Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sosen Twilight Series

Based on the "twilight Zone" series of weird thinking idiots. Diluted rationalization. Cogitative distortion.

Sosen aka Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network, A network of registered sex offenders & predators convicted of illegal sex crimes against children.
Family members & friends of sex offenders joined Sosen as well.

Sosen does not give a shit about protecting children from sexual abuse & rather they advocate that the sex offender laws (SOL) are intrusive & prevent them from living law abiding lives as free citizens. Bullshit.

The Sosen Twilight Series will expose the behind the scene activities of who these people are and what they really be-
lieve. Most started out on the right track but eventually be came demented in their distortions & cast themselves as the "victims". The poor abused child they victimized is no longer their concern. Bullshit. They think the abolishment of the sex offender registry will "protect" Children! Ha ha.

More on Sosen:

Offender Support and Education Network, also known as SOSEN or S.O.S.E.N. would like for the public to believe that registered sex offenders are really just innocent people who ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time. They'd like for the public to believe that anyone can end up on the sex offender registry, and that most of the people on the sex offender registry are either falsely accused, convicted of "Romeo/Juliet" crimes, or convicted of urinating in alleyways. They would also like the public to think that these sex offenders on the registry are reformed, have paid their time, and are no longer a threat to our children. Therefore, SOSEN believes that the sex offender registry should just go away. After all, it's not necessary, because most of them are innocent, or have been accused of very minor crimes.

However, if one takes a quick look at the list of their members, their claims about sex offenders being innocent, falsely accused, or convicted of very minor crimes comes apart quickly at the seams.

This organization, like many other RSO activist organizations, blames the victim at every turn. They also, like many other RSO activist organizations, rally to change legislation that affects them, and harasses other groups on the internet, such as anti-pedophile activists, victims of sex abuse, and actual support groups for the family members of sex offenders who are trying to get real help for their families, rather than find someone else to blame.

Many of the members of this organization are also members of other RSO activist organizations. Many of these organizations ally with each other to organize events and to perform acts of "civil disobedience." In fact, one of the RSO activist organizations which is allied with SOSEN has created a Pedophile Manifesto, advocating the creation and detonation of a bomb to make their point.

And Sosen thinks they have the "solutions" to prevent child abuse? Bullshit!

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