Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wikipedia encourages "criminal viligantism"

Yesterday, I get this email from a guy who was distraught because Perverted Injustice had targeted his MySpace page. They accused him of being a pedophile but he has no past sex crime convictions. PJ snuck in and joined his Myspace group and then contacted his friends. Then they contacted MySpace and they deleted his acct. Is this guy really a pedo? I have no idea. Here is what he said to me. I am keeping his identity confidential:

Hello all. A couple of you know me but most of you don't. The thing we all have in common is that we've all been profiled on Perverted Justice's Wikisposure site. If you're unaware of the fact that you've been profiled, check the link below and click on the "new pages" tab. You're there.

If you want to know who I am go to that page and click on "******". That's me. The folks at PJ profiled me and outed me to all of my myspace friends about a month ago. The people on my myspace friends list included family members, coworkers, longtime friends and YFs who've known me for years and whom I've never been sexual with, ever. I have no criminal record and have never committed a sex offense. I've never once advocated adult-child sex in any way or the legalization of it. Not once. Not ever. Still, the folks at PJ saw it necessary to try and ruin me with their sleazy, underhanded tactics, much as they have the rest of their hapless, defenseless victims whom they have little to no proof of any actual wrongdoing against.

"The holder of this account,, is in routine violation of myspace's photo policy. Without permission, they have Stolen photos of myself and others from their myspace sites and have posted them on their website, which they have a link to on their myspace site. Their site is used to bully and slander people, claiming that they are pedophiles, with little to no proof of their claims. I ask that myspace administrators demand the immediate removal of any pictures taken from myspace without permission from their website, or face closure of their myspace account. Also, I ask that they be forbidden from ever posting a link to their site from myspace again, unless they agree to remove the unauthorized and stolen photos. Thank you for your action in this very serious matter."

And they took these "stolen" photos over and POSTED them at their "Wiki" site. Hey Jimmy Wales, That is a COPYRIGHT violation in case you didn't know!

Let's look at what else PERVERTED INJUSTICE did. This is copied directly from their vigilante forum: **** means I deleted Identity info****

Screen Name: *****
Real Name: **** ******
Info: 38 y/o pedophile from ********, ***, spent most of his life in ****,*** area but moved to **** after **** ****** moved there.

All 120 MySpace friends HAVE BEEN notified. Will update with any responses received.

We could use an address list and fliers sent to his community. If you are interested in compiling a list but are not sure how to get started, please feel free to contact me and I'll help you get started.

Also, if you would like to create and mail out fliers but need help, give me a yell for that too. I can create a flier for you or help guide you in making your own. Remember, fliers are what lead the police to **** and several others who have been arrested as well, so these are a very important part of our activism efforts. These fliers really do work to help save kids.

Also, he is a ************ who works at a ****** on *********************** . There are ****places on *** **** alone, so if anyone wants to contact those restaurants, let me know and I'll get you the list with addresses and phone numbers. Note that this is JUST for ***** Road and does not include the rest of ******* ***** places.


I've sent fliers to the following:

(I deleted the mailing addresses here)

I have 20 more I'm going to send out but I have a strategy in place for them so I'm not going to send to the addresses that EB posted above - those are still available to anyone who wishes to mail fliers to those addresses. I'll post mine once I complete them.

So let's recap what we have here: A guy "accused" of being a pedophile. A guy whom hasn't been convicted of any kind of sex crime. Perverted Injustice contacted his MySpace friends and has mailed out nearly 30 "fliers" to local businesses in the guy's town where they "think" he might work at. PJ copied his MySpace photos and posted them over at their Wikipedia site in violation of copyright laws. PJ has started an harassment compaign based on undocumented facts as to whether he is a pedo or not. These are the GOALS of Perverted-Justice...Harassment/vigilantism!

Hey Jimmy (Founder of Wiki) what are you going to do about it ???????????


  1. You are getting Wikipedia and Wikisposure mixed up. This man created Wikipedia, that is correct, but he is not responsible for anything PJ posts on the Wikisposure web site, they are just using software he made. That would be like me going after Adobe for any PDF you create. Or Microsoft for some Word or Excel document you write.

    I think you might find yourself in trouble, if Jimmy Wales finds all this. So you better be careful.

    Even the title of this posts says Wikipedia, but you talk about Wikisposure, big difference.

    Also, I do not appreciate you posting stuff about me on this blog. What would you do if I posted your information on my blog?

  2. I noticed there is a lot of controversy over at Wiki over the page on PJ itself as they've constantly went in and erased entries criticizing the group. I never truly realized how easy it is to tinker with Wikipedia until now. But if any numbnut can add to the site, then it pretty much voids the site in regards to accuracy. Hell, I could go tinker with some of the astrophysics entries there despite having no knowledge of the various theories and practices of the astrophysics field.

  3. "Also, I do not appreciate you posting stuff about me on this blog. What would you do if I posted your information on my blog?

    Since when? You've never objected on the other blog either. If you dont want to be mentioned, then contact me outside of this blog and tell me so cause I have doubts to who you really are.

    PJ is using Wiki software I agree but they shouldnt be able to use to engage in criminal behavior. I'm not worried about Wales. if he doesnt like it, He knows how to contact me to object.

  4. T,

    What I'm about to say to you has nothing to do with any fight or anything else. I'm saying this for your own good.

    Why are you posting links to pedophile sites like newgon? WHY?!

    Look, you know I'm completely right about Sosen, and about the pedo groups. But this isn't like the RSOL where there is some ambiguity. Newgon is not ambiguous. They are openly pedo-activists.

    Dammit, Tsand- why in the world are you associating with full-fledged, outright pedo-activists?

    If you want to post stuff about me, or fight AZU, or say crap about Wikisposure, that's one thing. Hell- it's even entertaining sometimes. But Tsand, hanging out with pedo-activists is not something you ought to be doing.

    And then you're going after Wikipedia when it's WikiSPOSURE you're mad about.

    I know that I fight with you and F1, and that's one thing. But deep down, I care about what happens to you guys. I care enough to tell it like it is. No matter how much I disagree with F1, he is smart enough to not intentionally want to associate with the pedo-groups. Now, you're openly associating with them!

    Look, I'm asking you for your own good to stop getting your info from pedos. THEY ARE USING RSO's! Please, stop leting tham use you.

    Now, we've said some stuff about each other, and I know it pisses you off that I've called you dumb and crazy. But right now, you are proving me right.

    You're starting to look like you're on the edge. If that's true, seek help before you harm yourself or someone else. If you want to contact me privately, F1 has my email- ask him to give it to you. But please Tsand- For your own good, stop hanging with pedo-activists. They are masters of manipulation, and I think you're being manipulated. At least I hope so, because otherwise you're intentionally aligning with them. I sincerely want to believe that you wouldn't do such a thing on purpose.

  5. Static,

    I am not a member of Newgon nor do I associate with them. If you read my last blog, You know I condemned RSOL and Sosen's association with RSOL.

    The person portrayed in the above article, Contacted me through my email among other email addresses that Wikiposure has listed.

    You know full well, that Wikiposure is setup for the main purpose to harass. Were I to ever align myself with newgon, it would be because of the illegal tactics of wikiposure and surely not to promote the rights of pedo activists to which I oppose wholeheartedly.

    You accuse me of hanging out with the wrong crowd, yet you hang around AZU daily and for what purpose really? you think you can sway their thinking? They are masters of manipulation and you know that is true. Yet you ally with them for what real purpose, to bash Sosen? I cannot recall the number of times I've asked Stitches to come up with "solutions" to help solve the sex abuse epidemic upon this Nation. She isnt interested in finding real solutions, she is more interested in bashing and ridiculing. I will admit that AZU has done good a few times but all the other crap they have engaged in, destroys their credibility. I think you believe the recidivism for RSO's is low, yet AZU will never admit such even though they know it is low. Their assocation with hackers is well known. Not every person at Sosen is scum and you know that. Whether you are aware or not, I am the one who alerted Sosen staff that Soroarful was publishing the inner staff info over on their blog because I monitor the enemy daily. I guess if you knew who all I was monitoring, you'd be more upset! Because I might monitor newgon, does not mean I agree with their viewpoint or support them. I do not but their enemy is my enemy.

    Static, A lot of people look upon you as a traitor for associating with AZU. What do you hope to accomplish with AZU? You know they associate with PJ/wikiposure. You are aware they have your SO info posted at wiki? Do you approve of PJ posting your SO info?

    Do you approve of vigilantes like Brett Franklin going over to wikiposure to get phone numbers so he can call RSO's up and threaten them? There is really no reason to list "phone numbers" unless PJ is encouraging people like Brett to harass.

    Whether Jimmy Wales gives a fuck that his software is being used to perpetrate illegal misconduct or not, remains to be seen. There is a double standard here. Jimmy certainly has the responsibility to stop this kind of PJ bs!

    I would appreciate a respond to my ? to you.

  6. And after a few days of waiting, all you get is crickets. Let me answer you for him. He was a StitchCunt sympathizer from the very beginning. Thus he'll merely go with the flow and agree with whatever the AZU trolls say.

    Static has the same mindset as an anti for the most part; for example, he can't really see the difference between RSO activism and "pedophile activism." And since the Anti-Socials believe pedophiles "infiltrated" RSO groups, Static jumps right in and says yes too. There IS a difference between RSO activism and pedo activism, just like the difference between the NAACP and the Black Panthers. Now, I'm sure Black Panthers have gone to NAACP functions, but does that make the NAACP the same as the Black Panthers? Of course not! Such is the distorted logic of AZU/ Static. By that same logic, we can equally say AZU is pro-pedo for being frequent visitors to NAMBLA and that Sosen is anti-Former Offender rights because they were invaded by AZU.

    Snap back to reality and get some Shout or Bounce to deal with the Static Cling. Whatever beef you have with Sosen doesn't make everyone in the cause "pro-pedo." The more Static protests the more it is becoming obvious his AZU sympathy is interfering with his logic. So Static, go get that idiotic stalker "Logue Hater" to find so-called "pro-pedo" comments. You won't find them. I've been one of the first ones to say sex crimes SHOULD be punished, but you KNOW where I stand on the issue, and any claims you/AZU make about me are based on bias rather than fact. But I think you know that ALREADY.

    Even Mr. [il]Logical Static doesn't try to quote the facts, instead relying on typical AZU character assassination, and we all know character assassination is all AZU has to offer. Meet them on a forum, try to debate with facts, instead you get their anti-social rants and attacks. Ask them for facts, they give you none. I've noticed no one over at Absolute Zeroes have created a serious fact based site like mine to justify their support of their position. Instead, AZU sees the devil in everyone except them.

    As far as Wiki, I'd be angry if people used my company name and software to promote rape and murder like Pee-J/AZU has with their Wikidposers project, and I'd use my massive resources to abolish the misuse of my company name for this cause. But just like Google, Wiki doesn't care either. Google nor Wiki even enforce their own terms of service!

  7. Derek, you cocksucker. I sent him emails, and told him he's welcome to post them. You truly are showing what a tool you are.

  8. Okay Static, looks like the posting problem was corrected. Now you can repost what you couldnt post before. Please use words like "cs" again. Thank you.

  9. The fact that Static resorted to the name-calling as a response simply means I hit the nail on the head. But I expect nothing less from AZU's "HEAD" cheerleader.

  10. First, I'll answer Tsand's earlier questions. I actually think you asked some valid questions, and deserve some answers. Then, I'll get to F1's stupid comments, and try to answer his implied questions. And that will be the last thing I post here for my aforementioned reasons. Fair enough? Good.

    "I am not a member of Newgon nor do I associate with them. If you read my last blog, You know I condemned RSOL and Sosen's association with RSOL."

    I didn't say you were a member of Newgon. I said that you used them as a source and posted a link to them. I said that doing that was not a good idea. That's what prompted me to comment here. RSO's have got to stop aligning with pedo-groups.

    Yes- I saw where you said you didn't like how Sosen was aligning with RSOL. That's why I gave you the benefit of the doubt about Newgon, and commented here to try to get you to stop and think about what you were doing, because where rSOL tries to be ambiguous, Newgon is direct and upfront about their advocacy of child molestation. If you thought it was bad for Sosen to align with RSOL, how bad is it to align with Newgon? Even if you aren't directly working with them, and maybe you don't agree with them- you're giving them defacto support by quoting them as a reliable source. This is the kind of stuff that is destroying the RSO groups. It needs to stop. I can't control what you do, or what you want to associate your name with, but I can try to warn you. That's what you and F1 can't seem to get your minds wrapped around- You decided to fight me, I merely responded. But my purpose at AZU had nothing to do with you two. I am at AZU to get the pedo-activists out of the RSO groups, and get the RSO's to start thinking clearly. That's the only way anyone is ever going to listen to us, whether you two can understand that or not. Now, I'll try to post this one, and move on to the next point.

  11. I gotta tell ya- for a long-winded guy like me, this word-limit thing is a pain in the ass. Maybe you can fix that at some point to better facilitate conversation. Anyway, on to your next point-

    "The person portrayed in the above article, Contacted me through my email among other email addresses that Wikiposure has listed."

    The person portrayed in the above article called a kid his "yf." You know as well as I do that he's a boy/girl-chatter based on that alone. Why would a RSO want to jump to the defense of someone who is in a group that is directly responsible for the perception that RSO's are pedo-advocates? The absolute worst thing a RSO could do is to help or associate with one of these creeps in any way. You know this- that's why you had a problem with Sosen aligning with RSOL. Now, here you are doing the same with Newgon and this B/G-chatter. Do you really think that's a good idea, Tsand? Contrary to what you may want to believe about me, I care deeply about the plight of RSO's. I am one- I know how hard it is. The thing is, I can also see clearly how much trouble they/we are causing ourselves. If we don't do anything to fix the very real problems in the RSO groups, it really doesn't matter what anyone else says because we will be our own worst enemies. That's just the plain truth, and both of you know it. If you can't admit it, that's not my problem because there are plenty of others who can see it and do admit it- and are willing to fix it. This means that you guys and others who act like you will either change for your own good, or you'll fall to the wayside and be replaced with effective and rational people who can get the job done without all the bullshit. I do care what happens to you, as evidenced by the fact that I'm sitting here right now trying to keep you from screwing yourself over in your anger. I'd like to see things develop to the point where the RSO groups are working toward real change, both in society, AND in each individual RSO. We'll never have one, if we don't do both. That's simply the plain truth of the matter, and I think deep down you both know I'm right.

  12. "You know full well, that Wikiposure is setup for the main purpose to harass. Were I to ever align myself with newgon, it would be because of the illegal tactics of wikiposure and surely not to promote the rights of pedo activists to which I oppose wholeheartedly."

    Here's the problem- "Were I to ever align myself with newgon, it would be because of the illegal tactics of wikiposure and surely not to promote the rights of pedo activists to which I oppose wholeheartedly."

    That statement right there is the heart of what is wrong with RSO activism.

    Tsand- there simply is no good reason for a sincere RSO to ever align with groups like Newgon under any circumstances. If you don't like what Wikisposure is doing, fine. Fight them to your heart's content. But you are doing yourself and every other RSO damage by joining with someone because you think that you share a common enemy. Hey- For all I know, maybe you do, but with "friends" like Newgon, you don't need enemies. Think about it a little, and you'll see what I mean. If you align with them, you're supporting them whether you mean to or not. There simply is no way to align with pedo-activists without helping them to further their aims. The problem is that for a pedo-activist to align with a RSO activist is a step up the food-chain, while the RSO will be stepping down. The RSO will damage his reputation and credibility, and do that much more to paint all RSO's with the same brush. Being so quick to align with someone out of desperation isn't going to help anyone, and it WILL likely hurt someone. If we mean what we say about no more victims, and not supporting pedo-activism, we had better start acting like it or we're doomed. You may not care one way or the other what happens to RSO's but I do. So I had to try to get through to you and get you to stop and think about what you were doing- even if it meant that I might end up wasting my time commenting here. Despite our stupid fight, I hate to see RSO's heading down the wrong road, including you. We can fight forever, but at the end of the day, I do give a shit what happens to you, and I sincerely want you guys to get your lives straightened out. I just want you to do it with clear minds and hearts. Anything else would end in disaster for you, and possibly for others as well. If that means that you get yet another opportunity to call me vigilante or an ass-kisser or whatever, that's fine. I'll sleep with a clear conscience tonight whether you heed my advice, or just revert to more bullshit, because I know I've done what's right.

  13. I'll answer your fourth paragraph without quoting because if I quote it, I won't have enough room to respond. So refer to it, then come back here and read my response.

    I've explained my purpose for being at AZU several times. Funny thing- it really had nothing to do with you or F1- You guys just decided to start shit with me because you couldn't understand what was going on. It's not my purpose to try to sway their thinking. I'm actually not even there to "get through to" Antis about anything. I agree with them about some things, and I'm sure I disagree with them about other things. Everything I write there is aimed at the RSO's- It's them I'm trying to reach. And the truth is (and you can deny this all you want to) that I'm making a hell of an impact. If you are interested in the well-being of RSO's, you'll be happy that they are listening to me because they damn sure need someone to simply tell them the truth, and that's exactly what I'm doing. You know it, but you can't quite get your mind wrapped around it- That's ok. You'll see the truth one day, or you'll keep tilting at windmills. Either way, RSO activism is no longer going to be done the way it has been done thus far. Enough is enough. It's not changing because I say so- It's changing because I'm finally helping the RSO's to think for themselves. And that's something they've needed desperately for a long time. My part is easy- all I have to do is speak the truth. The rest of the changes will be done by the RSO's themselves. Frankly, at this point, there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. Once minds become free, it's damn-near impossible to shackle them again. This means that the groups will get their shit together, or they'll be replaced by groups of sincere and free-thinking RSO's who can and will act with integrity and conscience. Again, you can be mad about it, but your anger won't change the reality of it. And you know what? Those sincere, thoughtful RSO's will get the job done where the angry, knee-jerk RSO's never could.

    I guess I'll have to answer the rest of your fourth paragraph in the next comment...

  14. "Yet you ally with them for what real purpose, to bash Sosen?"

    No- It was never a grudge against Sosen. I just have more experience with Sosen, so they get brought up more. The truth is (and you can verify this with the few who I spoke with briefly after leaving Sosen) that my anger ended the moment I deleted my membership. The only emotion I felt was relief, not anger.

    That being said- some people at Sosen say and do things that are so ridiculous that it's hard to resist making fun of them a little. If I didn't laugh about it, I'd have to cry. But I actually don't have any grudges against Sosen, or any individuals still there. Truth be told- half of why I care so much is because I care about them. But I care enough to tell the truth, even if it's not pretty. I care enough to hold their feet to the fire.

    I don't speak for AZU any more than I speak for you, so I can't answer for them. I do have regular contact with Stitches through email, and all I can say is that you guys simply don't know what you're talking about when it comes to her.

    Tell you what- I'll stop this comment here, so I can start a new one and go into more detail because this part is actually kinda interesting.

  15. I don't know any big secrets about AZU. They don't confide in me about what they do, or how they operate. The only one I communicate with outside of their blog is Stitches. Even so, I know for a fact that a lot of things people have said about them is simply not true. And the things said about Stitches is mostly RSO urban legend. Don't get me wrong- it's no fun being on their bad side, as you know. But there is a lot of bullshit being circulated about them- I know this for a fact. Now, whether you like it or not, I am the only RSO activist who has managed to maintain a decent conversation with an Anti for more than a few minutes. I have a perspective on them that you simply don't have, much like I have a perspective on Sosen that you don't have. I don't really know exactly why I get along with Stitches, but I can honestly say that I consider her a friend (at least as much of a friend as you can have communicating online). Even my gf thinks Stitches is pretty cool, which btw should dispel your silly notions about me and Stitches having some torrid affair.

    Do I know everything Stitches may or may not have done? No. Is she a master manipulator? Well- actually yes, if by "manipulator", you mean master of psy-ops. But I also know that I pissed her off more than most, and that she definitely retaliated, but never was I made a victim of vigilantism. Now why would she bother to be a crazy vigilante to everyone else but me? The fact is, she hasn't. She treated me the same as anyone else who pisses her off. And guess what?- Not one instance of vigilantism. I've also now seen that certain RSO's are more than willing to lie about people who disagree with them. You both have done it to me. Considering all this, it becomes clear that , although Stitches is certainly not one to be taken lightly, she is no vigilante. Many bad things could be said about her- she's mean, she's sometimes stubborn, she can be intimidating, she can definitely be rude when she's pissed. But she's not stupid, and she's not a vigilante. And once you get to know her a little, she's actually a very cool person. That's not ass-kissing. There are a few RSO's I've met who I could say the same thing about. I just speak the truth- even about Stitches. Another thing is that I've been more free to speak my mind at AZU than I ever was in any RSO group. They've been fair to me- even before I started "hanging out" at AZU. I fought them, they fought me. But they didn't do anything unfair, imo. I can't say the same about the RSO's. Sorry, but it's true.

  16. "I will admit that AZU has done good a few times but all the other crap they have engaged in, destroys their credibility."

    Even if what you say is true, the same can be said of the RSO's. So why haven't you started a parody blog about them? Fair is fair, right?

    "I think you believe the recidivism for RSO's is low, yet AZU will never admit such even though they know it is low."

    I believe that the recidivism for RSO's is lower than for some other criminals. I also know that the statistics don't tell me a damn thing about the risk of re-offense for an individual RSO living down the street from my son. Statistics only go so far. That's like the risk of dying in a plane crash. It's a very low number, but that statistic won't help you much if the plane you're riding in has faulty wiring. The statistical argument just isn't as effective as you guys think it is for many, many reasons. Not to mention the fact that no parent gives a shit about statistics when they're worried about thier child's safety. So you've got a situation where you're tryng to tell someone that the risk of re-offense is low. But "low" is a relative term. And statistics don't tell you anything about that one RSO that someone may be worried about. Plus, most parents don't think it's a good idea to "play the numbers" when it comes to their child being molested. So, you're fighting a losing battle if you're going to rely on a statistic. Now maybe- maybe- statistics might matter to a politician, but they don't mean a thing to people in the real world who just want their children to be safe. It's a turkey of an argument which the RSO's have been relying on way too much. That's why it's been getting you nowhere.

  17. "Static, A lot of people look upon you as a traitor for associating with AZU. What do you hope to accomplish with AZU? You know they associate with PJ/wikiposure. You are aware they have your SO info posted at wiki? Do you approve of PJ posting your SO info?"

    No- only a few see me that way. Many more appreciate what I'm doing. Not only am I expressing what they've been feeling, I'm opening a real dialog with Antis. Call me arrogant if you like, but no one else has been able to talk with Antis and be taken seriously. And there hasn't been anyone getting the job done taking out the trash in the RSO groups. I'm killing two birds with one stone. You can deny it all you want to, but this is what is happening. Open your eyes.

    Of course I'm not thrilled about being on Wikisposure. But I'm also not devastated by it. It really doesn't affect me one way or the other. Here's a little something to wrap your mind around for awhile- I joined Sosen and intentionally tried to get their attention. I wanted an invitation to staff, and I quickly got it. Did it never occur to you that maybe I also wanted to get the attention of the Antis from the very beginning? Could there perhaps have been more going on than anyone realized? Are any of you completely sure you know who I am and what I'm up to? The fact is that RSO's have a lot to gain from talking with the Antis. If you guys can't do that without arguing and acting like asses, I can. And you know what? I like talking with them- they're not bad people. Did either of you take the time to wonder why Stitches had a problem with Val? Or were you too busy trying to spin it as if Val got the best of Stitches? Because anyone who was watching saw several interesting things that you two apparently missed. (To be continued...)

  18. "Do you approve of vigilantes like Brett Franklin going over to wikiposure to get phone numbers so he can call RSO's up and threaten them?"

    This speaks to the point I was getting ready to make- No, I don't approve of vigilantism. Which is why I also don't approve of what Val does. I honestly am shocked that F1 would support a person who carries a gun and ousts RSO's from their homes simply because she finds them distasteful. What both of you apparently failed to notice was that Stitches also did not approve of what Val is doing. Now, if Stitches is an evil vigilante who hates RSO's, why isn't she patting Val on the back for what she's doing to RSO's in her "zip code?" I want you to really think about this- before Val showed up at AZU, Stitches had already condemned her as a vigilante and voiced disapproval. This means that Stitches didn't disapprove of Val for coming to AZU and acting like a drunken ass- She opposed her for being a vigilante. I find it surprising that an "evil vigilante" like Stitches would take a stand against vigilantism right on her "vigilante" site, don't you? The only possible reason for his is that Stitches is not a vigilante and in fact is against vigilantism. And I can say this as well- Stitches has been completely honest with me from the get-go (actually, I think she did tell me one little white lie, but that's none of your business). She's actually an honest person- brutally honest at times, but honest nonetheless. I also know that you two are not so honest because I know for a fact you've both lied about me a few times already. So yeah- I trust her more than I trust you. That shouldn't be so surprising to you because you know you lied as well as I know it. And btw- When you eventually find out who Stitches is, be prepared to be shocked. It's gonna shock a lot of people. I'm not telling, but her name rhymes with Zbarro.

  19. "There is really no reason to list "phone numbers" unless PJ is encouraging people like Brett to harass."

    Well, you know... I actually agree with you on this. I don't really know anyone in PJ, so I don't know their motivations any more than I know yours, but I can't see any good reason for posting phone numbers. Then again, I know that they get a lot of their info from shit that people post about themselves, so it could be said that I also see no good reason for people posting their own phone numbers online for someone else to come along and re-post. Like I said- I agree with Antis on some things, and I disagree on others. The question is- why do you lump all Antis in the same category, but get mad when someone does that to you? Do you know for a fact that all Antis agree on all things?

    Look at it this way- Tsand just stated above that he agrees with me about RSOL. F1 has stated that he does not agree with me about them. But for some reason, I'm a "traitor" in F1's eyes, while Tsand is not. The truth is that F1 picks his alliances based on nothing more than how much they call him on his bullshit. Because obviously, it's not their views and opinions he has a problem with. After all, he has no problem with Val, but hates Stitches. He has no problem with Tsand, but hates me. The only difference is that two of us call him on his bullshit, and two of us don't.

  20. Now, I'll answer F1-

    I've pretty much done all the answering for myself that I'm going to do in my previous posts (and let's face it- I don't owe any of you an explanation). So in answer to your comments, I'll simply say that I've stated several times that I don't believe you would intentionally support pedo-activists. I could be wrong, but I want to believe that you would not do such a thing. I've said it several times in several places. Yet you still try to mischaracterize my opinions and statements. That's no big deal because I know that anyone reading what you write is also reading what I write and can see who is "attacking" who. And look- no one is ever in the dark about my opinions, so you might as well stop trying to mislead people- It just makes you look dishonest and foolish.

    As for your comment above- I'm tired. I've been answering Tsand for a long time. Can I simply say that you are being a stupid ass and leave it at that, or do you need me to waste time proving it? The truth is that I'm at AZU to fight the pedo-infiltrators and symapathizers in the RSO groups. As far as I see it, if you aren't one of those types, then you have no reason to be angry at me. The problem is that you decided to jump in the middle of everything and pick a fight with me because you want to be known as a crusader and hero. That was frankly a stupid and impulsive thing to do. I've responded to you several times, and every time you've come out of it looking worse and worse. I don't really know what your problem is with me, and I don't lose a lot of sleep worrying about it. The fact is that I had some respect for you until you started acting like a numb-skull. I didn't provoke you, You did provoke me. At this point, it's getting boring and tedious. Give what I've said to Tsand some thought, and if you still want to try to annoy me, feel free. I'm getting kinda bored with it, so unless you surprise me by starting to act like an intelligent man, I'm probably going to ignore you. I'm actually doing you a favor, you just can't seem to see it. It's not my job to open your eyes when you are unwilling to open them, so good luck. I hope you get some help, and I wish you the best, but until you start taking some responsibility and retract some of the ridiculous things you've said about your victim, I really don't feel like wasting any more time with you. You are more than wlcome to email me, and we can hash this thing out, but your childish behavior is only losing you support amongst the RSO's. You know this and so do I. It is not my intention to hurt your reputation, but I'm being fair by telling you that you are hurting it yourself. If you have questions for me, feel free to ask, but if all you want to do is continually be an asshole, well... There's really only room for one loudmouth asshole in any given room, and I'm a bigger loudmouth asshole than you so I'll win. :-)

  21. "Tsand- there simply is no good reason for a sincere RSO to ever align with groups like Newgon under any circumstances."

    No different than you aligning w/AZU either. You were once thought of highly in the SO community but not anymore because of your new association w/AZU. I have heard that you were a "anti" spy when you were at Sosen. Whether that is true or not, I could careless but others do care and it has affected your reputation. You said: "I'm at AZU to fight the pedo-infiltrators and sympathizers in the RSO groups". Isnt that doublespeak for antism? You started bashing Sosen at SoRoarful after they posted hacked info.Then you moved on to AZU.

    I gagged most of the day after reading your glorifying Stitches as if she was some saint we all should respect. I despise this bitch and her cowardly tactics. Her day of reckoning will come sooner or later!

  22. Well T-

    I tried reasoning with you. I find it odd that a person who has been repeatedly kicked out of every RSO group feels that he can accurately say what other RSO's are thinking. Keep telling yourself that I'm a RSO pariah if you like, but there is a lot that I know about what RSO's are saying that you simply are not privy to. Did you think that I'm not in the RSO groups anymore? Did you think that when I said that most RSO's are applauding me, I was making it up? Have you ever known me to just make stuff up out of thin air? You know better, although you'll never admit it. That's ok- the thirty or so RSO's who email with me on a regular basis have a different opinion. So do the 97 who have briefly contacted me to say thanks.
    I see you are reverting back to the "Static is a spy" argument. Good luck trying to make that one stick. Everyone, including you, already know where that Sosen info came from. They also know that much of that info was posted after I was already gone. You only continue to make yourself look bad. And it's obvious you still associate with Newgon. Good luck with that. I wish you well. When you fall, try not to take anyone else with you, mmmk?
    As fro "Antism"-- You do understand what "Anti" stands for, don't you? It means someone who is ANTI- molestation. ANTI- pedophile propaganda. ANTI- RSO's who are stuck in the same mindset that got them into trouble. ANTI- lies and distortions. ANTI- promotion of child rape as an "alternate lifestyle choice."

    Hell- By that definition, I'm more than happy to accept the accusation that I'm an Anti. Honestly, if you aren't "anti" about those things, you need some serious help, pronto.

    My reputation is fine. Yours, however, is beyond tarnished. Besides, when did I ever give you the impression that I base my actions on what others think about me? You really haven't been paying attention, have you...

  23. Static,

    I dont know what yall are smokin over at AZU but I doubt it is legal!

    Are you a AZU "anti"? Its possible. You sure kissed Stitches butt plenty of times over at SOA.

    You are misinformed as to my being kicked out of the SO groups cause I am in several. I'm in the ones I choose to be involved in.

    Funny how I cant hang out at Newgon especially when the antis do the same.

    How come your getting preferential treatment over at Wiki? Explain that.

    Of the 97 who contacted you, how many were from newgon?

    You play around with the anti word but are you a "AZU anti"? Simple question.

    You are diluted in your thinking that it is okay to hang out with AZU as if your reputation would remain untarnished. They arent saying great things about you are Sosen but rather accusing you of being a traitor to the RSO cause.

    You cannot be "anti-viligante" if you hang around and support AZU. You cant have it both ways.

    Whether you respect me or not, I could careless. My reputation is my to do as I wish.

    Since you are a repeat offender, what are you doing to keep yourself from re offending? See, I do care a lil that you do not re offend again.

  24. How funny. A Tier 3 offender like Static hanging out at a site that spends hours reading pro-pedophile sites like boy/girl-chat. I think I see now why Static spends so much time hanging out with StitchCunt et al. these days!

    Speaking of StitchCunt, I recently heard that the last time the trolls invaded a website, at least three separate "identities" came from the same IP address. What's wrong, StitchCunt? Having trouble making new recruits these days?

  25. Oh, and again we see the arrogance that Static had before his friend StitchCunt exposed his punk ass to the world. Pride cometh before the fall, Static. You're definitely in a losing position. For all the shit you talk Static, in the end you are participating in a site that spends all day reading NAMBLA and boychat, whereas you attack sites that shun these sites. AZU has done far more to spread pro-pedo propaganda than to prevent it. Let us not forget that "Nothing below an anti" article at AZU. You remember, the one with a vivid description of child rape. The article that made you panic and beg AZU to take down. It is also the first article you posted in support of AZU. That's what I call a lack of integrity. Actually, I think you're primed for a re-offense. Between the two of us, you are far more inclined to re-offend. You hang out at a site that share pro-pedo propaganda with the world, and you are already a repeat offender. If anyone needs immediate psychological intervention it is YOU, You worthless fuck. But then again, AZU believes sex offenders can't be rehabilitated so I guess you're a lost cause, so why don't you do what AZU suggests RSOs do and kill yourself?

  26. PS: We all know the term ANTI is short for ANTI-SOCIAL


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