Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why Do Pedophiles Rally Around GLSEN?



So much for promoting safety for gay youth. It turns out that GLSEN’s reading list has some unexpected supporters, and by unexpected I mean just what I and others have predicted.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my relationship with “anti” blogs like Absolute Zero United and groups like Pagans Against Child Abuse has made me privy to a little known world that many readers are blissfully unaware of – the online pro-pedophile movement. There are a series of forums populated by both anonymous pedophiles and registered sex offenders that promote the idea that adults should be able to molest children and collect child porn. It is, to them, the fascism of people like me that “oppresses” pedophiles who they claim are a sexual minority like homosexuals.

One of the most repellent of these sites is a forum called Annabelleigh.net which is often referred to as “girl chat” because it is a forum dedicated to men who want to have sex with little girls. There is a brother site for it known as “boy chat” that is known to have been the online stomping grounds for several pedophiles that were later arrested. Of interest to any person who has fallen for their self-pitying claptrap about pedophiles being born with an unpopular orientation is that both sites share many members, including some of the most vile and dangerous child predators you could imagine. At one time the webmaster of “boy chat” was fugitive Jon Schillaci whose activities there, under the name Dylan Thomas, led to his arrest by authorities.

GLSEN’s portrayal of the sexual exploitation of children by adults as at worst benign but in many cases an integral part of the coming of age of gay men has, as you can imagine, garnered much empathy from these online degenerates. I was sent a link to an older conversation on Annabelleigh.net in which several pedophiles discuss their support for GLSEN:


  1. Why do pedophiles rally around GLSEN? Because like you they make assumptions that cause them to look like asses.

    They equate my not believing that anyone should be forced to live under a bridge, told where they can and cannot work, etc. etc., with supporting an adult's right to have sex with children. Anyone who has ever read anything I have ever written or said publicly knows that that couldn't be farther from the truth, yet they push onward.

    Say what you want about me, I think it's pathetic that you have nothing better to do with your time, Tsand.

    I know better, the people, who's respect I would not want to lose, know better.

    The way I see it is this...if you are digging at me, you are leaving someone else alone.

    You need some seriously counseling.

  2. Hey, I tried Sosen's therapy program & here I sit, a much happier individual!


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