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"Robby Taylor": Another lying SHIThead exposed!

Is another anti who misspeaks the truth. He is a stanch supporter of Mark Lunsford. Mark can do NO wrong in the eyes of a anti. Robby thinks we have slandered Lunsford's reputation in stating there was "child porn" on Lunsford's computer. Robby/Absolute Zero Retards love to quote this:

Dear Mr. Gelman, (Lunsford attorney)

This is to confirm my prior representations to you that Mr. Lunsford's computer was seized from his home at the time of the disappearance as part of a routine investigation. The computer was examined by the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. They found no evidence of possession of child pornography on the computer. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Richard D. Ridgway
Assistant State Attorney

So, Is this the WHOLE TRUTH of the matter? Nope. There was ANOTHER Florida Asst State attorney who stated other wise but still refused to prosecute Mark Lunsford stating he had been through "enough already":

State attorney says computer records don’t warrant charges
By Dave Pieklik"

According to documents released Monday afternoon, investigators say they discovered child pornography on Mark Lunsford’s home computer.

Lunsford, the father of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was killed in February, denies looking at the images, while the sheriff’s office says none of the images had been “downloaded, filed or saved.”

Though the documents did not go into specifics about the images, Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino said the images were found on Lunsford’s computer. However, he said his office is not pursuing charges.

“There was no evidence found by law enforcement that the computer was used in the manufacturing or production of child pornography, only that there were a limited number of items that were viewed,” Magrino said. “To expend additional law enforcement resources and prosecutor resources to make a case, when balancing societal goals. I mean, Mr. Lunsford’s been through enough.”

Robby, Why do you ignore what Pete Magrino said? You quote one side of the coin but not the other! "Rob Taylor" cant get the facts straight either. He accuses us of slandering Lunsford and tells us we'd better "lawyer up" cause Lunsford is going to SUE us.

PLEASE SUE US MARK LUNSFORD! But in reality, this will never occur cause if Lunsford did sue any of us, He and his parents would be subject to being "diposed"(questioned under oath)and ASKED very personal questions about his background, Questions he would refuse to answer! Case dismissed.

Rob Taylor could be sued for calling ZMan a "child rapist" as he has stated here at PINK ALERTS:


"Gregg is one of a chorus of child rapists who claim child pornography was found on Mark Lunsford’s computer."

Rob, you know full well that Mr Gregg is not a child rapist as you state he is and here you openly committ LIBEL. You dorkhead! Please take your own advice:

"This is textbook libel. My advise to Zman - lawyer up. And don’t bother removing the posts now, I took screen shots which I’m sending to Lunsford, being the good citizen I am. Vengeance? Pretty much mine."

"Good citizen" I am-haha! Your a lying piece of discredited shithead who is BIASED in telling the REAL TRUTH! Grow up fore Derek spanks you again and again!


Rob Taylor
Pink Alerts
Dave Pieklik
Absolute Zero United


  1. Fuck Rob Traylor trash. Funny how he runs a site that talks about how the government and police lie about everything but now that someone criticizes his hero Lungsfull he believes them? I smell bullshit!

  2. So illiteracy is one of your problems besides moral degeneracy. Sorry Derek, I'm supportive of the boys in blue and am a active Republican.

    What's more interesting is that there's no link to this supposed Dave Piekilk piece, and the only web presence he has is a whole lotta incidental mentions that a nobody would garner.

    But a man running a blog like this, with a 20-year-history of criminality wouldn't LIE would he? Just as Clay wouldn't steal, stalk people, rape...


    "State attorney says computer records don’t warrant charges
    By Dave Pieklik "

    Robby, The article was pulled long ago by the Citrus County Chronicle newspaper but if you clink the link above, you'll see where I got the info from.

  4. You say that now, Traylor Trash but you're just another cumdrinking republican piece of shit. We all know RepubliCONS love their kiddie porn and deviant sex, and you still have links to deviant sex sites at your trash site.

    I'd be happy to send you a PDF file of the original article, cumsucker, but you're too much of a pussy to request it. You don't want to know the TRUTH because it is obviously something new to you.

    "Sheriff spokeswoman Gail Tierney said a “handful” of images were found by members of the sheriff’s computer forensics unit in the computers delete bin. She said the images had not been downloaded, filed or saved."-- Now how else did they get into a delete bin except by saving them, dipshit? Are you daft? Don't bother answering, I know you are.

    And I suppose this was just another conspiracy by me, too?

    Initially, the money came easy. Lunsford received $50,000 in the 24 days after his daughter disappeared. Supporters held motorcycle rallies, races and festivals in Jessica's name.

    But financial documents filed by the foundation show it remains a relatively small operation. In its first two years ending July 2007, the foundation received about $285,000 in donations. The organization's most recent assets were reported at $102,000.

    The Internal Revenue Service records show growing signs of financial trouble. In the 2006 fiscal year, the latest figures available, contributions grew 10 percent while fundraising costs grew 170 percent. The bulk of the foundation's money went to pay salary and travel costs for Lunsford.

    In the 2006 fiscal year, he earned $54,800, which is more than double his salary the previous year, records show. In addition, he received health insurance and charged the foundation for most of his expenses. In a recent interview at his parents' home in Homosassa, Lunsford deflected criticism, saying the board sets his salary.

    It's not uncommon for foundation leaders to earn salaries — some make much more — but many smaller organizations often don't pay staff.

    Lunsford couldn't clarify other questionable expenses in the documents without going through receipts, including a two-year travel bill totaling more than $40,000 and a one-year expense of nearly $14,000 for "entertainment." Amid this recent scrutiny, he acknowledged that he fired his treasurer and hired a professional accounting firm from Jacksonville.

    The bookkeeping change meant Lunsford also couldn't explain why a number of big-ticket items weren't shown in the foundation's public tax forms. Among the known transactions missing:

    • The $15,000 in early donations Lunsford used to buy a 2002 Chevy truck.

    • The custom motorcycle with Jessica's image, worth an estimated $80,000, that was made by Santiago Chopper and donated to the foundation. (Lunsford said it was never donated, but Santiago owner Alan Bernard said the opposite.)

    • A tour bus of undetermined value donated by a California company that now rests behind the home of Lunsford's parents in Homosassa.

    By contrast, the financial records show relatively few dollars — about $10,000 in two years — provided direct assistance to child support groups, which is another tenet of the foundation's mission.
    "We don't like a lot of the things (Lunsford's) doing," said Claudine Ryce, who manages a Florida nonprofit in the memory of her son Jimmy Ryce. "We don't think that's the way to fund the nonprofit."

    Looks like Lunsford can't get EVERY single article negative about him off the net. Wake up and smell what you're shoveling, Taylor Trash.

  5. Derek correct me if I'm wrong but wasnt Mark Foley a "republican" ? lol!

  6. Damn straight. RepubliCONS are sexually frustrated. Its not GOP its G-zero-P as in getting zer pussy! Maybe that's why Republicans are over-represented in political sex scandals:

  7. Robert has left a new comment on your post ""Robby Taylor": Another lying SHIThead exposed!":

    So you guys are now against pedophilia? Why rape children then?

    Do you guys read your comments later? I'm sexually frustrated? Not you who RAPE CHILDREN?

    This is as funny as that threat emailed me. I'm still waiting for that email so I can give you my address. Or are you backpeddling on your offer to come "look me up"

    Seems to me the only pussies here are you and Derek and myself.

    There wasnt any threat...I'll bring the wine, you provide the cigars! Of course we oppose pedophilia you silly rascal but we dont oppose harassing antis who lack credibility and manufacture lies and distort the truth!

    If you talk to Lunsford, tell him I said hello-I am a big fan!

  8. The only pussy here IS Taylor Trash and his Pink Alerts

  9. Rob Taylor has left a new comment on your post ""Robby Taylor": Another lying SHIThead exposed!":

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Pink Alerts! Oh my that's so funny. So clever. It's strange adult women don't want to be with me. Now I know why!

    But it was a threat and later today I'll be contacting your local authorities. Awesome right? Claiming you buried bodies on the 'net in a lame attempt to intimidate people is going to pay off dividends.

    Still waiting for that email though. I guess you forgot. Anyhoo I'm listed so when you want to look me up just drop by, we can talk about all those horrible things that happened in my childhood i pretend makes me the person i decide to be every day.

    Robby, I just buried two more bodies this weekend-better hurry fore the cement dries!

  10. Apparently Robbie's been burying bodies in BULLSHIT all these years, too bad that's not a crime... but it SHOULD be!

  11. Lawyer up? That's funny. Everything I have posted, is documented in other news articles, no slander here. And I'm still waiting on him to contact Mr. Lunsford.


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