Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memories Of Jessie Close To Heart

From wall to wall and in every room of the modest double-wide mobile home, Jessie's giggling mug smiles from underneath the floppy brim of a pink fuzzy hat.

The now-iconic photo is joined by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar pictures of the 9-year-old girl. One picture, however, is missing.

None of the shots of Jessica Marie “Jessie” Lunsford includes her dad.

Mark Lunsford said he has only one photo of himself and Jessie together. He keeps it for his own personal memories. He won't share.

Like the now-famous picture, the one Lunsford won't share was taken at the end of a wonderful day, at the end of a wonderful weekend, at the end of a wonderful life.

ONE photo of him and Jessie? Isn't that sad but what else can one expect from a deadbeat father who wasn't actively involved in his daughters daily life.

Very very sad.


  1. He's only got one picture of him and his daughter? He had more child porn images than that. I wonder how many he's got of him with his child-rapist son.

  2. Wasn't the old man out drinking the night poor lil' Jessica died? But nothing helps a "grieving" father more than a Hum-V, a tricked-out chopper, and $50k a year for a foundation that does..... um, what DOES his foundation do?


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