Sunday, April 5, 2009

CLOWN with a BAT

Meet Mr "Clown with a bat". This nutcase contacted me the other day by IM. He started bragging about how fun it is to have sex with a little "bat". What a sicko loser! And the clown is a Absolute Zero United member-A double whamo sicko group of losers! This is Mr Clown's arrest count of bestiality! The poor bat isn't expected to live. At least we have another AZU member off the streets. Loser!


  1. ROFLMAO!!!! Sorry, I have no snappy combacks for faggy clown with a bat and NO BALLS!

  2. A little less talk, a lot more action, PLZ!

    "Oh goody!!! A sex offender protest in Cincinnati to look forward to. Hey Derek - see ya tomorrow night
    NEWSFLASHER | 04.07.09 - 7:25 pm | "

    Funny. I was there today at the rally. Not an AZU troll in sight. Not a one. I did get to chat with lots of people there, including LE, the media, the VOA, and even the head of those protesting, who was almost as ill informed as AZU. And not a troll in sight. How disappointing! Where was evildouchewithabatandnoballs, Logue Hater, Crazy Tracy Warped Ohio Golden, StitchyStatiCunt, Jackassey, and baddog54321? Um, they weren't there.


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