Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jimmy Wales: Alabama piece of shit

Is the founder of "Wikipedia". A fucking Alabama redneck that condones harassment, slander and libel. Wikipedia is full of mistruths but Jimmy doesn't give a shit. He doesn't care if you or your family are harassed or threatened from any Wiki content! Sooner or later, Somebody is going to sue his ass. There is NO email address for this piece of shit but here is his blog, leave him a comment and tell him how you feel:

You think Jimmy cares about protecting "children"? think again:

Warning signs

Children are not hard to find on Wikipedia. They upload pictures of themselves, self-identify as teenagers, and for a while (about a year) put together a little club, the Wikipedia Youth Foundation, which was meant to be some sort of Children's Union of Wikipedians, but which might as well have a little target painted on their little, smooth backs.

They even provide a user box to let you know, in case they haven't gotten around to putting their ages directly on their webpage.

Children, as stated, can go anywhere and do anything on Wikipedia that any other user can do; they can tramp through the sex pages with impunity, they can jump into conversations on any user page, and they can emesh themselves in interaction with anyone they choose... even people who, it might be said, would develop "feelings" for the fellow Wikipedians and wish to "express" them.

This is a ticking time bomb. All social websites have this problem and are taking steps. What is Wikipedia doing?

The Safety Equipment Will Be Installed at a Later Date

Well, not a whole lot. Registering on Wikipedia warns you about being civil and how to be a good citizen; it does not do a whole lot to determine your age and let you know if you might want to take it a little easy on the giving out of your Skype account. It certainly does nothing to ensure parental oversight, or for that matter create official Wikimedia Foundation policy that could be read by parents.

Like everything else, Wikipedia/Wikia/Wikimedia like to throw people at a problem. Foolish, disorganized, self-absorbed, politically overwrought people. Surely this mass of folks who can't even agree on what Notability is could certainly form a solid set of protections for underage users so that the environment is toxic to determined predators...


Houston, we have a problem

Jimbo Wales, of course, knows all about this problem; he's been working like a dog to hide any information about his daughter from the Interweb for the past couple of years. He used to have a domain dedicated to her with photos and other information; that's gone. And when we threw up a page about her that had been deleted (along with a dozen others we'd rescued from oblivion), he ignored any other issues and focused entirely on the information about his daughter. A father's prerogative, you might say, and that's true... it's just a shame he can't extend it a little to a few others as well.

Yeah, you read right, he protected "one" kid, his daughter!

Jimmy made A LOT of $$$ off of a...."pornographic search engine called Bomis."

You can read all about it here:


Here Jimmy has REPEATEDLY changed his Wiki bio info "18 times":

The more I read about "Jimmy wales", the worse his reputation gets! What a sorry piece of scumbag. It seems JimJerk cares about one thing and ONLY one thing...MONEY! Cares less about harassment or libelous slander. Surely doesnt care about protecting "children" either. And "PERVERT-INJUSTICE" are huge supporters of Wikisposure.

What a fucking screw up.

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