Sunday, May 3, 2009

Robby Taylor: "Your UNDER ARREST"!!!

Well, not right now but its coming just as soon as Robby steps foot in Florida or the cops locate his hiding place! No more visits to DisneyLand! It all started here:

Robby got caught lying and called on the carpet for his libelous misdeeds. He promised to "get me" (get revenge) and he did just that but....VIOLATED the law in his feeble minded attempt to do so! Recently he posted the following over at his Pink Alerts piece of vigilantism bullshit blog:

The fact that a man who raped a child under the age of 16 (according to his offender registry)"

Fact? Nope that is false! Never have I been accused or arrested of CHILD rape period. MY registry info does not state that but Robby sees otherwise:

"(according to his offender registry)"

That one little comment is in violation of Florida Statute {Section 775.21(10)(c)

Notice of Criminal Violation:


Any person who:

knowingly distributes or publishes false information relating to such a predator or offender which the person misrepresents as being public records information


materially alters public records information with the intent to misrepresents the information, including documents, summaries of public records information provided by law enforcement agencies, or public records information displayed by law enforcement agencies on websites or provided through other means of communication, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Tis tis Robby. Lucky you its only a misdemeanor but the penalty is ONE YEAR in jail. You deserve it. You earned it. Please avoid any fat prisoners nick named "Bubba"!!!


Pink Alerts

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