Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chuck E Cheese is INNOCENT!!! (lying anti wants $)

ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A woman has filed a lawsuit against Chuck E Cheese, claiming the beloved mouse character at a child-theme restaurant put his paws where they didn’t belong.
Jennifer Sorbello, 22, of Arnold, filed the suit Tuesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court, accusing a man dressed in the mascot costume, William Thigpen, of groping her breast.

This is the questionable photo of Mr Cheese allegedly "groping" this idiot. I don't see any groping going on either. That is a heavy wool coat she is wearing and the rat's paw is on her forearm. And even if Mr Chesse was in fact groping her as she states, Look at her ENJOYING it! And she doesn't bother to call the police and report a sexual assualt either and that certainly centers on her credibility as to a crime being committed. I suspect the kids wouldn't give her any tokens to play the kiddy games, So she got mad and is taking it out on the rat. I hope the rat bites her ass in court! She deserves it.

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