Friday, April 3, 2009

Mark Lunsford: "I quit...Screw the children!!!"

Thanks to all those who have supported the JML Foundation!Our efforts would have not succeded without all of you.The foundation has now been closed.We have not stopped our efforts by any means.You can continue to support Jessie's Law & Mark Lunsford in his pursuit for justice for our children at the new c4 group Support Jessie's Law.Or by contacting Mark Lunsford.Thanks to all.

Closing down the nonprofit foundation ??? Gasp! One has to wonder why..could it be donators wised up? Remember the "$80,000" dollar motorcycle that Mark refused to auction off, well he still has it and a big truck and RV etc etc, All donations to Mark's charity and he kept them! The non profit foundation was supposed to be for the children Mark, Not for YOUR selfish whims!


  1. How DARE you expose MY scoop first! Just kidding! I love it! AZU's up in arms over the loss of their zero... I mean "hero."

    By the way I did a brief synopsis of the Lunsford controversy over at

  2. Did you know Rob Taylor's now pimping me site for me over at hXXp:// Since Traylor Trash and Lungsfullofshit have something in common, namely, known consumers of porn, of course one is going to defend the other!

  3. So you're still claiming dating ads that appear on my site is morally equivalent to you raping a child. Hmmm. It's almost like you are disgusted by normal sexuality, or afraid of it. I wonder what Freud would say?

  4. I liked what I saw Robby. You have my full support in posting photos of beautiful babes on your website! I might even add your babes to my Babes of the Month club:)


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