Monday, May 17, 2010

Waiting for "penance"

"My victim was a follower. She acted different away from her sister. Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she's either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships...I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her."

So said "Derek Logue". A registered sex offender. He is talking about his victim. Derek states he is a "reformed" sex offender but how can that be so? Reformed offenders don't run around blaming their victims, do they?

Derek states she was "corrupt", then why didn't Derek avoid her? Its easy for Derek to call her a Lolita, as if she seduced him, but lets be realistic here, Derek knew that child sexual abuse was immoral & illegal & yet he still molested this 11 year old child. It was his "wicked desires" that are to blame, not the victim.

Scroll down to the comments section. Derek was posting under the name, "The One" (it links to his Once Fallen website). I was posting under my blog name. Derek quit posting after I challenged him with the following comment:

ROARforTruth said:

Have you ever apologized to your victim? What is your justification in calling a 11 yr old child-a “Lolita”? You seem to forget that you were the ADULT. Your own brother told you to stay away from the child. You did not & your a sex offender because of it. To cast blame upon a child, is shameful. You’ve shown no remorse at all since your Lolita comment has been floating around the web for yrs now.

Here is a perfect opportunity, now, here, How about offering an open public apology for calling YOUR victim a LOLITA? Come on, step up. Man up!

The ball in your court. Posted: May 14th, 2010


I ask, what kind of individual would blame a child for the crime he committed? Would you, the neighbor next door want to know about him? Do you think such a comment makes a guy like this less dangerous to your children?

This individual goes all over the web broadcasting how the sex offender laws are "unjust", cruel, unfair. Now, there are many sex offenders whom have not re offended, got help, became law abiding citizens, took responsibility and admitted they were wrong. I doubt they blamed their victim as the one responsible! Derek, on the other hand, refuses to offer an apology to his victim. Maybe he thinks it would make him look "weak" but so what. I think it would show him taking responsibility, yet somehow its the victim's fault mentality that rules his mind. Read what he wrote up years ago:

Look at numbers 1, 2, 4 & 7.

Why has he deviated away from this penance? Look here, he says he takes responsibility:

"In my case, my key factors was extreme isolation from
others, my inability to connect with others, and my lack of desire to be a responsible adult. This of course,
in no way excuses my actions, but it at least answers the "why." "

And read this:

Are you sorry for what you did?

Of course I am! I have worked for years doing penance for my actions, not to satisfy society, but because
of how I feel about what I had done. Once Fallen is part of my penance. However, my penance is limited to
those I personally harmed and my obligations to the State of my conviction.

How can Derek be sorry? Years later he started bashing his victim! He discarded his "penance" why? Somehow he started to see himself as the victim, started "justifying" himself because his victim was already sexually active, somehow she was to blame, she lured him into her web! These are not the actions of a "repentant sex offender".

So, it has been 12 days and counting since posting my above Big 3 News comment to Derek. The world is waiting. I think we will be waiting a long long time. Sad, yes indeed.


    1. Yep, weeks later, we still wait! Liar Liar, your own words crucify you!

    2. Now its been "months" later & Derek is still silent! Yawn. Mighty hard to get a pedophile to admit wrong but I'll keep trying...


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