Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Oprah Show "zoom and caress" method of sexualizing a 12 yr old girl

You have very likely come to this site because of the Oprah show. You may be angry over what you have been led to believe. We also are angry, for what you have been led to believe. It is a sad commentary on a society that would use children for sexual purposes. Even more sad when a child has been so exploited for ratings. If you are looking for sexual pictures of children you will not find them here. Let's go right to the problem.


In order to "introduce" the audience to Cindy's site, Janet Lee, the show's producer, selected many pictures of Cindy in which she is wearing shorts or a bathing suit from her website. These could be manipulated by a graphic artist to portray Cindy in a sexual manner by a "zoom an caress" method. Let's compare our pictures to the way they were presented on Oprah:

With motion graphics zooming in on
Cindy's upper legs, the Oprah show presents Cindy in a sexual manner.

The full picture above is shown, then zoomed in upon to focus on and pan over the crotch area and upper legs. This puts a sexual spin on an innocent picture of an an 12 year old girl.

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  1. Simply put, Oprah is a sexual predator. But if she buys me a car I won't turn her in. PS: I noticed that no one's bid on your fat cow... er... "hot babe" of the month. You might make more if you sell her by the pound LOL


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