Saturday, May 15, 2010

tsand passes the ball to Derek...time to man up!

This is in reference to the following article I wrote:

Sex offender advocate PLAGIARIZES news article!

See the original Big 3 NEWS link here:

Scroll down and read the comments. I get into a little squabble with Derek Logue. Derek is easy to whip! Derek is upset Big 3 News has quoted "wikisposure" as a valid resource site. Derek posted under the name of "The One". Derek tries to rebuke the Big 3 News editor (Rusty Ray). Derek loses that battle! :-)

See my last comment, I'm giving Derek the opportunity to come clean & apologize for calling his victim, an 11 yr old girl he sexually molested, A LOLITA. How shameful! Here is my comment:

ROARforTruth said:

Have you ever apologized to your victim? What is your justification in calling a 11 yr old child-a “Lolita”? You seem to forget that you were the ADULT. Your own brother told you to stay away from the child. You did not & your a sex offender because of it. To cast blame upon a child, is shameful. You’ve shown no remorse at all since your Lolita comment has been floating around the web for yrs now.

Here is a perfect opportunity, now, here, How about offering an open public apology for calling YOUR victim a LOLITA? Come on, step up. Man up!

The ball in your court.

Yes, the ball is yours now. Will you offer a humble apology or not? The world wide web is waiting...............

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