Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twilight Series PART "1"

Meet "David LaRue" SOSEN staff member aka tiggeronmv - Plead guilty to sexually assaulting his daughter. Level 2 Registered Sex Offender in Massachusetts, not on the public registry.

Tiggeronmv is the nickname he goes by these days. David is a SOSEN Staff member. Disgruntled that he has to register as a convicted sex offender even though he is not listed on a public registry for all to see!

I recently came across his name at a Christian forum on the internet. I liked what I was reading...until the second page where he started making "excuses" and pointing fingers at others. David started seeing himself as the "victim". Sosen members think they are the victims in the present day of schemes in trying to have sex offender laws overturned. Let us look closely at what David has to "his own words":

"On September 19, 2007 I was served a restraining order that removed me from our home. My wife stated that I had "inappropriately touched our children".

He admits it here:

"During this entire time, I didn't really understand what my wife was talking about, but did go to three different ministers and the elders of my church. I confessed to them of the one time back in July, that during the middle of the night while checking our daughter to see if she had wet the bed, I DID TOUCH HER on top of her nightgown to see if she was wet. At that moment, I realized that my hand was touching where it was never allowed to be and I quickly pulled it back. I went to the living room to pray about what I had just done. My wife must have heard me praying and then decided that I am a child molester."

He violated the "do not touch" rule:

"My wife has never gotten over having been molested by a neighbor's husband for more than three years when she was a teenager, so our family rules are very specific about who could touch my daughter's privates, only my daughter, my wife, and our children's doctor."

Now he tries to "justify" his actions. David has admitted
he is an addicted porn user & I have to wonder if this did lead to him touching his daughter ? There are studies linking adult porn to child sexual abuse:

I did not touch my daughter's skin nor did I explore her privates. The touch was not motivated by lust or indecent thoughts, in fact, I was half asleep myself."

"You must remember that I was still actively using pornography as a substitution for the lack of sexuality within my marriage, or at least that was the rationalization I was using to justify myself."

David confessed to others:

Prior to accepting the plea, my lawyer told me, because I had confessed to touching my daughter, even just the one time, I could be sentenced up to six years. One of the ministers had told the detective that I had confessed and also since my wife was going to testify against me."

David pleads guilty, serves 30 days in jail and probation.
End of story, Sex offender admits guilt, gets help, leads a productive life tale? Nope. His wife divorces him, he is restrained under court order from visiting his two kids. His attitude starts to turn into the victim mode.

Did he molest her before? He is not sure:

The main question is, did I do it? Well, for more than two and one half months, I truly didn't known. I only know of the one time that I touched my daughter. Had I and have I still, somehow blocked out any other time or times? I didn't know and in reality, still don't know with absolute proof even today."

But here he admits that porn destroyed his life:

I am not just someone who has a "problem" with the secret sin of pornography and lust. I am someone who has an addiction to pornography, and it has cost me my family, my job, forced me to become a convicted and registered sex offender, serve time in jail, submit my D.N.A. and wear a G.P.S. ankle bracelet. An addiction to pornography CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE."

Indeed porn can wreck havoc in one's life but why in the world is David involved with Sosen? These idiots desire to see all sex offender laws stricken-done away with and does David want that as well? Remember, He did in fact confess to molesting his daughter, he plead guilty in court! And David is hanging around child molesters who have done far far worse in abusing children-right at Sosen.
Lets us not forget that Sosen is associating with known pedophiles at the RSOL:

I have to wonder if David's therapist is aware he is hanging around other pedophiles? I doubt it. David has a porn addiction & now he is palling around with folks who think child porn is A-OKAY.

The effects of pornography are well documented."

Researchers from both secular and religious organizations have repeatedly come up with similar results: pornography is addictive, it is harmful to both the consumer and to the people involved in production. Adult pornography almost universally features people who were victims of child sexual abuse. Adult pornography also is closely linked with child pornography. Indeed most adult porn websites feature ads intimating that child porn is available on their sites. They advertise "teens" and "lolitas" and infinite other combination's suggesting children in pornographic settings.

Sosen is bad for you David, Get out before its to late!


SOSEN/Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL/Reform Sex offender Laws

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