Thursday, December 17, 2009

My pedo attack cat!

"tsand" the ferocious kitten! You pedophile enablers better run, cause tsand shows no mercy!!! Don't come crying that you weren't forewarned:)


  1. News Flash, pedo attack kitten loosed, kills TSand and Static, Stitches and co. hightail it outta here. You have a lot in common with this cat, you're both PUSSIES!

  2. You want to "kill" us. Ha! I hear your fellow SOL advocate buddies are pissed off about your NAMBLA email to me & they should be. Your just another yellow pussy assed traitor turncoat in their eyes! Serves you right. Asking me to hold your fraidy paw & say what you wanted, encouraging you to man up to finally ADMIT the pedophile RSOL connection & now your friends are pissed off & your slunking back under your rock cause you popularity is now in jeopardy! "Its tsand's fault", "He made me say that", yeah right Derek, you said it but NOW your saying "I forced you" to say it, Ball up & stop acting like a girlie man:)

  3. Wow I love how twisted and distorted your thinking is, it is apparent AZI is working a number on you! It is truly sad this feud started just because someone bitch slapped you over at Roar for Freedom!

  4. Big differences between you & I Derek:

    >I am not a "pedophile apologist" like you are.

    > I have never bashed or been critical of "my victim" but you have. You think calling your 11 yr old victim a "lolita" is okay.

    >You hang around & support the RSOL pedophile loving thugs even when you have freely admitted their ongoing connections to NAMBLA (North American MAN-BOY Love Association). I oppose them.

    > You hang around pedophiles & thus that makes you a pedophile enabler, I do not do this.

    > I oppose "boy love" or "girl Love" pedo websites & you've yet to ever denounce these thugs.

    And on and on and on...

    Big difference between you & I! Oh yeah, what happened to that bitch Betty Price...who you say slapped me, she got kicked out (banned) of her own forum!

    Grow up Derek lest you re offend & join the likes of Jim Freeman:-(


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