Friday, May 1, 2009

Anti recants "rape",0,741794.story

Woman recants story after saying man met on MySpace raped her

A woman who was allegedly raped by a man whom she met on now says the sex was consensual, according to Orlando Police.

The woman told officers earlier this week that the man raped her when she went to his apartment on Westgate Drive.

The 21-year-old woman told officers she met the man, 25, on on April 20 and began talking to him on the phone and via e-mail.

According to a police report the woman went to the man's apartment on Tuesday afternoon to hang out there and eventually leave to go hang out somewhere else together.

False accusations are a terrible crime and at least this woman eventually had the COMMON SENSE to recant! And she has yet to be arrested herself for providing false info to the cops. Arrest her and sentence to the equivalent of what a rape sentence would consist of. Then, these false accusers would think other wise when they scream false rape! It would be nice if we had a "registry" listing these women who lie and get INNOCENT men arrested/convicted of sex crimes but I'm willing to fore go a registry, instead let's just tattoo "F.A." (false accuser) on their fore heads! Or just tattoo the word "anti" equals the samething!

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