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Mike & Betty Price: "Living the lie"

Founders of a group called Roar for freedom org. Mike goes by the nickname of
"Kiokwus". I think the definition of that name, is, "one who distorts the truth". Mike
is also a registered sex offender. A friend let me know she had read "conflicting" stories about as to whether Mike committed a minor or serious sex offense or not.
Mike has always maintained he was "innocent". I'm not interested in options but real factual information that PROVES if Mike is a truth teller or a liar. Based on research, I reckon Mike Price is a liar because the facts tell the REAL truth. Reading below, you will read where Mike & Betty give conflicting stories about what Mike did:

(Scroll way down to read the Kiokwus comment)

Posted by: kiokwus | Jun 16, 2006 2:38:42 PM

Sometimes living the life of a sex offender still on probation leaves me feeling hopeless that my future will have much worth or purpose. Certainly my present does not have much satisfaction. To know that for the rest of my life my country will consider me a worthless throw away citizen is depressing. At least citizens have the right to vote, so actually I am less than a citizen who was born and raised here. My crime was getting two fifteen minute massages from a foreign exchange student staying in my apartment for a couple of weeks. Oh, yes, I also put aloe vera lotion on her sunburn after we spent an hour at the beach. I acted inappropriately by being naked in my apartment in the presence of the fifteen year old European girl, and for that I will be a registered sex offender for the remainder of my days. Personally, if my days were only a few it would be a joyous relief, because I have no career to return to, no retirement to contribute to since I basically am just making ends meet and getting by, and the mental anguish of daily being reminded that sex offenders are worse creatures on the planet. It did not matter that the girl offered the massages. That was my fault for being touched, especially while being naked for a massage. Regretting my error will never make the judge happy. Paying exorbitant attorneys' fees, losing my career, going to jail for six months, paying to participate in a sex offender course for 20 months, five years of probation where I must go three times a month to answer the same insidious questions that I have not had police contact, or contact with minors, and that I still live at the same address mean nothing to society. Corporations will not hire me. I cannot sell real estate. I cannot become a plumber, even if I had a crack big enough to fill the job. Jokes aside, this law does not consider the fairness of punishing one forever. This was not murder, folks. This was a dumb, single male who took in a stranger from another country who spoke the same language, and made a mistake of being naked in his apartment in her presence. Even murderers don't have to register for life. People who drive drunk and kill people don't have to register for life. Some guy who falls asleep while getting a massage does, though. Yes, I was wrong. I won't do that again. But that isn't punishment enough. Oh, did I forget to mention the $4,000 fine? And, why don't lying attorneys have to register for life? Everyone is guilty of something. Let's register everyone for something. Well, let's not register the police, the politicians, the judges, the district attorneys, the attorneys, or people who lie on the stand. They deserve special favor. All the while, the sex offenders who are all classified as the scum of society have no rights as convicted felons. Why not just kill them all? Start with me, because this system already killed me five years ago when the attorney told me to plead guilty after I told him I didn't have any more money to pay him. (He was doing such a mediocre job, that paying him an additional $7,500 to continue his worthless efforts would have been a greater crime.) Maybe after I am actually dead, not breathing any more, someone will realize that this country that is rapidly losing face around the world has a greater need to stop throwing away its citizens. Recycle bottles, cans, paper, and just for fun, felons who have completed their punishment phases. They are not all alike, but they still have redeemable value that cannot be utilized if discarded forever.

Now we will read what Betty Price had to say:

lencherovp03-24-2004, 11:13 AM

Here is our story. Would love to have people to chat with. Ariel thanks for directing me to this site.
I always was told that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I was always told the policemen, the judicial system, etc worked for the people. I always believed these things until I met my wonderful husband. I met him after being married to an abusive alcoholic for 26 years. I finally got the courage, the sense or whatever you want to call it and leave in July 1999. I met my husband Mike on August 31, 1999. It was love at first sight for us both. We originally met online and chatted for a couple days. I told him I wanted to meet him and he told me he had to tell me something first. I read a little of his story and told him you paid your dues and I wasn't one to judge without meeting and getting to know a person. We met the next evening. We moved in together a couple weeks later. He has helped me through nightmares, flashbacks, and has worked and supported us through most of our relationship. I have panic and anxiety attacks and chronic depression. At times, I faint for no apparent reason. They say this is the form of anxiety attacks I have. He has never pushed me, has done without so I had medication, has taken very good care of me, never complained about being awakened at at night when I have nightmares, holds me when I faint. He is the most wonderful, loving, caring person and I am so lucky to have found him. God was smiling down on me when we met. God meant for us to be together. Here is his story and our story:

In March 1984 Mike was arrested for capital sexual battery. He was coerced into pleading guilty. He was told he was drunk and didn't remember doing anything to his nine year old little girl, who was his oldest daughter. After he pled guilty the States Attorney told the Judge that the medical reports stated there was vaginal penetration. Mike was sentenced to 2 years house arrest and 15 years probation. He didn't see his children for two years. Near the end of the 2 year house arrest he was offered a job in Pennsylvania. The courts allowed his probation to go to Pennsylvania. He had an excellent job. In
December 1994 his youngest daughter said he had touched her breasts. He hadn't done so. The oldest daughter tried to speak on his behalf and
wasn't allowed to. She mainly wanted to let the system know that her sister was lying because she had been grounded. At this time the oldest
daughter was 17. The youngest was 13. He and his wife were having problems and he was planning to move out after Christmas. He was
with a misdemeanor for this as he pled guilty again deciding there was no reason to fight. He was depressed about many things in his life. His
wife moved back to Florida and went to the States Attorney and insisted they violate his probation. Pennsylvania had decided not to let Florida
know anything and she was furious. She had been telling her daughters their Father was dead and no longer of any importance to them, they
were to have nothing to do with him etc. I have this information from the oldest daughter who lives in our home with her two year old son. She
is very close to her Father. In December 2000 we lived near the youngest daughter in an apartment. I worked at the apartment complex. The
youngest daughter had told the oldest daughter she would consider meeting with us. We wrote to her. Her Father wrote and I wrote a
separate letter introducing myself. She then sent the police to our home telling them Mike was a Registered Sex Offender. Mike had me to call
the police station earlier in the year about that because we had watched something on the news about it and I was told he didn't have to Register.
They arrested him that night for Failure to Register. While he was in jail over night I went through his transcripts and read what the States
Attorney said to the judge about the medical reports. I already knew that wasn't true because the oldest daughter had already told me
he had never touched her in anyway and was only a loving Father her entire life! Then I found the copy of the medical record. It reads no
penetration and no evidence of any vaginal trauma or attempted entry! How could the States Attorney get away with this. I asked Mike
this question. He said because he had pled guilty the judge didn't have to actually see the medical report! Also, I found out that Mike hadn't
seen it either. Not only that, but he had never looked at any of the transcripts or anything since they had been in his possession. He said he
just wanted to forget it and get on with his life. Also, while looking at these papers I found his release papers from prison when they violated
his probation. No where on any of the papers does it say he is to register as a sex offender. As a matter of fact the only thing even close is
where they checked "NO, I do not have to register as a sexual predator". I was fired the same night that they arrested Mike and told we had
three days to move out. I didn't receive my last pay check from them. I don't remember what their reason was for keeping it. I also didn't
receive my Commissions due to me. Since I was fired they gave Mike a Public Pretender oops I mean defender. I was a wreck and haven't
worked outside the home since then. We started our own business as a Procurement Agency for the Offshore Gas and Oil Industry. In
November of 2002 our business was doing so well that Mike was able to quit his regular job and work at home with me. While doing research
on the internet to try and help him win this case I came across the Jacob Wetterling Act. It seems the DOC was to have registered Mike
before he even left prison. Had they done that he would have received a letter from the State yearly wanting all of his information as to
address, license number, license plate number, phone number, etc. He never received one of these until after he was arrested for
Failure to Register. We went to court on July 28, 2003 for this charge. The judge said to Mike, "Mr.. Price, I haven't read anything about
your case or seen anything about your case but I can tell you that if you take this to trial you will lose and you will be given 15 years and
the Jimmy Rice Act". Of course, after that he did the same thing and pled guilty. My 16 year old daughter, her boyfriend, Mikes now
26 year old daughter, a friend of ours and myself were all in court to speak on his behalf but were denied. My children and grandchildren
think just as much of Mike as his own daughter does. He has been a great step father to my children and loves them as his own.
He is serving 11/29 in the Pasco County Detention Center, Land O' Lakes, FL. Our customers somehow found out about Mikes criminal
background and the business is now gone. All because of lies and ignorant States Attorney's, State Judges and State Public Pretenders.
Mike's daughter has gone to an attorney and given her statement as a recantation. He went through all the transcripts etc and found
several other reasons besides her statement to file a Motion for Post Conviction Relief. That paperwork was filed on October 30, 2003 but
we have yet to be given a hearing date. They want to rush and put innocent people in jails and prisons but drag their feet on the truth.
I am finished venting now. I am a lot wiser and a whole lot less naive now. Thank you for listening.
Michael and Betty Price

The story w/the 15 yr girl sounds harmless but the OTHER story involves a young defenseless child! Here is his Florida charge:


Mike/Betty say the victim "recanted" but we don't know that for a FACT. Betty was caught lying this week over at the ROAR forum, so really, who is telling the truth here? I wonder why Mike didn't take a POLYGRAPH TEST if he wasn't guilty? So to
recap, we are presented by two far different stories from Mike & Betty Price. We know they are lying but how come we don't ever read of either "retracting" their false versions of what the truth is not? Come on guys, fess up!

You guys over at the ROAR forum better watch out cause your being lied to. Ask for the real truth at the forum and watch yourself get BANNED!

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