Monday, May 10, 2010

ZMan caught on FACEBOOK, as reported by "Derek Logue"

I admit I refused to believe Derek was telling the truth until I verified the accusation. Yes, ZMan, Mike Gregg of the sex offender issues blogspot, is in fact, a FaceBook member, posing under a false profile as "Jonathan Doe"! Here is the verified link:

Shocking...just shocking! Here you can find more on sex offender Michael J. Gregg:

Gregg, who was convicted in 1990 of child molestation, claims he "accidentally" exposed himself to a child on a playground when he stepped out of his shower and peered through a sliding glass door while still nude. In another version he states that a child was looking into his window and saw him nude. He states that he neither knew the child, nor touched them, but that he was convicted of molestation anyway because the child ran home and told a parent. He fails to mention that he was masturbating in the presence of a child "with the intent to satisfy and arouse" his sexual desires."

Why is Zman posting at FaceBook? Why is he posting under a fake profile name? Click on his FB "wall" and see what causes he supports, yep, he supports the "RSOL", Reform Sex Offender Laws, yikes! I've written tons of negative stuff about the RSOL, whom was started by and has tons of of known pro pedophile members within its ranks.

Look what Mike Gregg wrote under the RSOL FaceBook cause comment section:

I agree the laws should be reformed, but I do not agree in adults having sex with children"

Huh, then why are you advocating alongside of known RSOL pedophiles??? Come on Mike, Wise up! Don't you remember what Derek Logue said in his email:

I'm not a member of RSOL and do not participate in anything they do. I have my own reasons for not working with them, but I'm expecting them to draft a clear statement denouncing NAMBLA and related pro-pedo groups before I'll ever lift a finger to help them."

NAMBLA aka "North American Man-Boy Love association. Pedophiles!

Derek has said he has notified FaceBook about ZMan, aka Micheal Gregg, A registered Georgia sex offender. Good Job Derek!

More Info:

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