Saturday, February 21, 2009

The RAT speaks: "Be Anonymous"

This is Xavier Von Erck 's avatar at the PERVERT-INJUSTICE forum. Yeah, the guy is into having vermin as pets! Here he is giving advice about being "anonymous" and protecting your identity:

Warning: Do not use personal information on the forums!

When signing up and making a profile, be sure not to include personally identifying information about yourself. Do not use your real name. Do not use an online nickname that you have used other places on the internet. Do not link to your Livejournal. Do not link to your personal website. Do not include your actual location.

Regardless, keep your personal information close to your vest. It's a "just good advice" measure that should serve you well if followed.

Yup, Sounds like great advice to people who harass, slander, and threaten others! What a pussy.


  1. What a fitting avi for that rat bastard Xon Jerk, a filthy dirty rat.


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