Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alleged AZU member shot dead!

Wearing body armor and carrying two weapons, Jiverly Wong blocked the back door of the American Civic Association with his car on Friday, then went inside and fatally shot 13 people before apparently turning the gun on himself, police said. "Whatever drove this individual to do what he did I cannot possibly fathom," said Angela Leach, a representative of the association. "He must have been a coward," said Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

Most AZU vigilantes are content to harass on the internet but some do crack up and go on a killing spree! Instead of getting mental help, this vigilante thought he would kill others and then kill himself and that is what he did. I hope Stitches77, Jacey, and the other AZU clowns, don't go over the edge and start killing people. Rob Taylor is on the edge as I type! Rob, Please get some help or let Dr Logue help you instead. ZMan can give you a bunch of links of where you can go for help also!

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