Friday, February 20, 2009

PJ members getting "burned out", Go bye bye!

Its really humorous I think. Perverted-Justice is LOSING alot of its once dedicated members, to burn out. They just can't take it anymore and they leave w/o saying a word. So much for being "dedicated" to the innane goals of PJ!

Feeling burned out? Busy with life? Don't just fade away...
Over the several years of this organization, there has been one main thing that has stayed consistent when it comes to volunteers: People just disappear. One day they're active, posting up a storm, volunteering in various areas, and the literal next day? They're gone and no one hears from them again. No word.

And when I say this, I'm not just talking about people who haven't found their niche and are just regular posters around the forums, but this happens with verifiers, it happens with CC'rs, it happens with JC's, it happens with contributors. Some people just decide to leave without saying a word.

Since it's hard to get in touch with some of these people again, it's hard to guess why this happens. The biggest reason we suspect is that a lot of people get burned out, as many of you have experienced. This can be a stressful place due to the nature of what PeeJ, the Wiki, etc... does. People are eager to help, try to do too much too quickly, and they burn out.

OTHER comments from PJer's:

I guess I am guilty as I know this thread was not specifically about me but I did disappear for a while. I just had a lot going on in my personal life that I needed to get sorted out. I think it is sorted out now even though I dont like the outcome. Anyway, sorry I didnt say anything and I will remember this in the future!! Take care and again, I apologize for not saying anything sooner!


I'm guilty as well - as I updated in the Stories and Advice column. I log in a few times a day to see what's going on but as does happen with many of us, real life steps in and we have to step away from the computer and take care of things.


Me too, i was a member of the forum a while back, i wasnt as active on posts, but i would come in and read the threads and the news... then i got pregnant and those prenatal vitamins kinda made me reallly tired all the time then i had a baby.... so "poof" there whent my pj days!!!


I have this conversation with someone at least weekly about burnout and taking time off for yourself. No one is going to look at you bad or think you "can't handle things". Everyone needs time away and to just chill out.


Also guilty. When I first joined in Feb of xx I jumped right into Human Shields and did nothing but. Pretty quickly, I of course burned out then was mostly gone from the forums for a long time.

AND the list goes on and on-Burned out! Some came back but most are long gone bye bye:)

SO much for being committed to the "cause"...protecting the children!

Maybe Xavier needs to give ANOTHER pep talk ?

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