who was once abused Sheffield, AlabamaI was sexually molested once by a sicko! Now, years later, he calls me a "Lolita", as if I were the one to blame but hey, I was the child, he was the adult who knew better! My abuser: Derek Logue!

A victim fighting back against her abuser, you go young lady! Tell the world bout this piece of scum!

I wonder if we could start a petition for abusers like Derek who bash their own innocent victims? We should cause people like Derek Logue should be BANISHED, Whip, tar & feather, cut his balls off, put him on a deserted island where only fire ants live! Now, that would be real victim justice! Just ask any victim & see if they disagree.

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  1. Derek;

    Sorry but I cannot post your rude comments here. For starters, how bout apologizing for calling your child victim a Lolita? You remember, your own brother warned you to stay away from this child. You refused & yet you have attempted to cast blame on a 11 yr old whom you think seduced you into committing a sexual crime...hence your reasoning for calling her a "Lolita".

    Please grow up and take responsibility here.

    P.S.- where do you buy your trench coats? I'm thinking of getting one even though I have no basement lol!


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