Wednesday, April 15, 2009

James Freeman (Mystic) gets LIFE SENTENCE (UPDATED)

PENSACOLA- Five men were convicted for their roles in an Australia-based global child pornography ring.
Back in January the men from Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina were convicted on numerous charges including child exploitation.
Tuesday Senior US District Judge Lacey Collier sentenced them.
Investigators say the men took part in a highly sophisticated ring which used encryption techniques to distribute more than 400,000 lewd pictures and movies of children...
Some as young as 2 years old.


Jim was the Exec Director over at the now defunct SOHOPEFUL website and forum before his arrest. Jim already had a sex offender conviction in Florida. He behaved as if he had been rehabilitated. He fooled alot of people into believing he had turned his life around and was no longer a danger to society's children. He had the opportunity to CHANGE but did not. His crimes eventually caught up with him! Jim is not representative of how "all" registered sex offenders continue on. Most do in fact turn their lives around and become productive citizens again. Jim played a dangerous game and he deserved to be caught, convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison. Jim threw his life away. He threw his own family away. He contributed to defenseless children being raped in order to satisfy his own selfish demented sexual needs. I personally knew Jim and I think his sentence is unjust...he should of received the death penalty for his crimes!


Jim's sentencing was RESCHEDULED for APRIL 28th. I was given misinformation from the Clerk's Office. My apologies for misleading anyone. Luckily, this gives "Z" more time to write the court and beg for a lenient sentence! The other defendants received life sentences and i expect Jim will receive the same.


  1. Freeman chose to re-offend and got time for what he did. Not only did he not learn his lesson, he tried to use his high and mighty position to hide his lack of desire to live the reformed life. I hope he never gets out.

  2. You do not give a link to the source of this information.

    I have not been able to verify it. The U.S. Dept. of Justice press release does not mention him -

    It mentions six defendants who were sentenced. An earlier release in March mentioned that seven defendants were to be sentenced on March 14. It appears that Jim has not yet been sentenced. This is puzzling. I fully expect that he will be sentenced to life when it does happen.

  3. Please read UPDATE.

    Stitches made a big "boo boo"!


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