Thursday, December 17, 2009

The "maturity" of a sex offender advocate-part 3

The above was written by the Fallen One, aka Derek Logue, a sex offender & predator advocate who strives daily in his quest to see all sex offender restrictions are abolished. Derek of course, is a registered sex offender himself. Derek is very "opinionated" in his distorted views as a sex offender. Derek is one of those offenders who has bashed his own victim & other child abuse victims, click on the above link & read as Derek bashes his victim in 2005. He even has a little disclaimer! Unbelievable.

Derek tries vainly to cast his victim in a bad light & even if what Derek states is possibly true, it does NOT matter be
cause Derek was the adult who molested an 11 yr old. Derek was previously WARNED by his brother, father of this child, to stay away from her but Derek refused to! One has to wonder why Derek did not stay away?

Let me fast forward two years to 2007 & read what else Derek has to say about "his victim". This is from Derek's Fallen One website-his words-not mine:


Below is the Original "Once Fallen" Article I wrote and gave to Cincinnati City Council and the local media
a few days after my speech on sex offender residency restrictions.

"I committed a sex crime in Alabama way back in 1999, nearly eight long years ago. More specifically, I had kissed an
underage girl. I typically don’t tell people the reason for my actions that day because people would say I’m justifying or
minimizing my actions, but the fact is that it was a consensual yet age inappropriate act. Yet I take full responsibility for my
actions. I was warned to steer clear of her, but I didn’t listen because I was stubborn and lonely and depressed. In the end I
blame no one but MYSELF, however, and realize the wrongfulness of my actions."

Interestingly that nowhere does Derek even try to bash his victim before a room full of people! Rather, he sneaks around the internet bashing. From 2008 until the present, here are some more colorful Derek Fallen One comments:

Violent quotes from Derek Logue:

"You won't post this you fuckwit. By the way, I have family in Noth Carolina. Maybe I'll come by and meet you in person someday soon unless you're afraid of course. That should make you shit your pants you pussy..." (threat!)

"Maybe when the entire lot of 500,000 RSOs either kills themselves or kills everyone else. Or kills everyone else then themselves. The establishment is pushing the envelope with each passing day it's only a matter of time."

" It kills what little empathy for the victims I have left. These past few weeks I have felt angrier than I ever have been. If you people can feel the pain in my heart you could understand but none of you can. You know someday I will reach that point when all the pain I inflict will carry over to people other than myself. Maybe it takes extreme actions to open the eyes of the ignorant."

"I hated my stepdad and felt a sense of joy when he died. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was pretend I ever cared about that SOB for my brother's sake. I wish I could have beat him up one good time like I did my mom's last husband who recently died."

"As a weak child I took my frustrations out first on animals."

"I'm attracted to women only if they are aggressive in pursuing a relationship with me, my "victim" included."

"I've been diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and chronic depression. I've been on a variety of meds-- prozac (which drove me crazy), tegretol (they had to monitor my blood for that one-- joy), etc."

"I like particular features. Some teenagers have these features, though I don't actively pursue these people."

"So here was this one girl who wanted to be with me; problem was she was well below the AOC of 18, and I was around 22 at the time. I know it is wrong, but at that time I thought only of easing the pain I was feeling at any cost. Despite the fact that she was the one initiating the relationship, I knew she was not old enough to be with me and held her at arms length thinking it would never go beyond mere talk. Well obviously it went further than that"

"My only thing is, however, is that those of us who have these illicit desires are obligated by the law of the land to either not participate in these illicit activities or suffer the consequences. And that doesn't matter whether you think that is fair or not."

It goes on and on...Derek the sex offender advocate who boldly runs up/down the internet screaming how it is un
fair he is a registered sex offender! Shows no empathy for his very own victim. Bashes OTHER victims, etc. Read again the quotes-his very own words and ask yourself, is
society better off knowing this person is a registered sex offender or not ??? Derek has not learned from his mistakes & he needs to be "watched" closely!

I recently asked Derek in the link below when he was going to take a stand & denounce NAMBLA? You see the RSOL has ties to nambla & sex offender "advocates" like Derek know about it but refuse to kick the trashy pedophiles out!
Senseless & defeating, Sex offenders associating w/known pedophiles in order to get sex offender laws abolished=
distortions 101... maturity does not exist & offenders like Derek place our children in extreme harm!

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  1. Sorry I had to reject your comment Derek but society cannot tolerate such heinous comments from a pedophile apologist such as yourself. Feel free to email me if you need to vent your frustrations any further, I'm always willing to listen to you rant even if I dont agree. My door is always open!


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