Friday, February 20, 2009

Perverted-Justice (PEEJ)

Wendy O'Connell

She is one of PJ's dedicated volunteers. It is amazing how easy it is to spruce up a photo into something semi beautiful!

" Recently tapped to aid co-administrator Del Harvey to coordinate and register law enforcement areas for Information First, Wendy has been a long-time member of the website but not a long-time contributor. Despite having many arrests, she only has one log posted so far publicly, that of the first of her arrests to become a conviction. "

Wendy has been arrested "many" times but only one conviction? I wonder what she was convicted of? Lady of the night?

Wendy works up to 70 hours per week, So is she a volunteer or paid employee? Who knows but she sure seems to be proud of this:

Conviction Counter
Number of predators convicted due to since June 2004:


Only "318" alleged convictions...has me wondering how wendy could be so proud despite all the illegal tactics PJ has engaged in repeatedly. I think the only thing she should be proud of, is the "cute" photo!

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