Thursday, February 19, 2009

A borderline "Psychopath"

That would be our very own "Cunty Stitches"...The queen bee bitch over at Absolute Zero United! Here are some interesting facts about cunty honey and her psycho daughter:

Early on in its existence, AZ editorials focused on what the group saw as "Pro-pedophile" Cyber-activism, attempting to manipulate quotes, intimidate chosen enemies and shut down the sites of those who they found offensive via a flagging mechanism. AZ was instrumental in censorship. With the emergence of online Sex Offender activism, purging of offensive pedophile blogs and establishment of less vulnerable replacements elsewhere, AZ turned its attention to Sex Offender activists such as Tom Madison, attempting to link them and their groups with their previous pedophile targets. 2008 postings seem to suggest that AZ is now little more than an advert for Wikisposure, and old posts are frequently shunted to the front of the site to make up for a drop in participation.

Absolute Zero is seen as an extremist group by individuals of many different persuasions. The campaign has been ridiculed for a number of reasons, including:

  • The socially conservative (generally American Imperialist/Dominionist) viewpoints of its contributors and supporters on a number of topics.
  • The repetitive, back-slapping nature of comments posted after editorials.
  • The inevitable pro-rape and "Bubba" type comments on the blog.
  • The contrivance of a language of hate not found on any other site.
  • The group's name, often compared to various measures of its participants' intelligence.
  • The almost willful inability of its contributors to make a distinction between Child molesters and Pedophiles.
  • The contributor Marina H. (Stitches77) - thought by many to be a borderline Psychopath.

I Wonder what kind of psych "drugs" she is taking and does her therapist know about her online tantrums?

Does she have multiple personalities or are "others" posting in her name? if you said others, you are right! Cunty luvs to play games but she aint foolin everybody.

Very sad indeed!

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  1. Stitches 77 the skinhead is BEYOND borderline, she's the epitome of psychopathy!


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